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  1. Greetings! My name prob wouldn't matter to the World, but here You are, please, relax, and Buckle Up! 💺 Pre-Note: Forgot to mention Empyrean = Raid. Yes, quite Grindy. Dear Reader, this was written in less than 12 Hours, not 100% accurate nor a bluff, don't be deadly serious. Oct 3 2019 WARPFRAME WARMFRAME WANDFRAME WAREFRAME WACKFRAME WOOPFRAME WOODFRAME WII-FRAME WINGFRAME WARxFRAME WarFrame: After WAR! Any Tenno: But we have not even exit Beta-Development yet! W A R F R A M E : Where's the War? Dark Sector? Lua? While some Founders and Close-Beta Tenno(s) have returned, New Tennos are being Popping out of the Orokin Pods like Sortie Defense. New Players Experience is Great! Starting as New Player, joining an (Active) Club (Partying) (Clan/Guild) AND NIGHT WAVE. All those listed above is Excellent Digital Extreme! STOP before you have to RE-MAKE the WHOLE Game. What is WarFrame 1.0? WarFrame 1.5? Who get to decide all these Decision? Moving Forward, blindly into the Massacre, of the Grineer, Corpus, Infestation, Sentients. And Who's next? WarFrame 3000 ~ WarFrame 5000 Explanation: Setting and Time FAR Apart, not a new Solar System, just changed Solar System. Year 3000 ~ 5000 You are a Genius, eh? What is WarFrame 3000~5000 Set After the New War, and possible another Millenium After current WarFrame Welcome to WarFrame's Section of Veteran's Office, what can we do for ..... Here is Important Suggestion: WarFrame Game+ (Worked Wonder for most Games I have seen) +WARFRAME+ Done everything, own every cosmetic, and still want a CHANGE of Pace and Experience in WarFrame? START A NEW! Asn an >AGED Operator< Yes! This time 66% Operator, and WarFrame SUMMONING requirement for the other 33%. Wild Card: WarFrame 9000: When the Sun (in Game) Collapsed and turn into Black Hole. RELEASE Date DE:Decade™ Most Important EVENT of the Year(s)! RAID on BARO! If only. Why? Secret, Lies, and Deception of Baro, but "Remember to check up on the latest Wares, Tenno" MISS THE RAID Missions? NO ONE really miss them, they just want to play ONE more time, and drop RAID. (Good for a few Run, with nothing to do). Older Tenno want *CONTENT" (Beside Cosmetic, +NEW Challenges, New MIssions) Suggestion? Archwing in RAIDS, Clem joining aboard the Empyrean! OPERATOR LOCK UP! (WHAT? Yes Operator Mechanic) FINAL GAME as Operator: Every Single Ability is IMPORTANT, will BE the Go To Substitute when WarFrame is on cooldown, or not able to Summon. Operator now TRAVEL approximately 999 Years AFTER the Current Game. (Lore) No new Quest, No Big Mission, starting again ALL OVER. WarFrame+. WHY and HOW? Because The VOID How do One obtained such Power? Yes, *FARM* Corrupted Vor, Nef Anyo, and well, maybe The Stalker? Instruction on How to Travel 999 Years in WarFrame: Master Rank 15 (not 14, 15^) Reason: Halfway of 30, enough experience, and just about every 1000+ Hours Tenno(s). Time Travel or Time Projection? Time Projection for SURE! Equation : Time x Void = Mix Reality = Things that are not bound by current Existence. GOAL: Either Operator decide to Grow Up or Genetic "Enhanced". END GAME for Veteran will be as Expection met. Good time for Realism? Sci-Fi or Game Friendly Mechanic? YES REALISM (Enough Tennos want this now). Operator now can Eat, Sleep (during inactive) and YES SHOWER! (THANK YOU MR. HIDEO KOJIMA) Note: Enough Room in Private Quarter. RE-Start as Operator with NO Resources, Credits. But ACCESS to Utilities, Inventory, Ships 100%, WarFrame (Limited, Archwing Required Frame). AND Rank 0 Z E R O! END GAME Ingredient : 66%Operator 33%WarFrame 1%Fun WarFrame FINAL(A)(MAIN): Main Updates and continue Polish/Optimize of WarFrame, AFTER WarFrame Development(B)(CURRENTLY) Base of WarFrame, 70% Done.(Estimated) LIMITATION: Chatting, Long Range and Video Call. Operator needed to be in Ship or have access to Communications Consoles/Device (Inter Galactic Internet not a thing). Packing Light/Mobility : Mechanic of Voids as of WarFrame FINAL (A): MAX Limit of 5 Weapons (Helmet Armament, Back's Primary/Melee, Front(Chest/Abs) Sidearm, Upper Leg Sidearm, Lower Leg, Sidearm/Mobile Melee). Key: Faster Mission = Lesser Weapons Equiped + Droped Weapon + LIMITED Enemies Count (Following one of Mogamu's Suggestion + Community) ATTENTION: IN DEVELOPMENT. Contain Many Thoughts, Objective: . Take It or Leave. Enjoy your Stay, Thank You for Time, Read, Share and Spread!
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