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  1. "Pancakes + Egg" Awesome Update! Felt The WF: PoE Update went Fantastic, nearly up to 1 Month since release. Yes Many Things Improved, and more Works to do. "Arbmu": 01 09 18 Reply to "Umbra warfraes [Discussion & Appreiciation]" Page #115 HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2017~2100! 01 10 18 Picked up Idea to Move Start WarFrames to Clan's Tenno Lab. 01 16 18 Void Within Conversation Update 01 31 2018 (Dark Text) Umbra From "Unidentified Large Body Planet".
  2. Not happening any-day, as DE have to work on "Martial Art" movement into WarFrame. I can see Primary/Secondary Stance happen, but not some thing to be done before 2017.
  3. Most "Hopeless" Weapons got what DE try to do, Riven. Of course not everything went well. Still. You do know DE have to look at every Riven, Up those Weapons Stats and "Balance" out Rivens Disposition right? Eh, these Balances will not be enough and would consume more time once Plains happen. Until Plains release, and afterward, so right now we still don't know enough. (Yes I am aware of Weapons needing buff! Including Scythes T.T).
  4. "Battle Axe" (from a game I won't mention). You mean like GodOfWar's Axe? WarFrame already has some thing similar: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Scythe Yeah, I think DE call those "Battle Scythe", doesn't make sense, and Tennos agree that ACTUAL Scythes are not typically that short. I would not mind if DE replaced "Battle Scythe" with "(Battle) Axe", since the Scythe need to be overhaul (more range specifically).
  5. @Charmeister Might be Reasons Stated Above, please update if there is problems.
  6. This is not DE's job to implement everything, from say most Shooter Game, you did "lean" more into becoming "Generic" and "Clones". I am seeing TennoGen being the BEST Spot since DE already have several "Scope UI", doesn't mean DE have to do everything. Yes, SCOPE TennoGen should be 1 buck, (not too expensive! Note: Similar to Arrow Bundles, but I think this feature SHOULD stay in TennoGen, not too Exclusive but Steam really.
  7. @-YoRHa- DE can work on these Feedback. But right now, don't know enough about the upcoming Operator Focus rework. Like Fallout, the Armor-suit Enter and Exist by default stretch out, and just too "realistic" with the speed. (would it not be like other game with long animation?). Fast Void Transference ("Void Magic") of Operator would be Game Polish that DE can work on some day (when DE find time). @Snowbluff You know you could ask for "Operator to Mature" right? Or Operator to be brought back to the "Dream" (Sleep) where you basically won't be accessi
  8. Go [Titania] A) Titania and the Egg-stalk. B) Attract of Egg-iant. C) Forget about it! I am leaving.
  9. If you are a Die-Hard [Excalibur] Loyal Fan.Go Excalibur all you want! Just know how to play to be more if not as effective in most Mission. Explain: Loki/Ivara/Limbo (if LImbo ever get stealth) would be optimal of making Spy "easier", but does not stop you from being detected.
  10. Any working Relay(with Cephalon Simaris). Hall of Mastery Ranks.
  11. EASY EASY PEOPLE. There is so many way to be such Noobs. But you become Scrubs. Shield-Gating Soon?
  12. Display Setting. Colorblind Glass (if you can). Like @Raskolnikow said, mod [Vacuum] for Sentinels would help you pick up resources. No [Retrieve] is not available for Kavat/Kubrow/HCharger yet.
  13. Commenting here 2 month later. Honestly, don't see that Tenno Shotgun yet, Corpus Shotgun been released. The [Arca Plasmor] http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Arca_PlasmorI would not say there is no weapon to "balance" of, pretty sure the [Arca Plasmor] > [Vaykor Hek] already.
  14. I think you mean the Sigil thatt is covering [Excalibur]'s "Abs" Area? GOLDEN ABS Never mind, I think Excalibur Proto Skin is Golden as it is. @DiabolicalHamSandwich Asking for Customization on the Skin maybe? DE just Primed Proto, that what happen.
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