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  1. They just fixed it by changing the duplicated objective to an extermination.
  2. This may not be directly related to your original question, but personally I wouldn't focus a single weapon for SP-I build an entire arsenal(WF+weapons+pet) around it. No matter how well you mod your specific weapon or even if you have a god tier riven, a weapon can only do so much. On the other hand, if you use WF abilities for debuff(Nyx, Xaku, Mag), their abilities strip off enemies' defense making SP enemies trivial. If you only care about bring 1 specific weapon, maybe try melee? Melee are truly OP in most of situations.
  3. Don't worry about being competitive. WF is a casual game-the developers make sure the game is accessible to wide range of players. Try to be yourself and enjoy the game. The community in WF is very mature compares to the other games. If anyone is being toxic or rude toward you, just ignore that person. I would suggest you start on PC instead on console tho.
  4. Pretty much everything TheArcSet said about status is spot on, so not going to repeat anything. But as for OP ask for Organ shatter vs Carnis Mandible, OS easily wins. Critical damage applied to most damage source in this game, even the slash's initial hit damage.
  5. I am not talking about loadout. Loadout has limited use because each loadout you have to use specific warframe, weapon, archwing etc. If you are talking about specific situation like doing Tridolon 5x3, then in that situation you can make specific loadout for it. But in general playing multiple missions/gametype and roles, using loadout is too limited compared to select from arsenal. If we can do custom search or create favorite tabs, we will have much easier time to access all items in arsenal. For example, put all heavy attack melee in one tab, put all hybrid melee in another tab. By ju
  6. I literally just suggested a similar idea a few days ago, but noone seems to be interested.
  7. Can someone please move this topic to the UI feedback? Perhaps this is not getting enough attention due to I posted in the wrong section. Imaging how useful it is if we could add all the riven mod weapons into a custom tab, and look all of them up at once.
  8. i7 6700k @4.0 GTX1070 OC DDR4 2133 16GB Ram C drive 480GB SSD OS installed D drive 4TB HDD Storage Windows 10 64bit I have this built since 2017. About a month ago, the windows suddenly couldn't detective my D drive. So I reboot my pc, then a blue screen with a "critical process error" message appeared. At this point, I couldn't load into the windows anymore. I went to the BIOS and saw my D drive still not appearing. So I assumed my motherboard was having an issue and ordered a replacement. After I got my new MOBO, I completely format my C drive and install a new copy of wi
  9. Can you elaborate more, what do you mean by bit much? Like technical side of implementation?
  10. It's not really that useful or anything since a week and half worth if daily is about the same endo as legendary core. But it just makes me really happy that I finally see it!
  11. I love WF so I have been keeping every weapons. Some of them have been forma'ed and have multiple mod configuration. There is no way I could remember every single build I made on all weapons, unless I click thru each individual weapon. I know we could make profile loadout, but that is different than sorting multiple weapons at once. So I propose this: Please allow us to create custom tabs, so we could manually adds our favorite weapons into the separate categories. For example: If I see a Corpus faction sortie that has "shotgun only" modifier, I can just go to my arsenal click "corpu
  12. Depend on your build but BW can be as good as Voidrig in Operation Orphix. Both VR and BW can survive easily with their defensive ability, but just in a different way. Both mech can hit Orphix's heart with range ability-BW's new heavy attack now create a projectile and it hits pretty hard. I also notice BW's Heavy attack is much easier to aim at the heart than Arquebex's arc grenade. BW can deal crazy damage by just walking around with sliding attack or Ironbride, where VR has to stay in same spot to use Arqubex. Every operation as BW I deal 70-90% of team damage, mainly because
  13. After 7 years of playing, I finally got my first legendary core from the daily sortie. They actually do exist!!! PS. No kill or loot because I was rushing phase 3 Spy with Wukong's Cloud build.
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