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  1. This game can be very obnoxious on some graphic effect like Void Storm. I don't have any disability but even I can't see enemy with all the flashing going on. Some of the settings I change: lower ability intensity to 20%, use black/red for energy color, turn off damage/affinity number, bloom, some reflection, lower particle effect etc. Also try to keep framerate 120+ for smoother gameplay. The difference between default graphic and custom setting are huge. Could see enemies much easier, especially when trying to headshot.
  2. Relic are meant to be speed farming. I don't see how that will go well with Acolyte timer.
  3. But how would it work for this type of the game? How would DE define when is in-combat and when is out-of-combat? For example, recently I played Bless Unleashed(horrible game btw). When players get into the combat, the game will narrow your FOV and lower your camera speed to about half. After players kill the monsters or lose the aggro, players will be put in out of combat status and FOV/camera speed will revert back to normal. In MMO it's common to have two modes. But it's an complicated system that alot of time players will get stuck in-combat, couldn't do certain out-of-combat action, or mount up. WF is lucky to not have this issue yet. If you want clean UI, wouldn't it better to ask for an UI toggle button? I get how cluster the screen can be, I am not disagree with you on that.
  4. Almost forgot Volt has Speed, haven't use it in years. Some people like it, but I hate it. There is an annoying FOV change that make the transition awkward, I also had multiple teammates complain that the buff make Titania/Gauss un-controllable. So generally if I want to go fast, I either use Wukong or Nezha, Volt's Speed is very low in my list. I only use Volt for Tridolon or ESO. But if you like Speed, it's your choice. Good for you! About Exalted Blade, its already shredding SP enemy. What else are you not satisfy with it?
  5. Coincidentally, I was just re-visiting Exculibur Prime yesterday and it completely shredded SP Grinner/Corpus like butter. Mag/Volt has great utilities and map nuke, but they are nowhere near as mobile as Exculiber. Exculiber is similar to Wukong/Gauss; you can get ahead of the game and wipe out enemy group before your teammates can even catch up. Exalted Blade+subsumed Warcry also a reliable boss killer. (Mag bubble doesn't work on boss sometimes) All 3 beginner frames are good tbh, they all have strength/weakness and its very hard to decide which is better. It really depends on the situation. One thing for sure, none of them are weak!
  6. 0. Used to be about 10 or so but they all went inactive. I notice people usually return after every major update. One thing I like about this game is that despite zero friends, I can still success in all content either thru PUG or solo. Play-ability is not restrict by group unlike some online game especially MMO.
  7. I think the upcoming devstream in Friday will have some announcement. We will see about that. In the past, DE has been quiet about some issues. Then BOOM! 3 pages of patch note coming out.
  8. If DE do introduce more umbra mods(which I think they should), the umbra slots will be more configurable. But I can understand if DE is against the idea due the lore, or not wanting to release a mod that's conflicting with prime/corrupted mods.
  9. No sure what happened in your game, but those disrupter aren't hard to build. Just try again?
  10. Still not sure what incursion defense OP is talking about. If he meant Sortie, than it's reasonable to be 10 waves. Sorties has some unique reward such as booster/potato/riven, worth to spend the extra time for it.
  11. Most k-drive mods are not good, giving Merulina modding option will only infuriate the community. Players will demand k-drive mod rework when we don't even have companion, archwing, or some WF rework yet. It's best to leave the half-ass implement for now.
  12. Umbra blueprint is the only reason I revisit the shop every Sunday... Already got piles of adapters, enough to last for a while.
  13. The missing Riven Cipher showed up in the vender later in the week. It's another Sunday and the cipher is missing again. I think it's like Maroo's Ayatan quest, it depend on which day you purchase the cipher and reset on that day.
  14. You should edit his name out. Assuming you two are still friends, why don't you ask him to give back the riven if he hasn't sell it yet?
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