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  1. Weird that I rarely run into player like you in my PUG game, and I have play WF too much that I usually complete the new content in the first few days. I usually start RJ as a pilot, and people who joined mid mission would immediate rush out on AW, or stay on side turrets. I usually have to do pilot/repair/defend/forge all together. I have tried to tell the other players to help on tasks. Very few occasions they would listen, but once mission ends I have to instruct the same to the new groups. Sometimes other players would argue with me, and I have seem too many ego players online.
  2. Forge is the least interesting part of RJ. It rather boring and tedious like a chore. I get DE want us to manage resource, this could lead to opening up another aspect of ship management. But the current implementation is just another way to hinder players. I have never see anyone actually enjoy stay on forge full time. Maybe only new players who are really humble, so they listen to veteran and stuck in S#&$ty job. AI crew doesn't do forge either.
  3. I actually hope they release the patch next Monday. Most likely any big update is going to be some bugs, I rather not suffer thru the weekend.
  4. In low level yeah, anything works for low level. But for high level grinner with 90%+ armor reduction. slash still > puncture
  5. I didn't explain about impact/puncture because their effect is pretty pointless. If they are reworked then put into 2nd tier, sure. But seeing how we don't really have enough space for 2nd elements, I was just assuming get rid of them. I understand there are HM or heavy attack force crit method. But slash from IPS is still relevant, this is especially stand out on those slash melee weapon. The blast needs rework I agree. Adding more element type might actually be a good thing. Right now we are limit to 2x 2nd tier cor/blast, mag/gas, vrl/rad, or tier 2+tier 1. If we add more el
  6. @Tyreaus First of, thanks for actually reading my post and try to comprehensive my point of view. The reason I suggest remove all IPS status effect, but keep damage strength/weakness against faction, is to balance out favorite weapons. Slash is community favorite, while impact/puncture weapons being biased. Of course crit/status or other stats also take into account, that's why kitgun like tombfinger can get away without any slash. But I am talking about in general, people treat slash weapon like meta. By taking away slash from base IPS and rearranged into 2nd tier element. it makes all w
  7. It IS the best overall physical type. Good against high armor grinner, infested, and more dmg than impact against non-shield corpus. Puncture/impact doesn't come close to slash.
  8. Please read the entire thread if you want to comment, you are like 3rd person who mis-understood my point. This thread is not about slash being too strong. When I said Slash is OP, I was only explaining to people who think slash is equal to puncture/impact, because some people didn't believe slash is much stronger than puncture/impact. In the entire thread I have not mentioning once that slash effect needs to be nerf. This topic was about slash being too strong "among" the base element, IPS. Thurs, slash effect should be rearranged into 2nd tier elements where its place is more "fit
  9. Why? What did we do wrong? =(
  10. Even without synergy, Slash is already too strong among IPS.
  11. This makes me kinda happy. I post on forum to practice my writing. =) Even if you don't want to consider Slash Dot, how is puncture/impact going to do more dmg against the infested than slash? Assuming 100 puncture damage vs 100 slash damage, how is puncture going to have more burst damage than slash when infested is weak to slash? Unless you are saying infest is too weak that anything works, but then what's the point of using it as an argument? Yes, slash "effect" is too strong as base IPS effect. Should be moved up to 2nd tier at least where players at
  12. I think it's because of my grammar. People read my post but not really understand what I am trying to express. I kept re-edit my post to fix my grammar and try to make my post easier to read.
  13. The only reasoning against my idea I saw was that enemy die too fast to matter. Would you kindly point out what else? Slash against grineer, we already agree its best. Slash is intended against infested faction, we don't need to argue on this. Slash is pointless against shield. But once shield is done, slash does % more damage against corpus unit than impact, also proc dot. Please explain to me how slash is not overpowered among the IPS, and how is slash balanced? My concern is that a base element being too strong. Not slash itself too strong. I have no
  14. Many things in this game are broken or unbalanced, I am sure most of you would agree on that at least. Personally I would prefer a more balanced game than having new contents. New contents add new problems while existing problems not being fix. We are sitting on top piles of issue waiting for it to brust. Perhaps the way I suggest solving IPS issue is too far reach, it involve in balance all weapons, adding new elements, renaming, and possibility of rebalancing all the other elements. But slash is definitely overpowered compare to puncture/impact and it is one of the fundamental issu
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