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  1. Nah you can use that helimeth auto hack ability. Usually when I do spy as wukong, I get 2 consoles done before another player even finishes one. Just rush in and spam auto hack. Fastest frame ever!!
  2. Should just let us pick 2 whatever abilities. Most iconic abilities already have effect reduce to 50-75% comparing to the original. 2 Helminth abilities together are not OP in anyway.
  3. I don't usually spend this many forma in new update. This update is an odd one mainly due to all the sisters weapons requiring rank 40.
  4. Unless you already taking heavy damage, even stuck in Heavy Landing animation shouldn't get you kill.
  5. Since DE made essence easier and more steady to farm. 35 essence = 18 acolytes = 90 minutes survival/ext/def/whatever. Normally you can only make 1 forma per 23 hours, new items will dramatic cut the time down to 90 minutes, plus you can use resource booster to even lower farm time to 45 minutes per. No way DE is going to allow this. (But I feel you, I used 70 forma so far this update. That's more than 2 months of accumulation.)
  6. If you have good ideas, please post on the correct feedback sections.
  7. My lich are so ugly and most sisters are busted. I think DE should go even further and let us customize their looks. Would be nice if I could play with beautiful NPC.
  8. Self damage is very random in this fast pace game. If your teammates/pet run in front of you, door/elevator shutting due to lag, or just lag spike or rubber-banding etc. Personally I don't have problem with heavy landing. I am used to roll/slide landing for years. But if others want to remove due to annoyance, I have no reason to against it. Mainly because I don't see how removing it would hurt gameplays in anyway.
  9. Go look up some videos or wiki, find a frame with playstyle that you enjoy. Almost all frame can clear any content so it wouldn't matter if its meta or fodder. Once you have multiple frames and know more about the game, you can decide if you want to grind those harder to obtain frames.
  10. The only requirement are 1) to use Zenith Crown to enter Granum Void 2) kill at least 25 enemies inside. There is a known bug that after you exit Granum Void, if you already progressed too far in the map, the sister candidate won't spawn. I usually try to use the first gold hand at the beginning of the mission.
  11. I don't think so. People would raged so hard over this. AFAIK the nerf only reduce dmg from 120% to 80%.
  12. Battlefront games are like 32 vs 32. Are conclave dedicated server enough to handle that?
  13. The trailer's gameplay was showcase about 3 factions Grinner/Corpus/Dex. Kahl is still part of Grinner which matches the story nicely. I don't think Clem has connection with grinner anymore. It would be weird see him fighting in the front line with other grinners.
  14. My reset is in 1 day, I will check the new cycle time and post here if I can.
  15. Before I left PVP about a year ago, there was still a small community playing conclave daily, don't take it away from them! I am not disagree that K-drive control can use some improvement. But your suggestion were mostly talking about help k-drive score which is very small part of the game. Once you finish Yareli quest and have max Ventkid standing, why would you even need to do score on k-drive anymore? Instead, how about completely rework its movement. Allow faster left/right strafe speed and reduce turning animation. Lower the player hitbox so they don't get stuck in door way. Also allowing full combat capabilities while on k-drive. Focusing changes that allows k-drive to be useful in door where archwing can't be use.
  16. Actually those games do: Quake has rocket jump, circle jump, air drift etc. Ghost Runner has same movement as WF. Overwatch not all characters are fast, but some like Genji requires even harder camera turn than WF. Some of those games faster than WF no doubt. Your posted said some people can get headache from fast FPS. I agree, and noone should be force to play it.
  17. Before they fix k-drive control, they need to give k-drive a purpose first. Other non-combat activities such as fishing and mining at least gives players materials.
  18. I didn't see that post as suggestion. You used fancy terms like "harmonized updates" and "back-end processes." You also replied to my other thread about hardware limitation. I thought you had tech background so I was genuinely asking how that scenario would works. I was thinking maybe clients can calculate value then send it to the host player but then it would create opportunity for cheating.
  19. Maybe, maybe not. I still have trust issue.
  20. Edit: OP made double threads and I think the moderator merged them. Ignore this post.
  21. This time yes, but in the past PC update and hotfix were known to be ahead of consoles. If DE has found a solution and can push for all platform at same time without delay, I am happy for everyone. In Tennocon all DE shown was cross-play feature, not many details has shown yet. But just look at RJ not even cross-play level complication and still have so many host migration/lock out issue. You can't blame me for doubting cross-play addition.
  22. I am trying to understand on what you are saying. Are you saying: Supposedly there's a new major update, Patch 40.1, just hit on all platforms. But there are numerous bugs being report and DE has hotfix ready after a week. Since PC can get hotfix push sooner than the other platforms, DE can just apply the hotfix to the PC version, meanwhile all platforms can still matchmaking with PC? So what if there's a glitch like the recent Tenet Tetra alt fire fall-off value. How would the game calculate damage when PC is the correct after hotfix, while the other versions still in wrong value? I mean this is just a small issue, there are probably more complicated issues like drop rate or other game breaking glitch.
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