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  1. having played around with him a bit...I have some feedback. So, out the gate, he is forma intense, like...really forma intense. Between base sev, his shadow, and his claws...there really needs to be a way to make forma apply to a frame + additions(Such as valkyr and her claws or khora and venari, ect.) because if we get more frames like sevagoth, or even more frames with exalted items, we need to address acquireing forma or/and how it's used on these frames. But moving on from that, base Sevagoth is...very squishy, and he really feels like he should have way more energy. I mean, maybe the
  2. Still no fix for corrupted enemies not spawning in some Void Storm missions? And that crew ship enemies don't get corrupted? IMO, destroying the void storm fissures should drop reactant, to help alleviate this issue. Also, perchance, make it so when we get damaged by the void storm fissure going boom, a chance for our frame to get a corrupted buff?
  3. What happened to Archwing 2.0? What's the plans for Lavos Prime, considering his lore? Or better yet, care to elaborate on what the primes are, in the warframe universe?
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