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  1. I do feel more of a visual effect to charge attacks, how ever we still donno how it's changing with melee 3.0. Last we heard was we are getting light and heavy attacks(charge attacks?) and...well yeah, still waiting to hear back on those changes.
  2. That feature is already implemented, it's the "Do you want to keep your stats, or use the new ones?"
  3. So wait, 10k to "undo" a roll and you can't "reroll" after that? Not a great idea my guy. I mean when you roll a riven you are given the choice of "Keep previous stats, or these new stats" so I don't...see the point of this feature?
  4. You're meant to explode the orbs, the DoT was always pathetic and it used to do the most damage on merging together. But yeah, I feel like the simulor needs a rework on it's mechanics, as well as allowed mods(You can't put the mod that increases explosion radius, nor the mod that increases 'beam range' to make the orbs fly out further) and it has as useless DoT as...well as you point it out, it doesn't do procs or crits(not that the simulor has a high crit anyway...) Plus there is the long standing issue of "Magnetic" damage types...
  5. Yeah man, I skipped out on so many challenges because the way it was presented, that you do the nightwave and get rewards but then you can 'prestige' to get more currency n such, cause Nightwave was going to replace alerts right? No mention that it was coming in seasons or anything, at least not in game, so I was...lazy with it. And then BAM the reveal "Hey, nightwave is going away soon, get your stuff now!" And...yeah.
  6. Gripe 1 with baruuk is how all melee currently functions, sadly. I really hope this is addressed in melee 3.0. Though it is odd that you can see the projectiles and they do nothing...huh.
  7. So far my only issues are details, like the damage/rof of vauban's nail grenade, AoE of Ember's comets, also the words here don't mention the rework to fire status procs...which in the dev stream it was said that fire procs will stack and remove armor now...is that still a thing or just something that was weirdly worded in the dev stream?
  8. By your logic DE would never have gotten us damage 2.0, or melee 2.0...or really upgraded any of the "long standing mechanics of the game". And as R3d pointed out...the fact you and others attribute Ember to being "She is only good/best thing about her is WoF" is exactly why DE is changing her, because no frame should be a single power, they are to fit a theme. Like how Gauss is Speed, Nezha is...Nezha, ect... So far my only complaint about her rework is...well she lost the "fire and forget" aspect. I actually rather like the whole "Toggle power, kill everything around me" thing, the "Aura of Death" as I call it. We don't have many frames that really do this very well. Sure some do it exceptionally well in one fashion(Gara and her shield, but lacks range...) Or others that do it...well, rather slowly(Hildryn).
  9. IMO Simulor needs love. Like, it explodes, but "Firestorm" can't be put on it. It's balls have a distinct range and yet we can't put the "beam range" on them to increase that...all in all it's just...not even really fun to use mostly due to it's lack of range. Like if you could either buff the explosion radius or the distance the orbs go then that would correct some of it's issues, IMO.
  10. Whoops, my bad, I just saw this on the right of the screen when I came on the forums, didn't notice what section of the forums it was XD I often forget conclave is a thing honestly... That aside, what other AoE weapons go through walls? I'm curious now...If things like the Simulor, Angstrum, Ogris can do similar(But with less range) then perhaps the Staticor just needs his stats reverted to pre-buff state...for conclave at least.
  11. I concur that there should be more ingame messages telling people about the changing mechanics of the game. A simple message from Nora stating "Dreamers, my story has come to a close and will be wrapping up soon, it's best you finish any business you have with Arlo." Personally, I'm still salty I missed out on the first nightwave, I wanna be able to go back and finish it, and the intermission. I don't even care about the 'unfair' challenges, just let me do em so I can get that armor and so the "Rank 10" stops taunting me... I missed out on the first nightwave due to what you mentioned, how DE didn't state that Nightwaves would end, I figured it would coast along once the story was done for like..I donno, couple more months? Cause some of t hose earlier challenges were just...why.
  12. You might want to start with "I'm talking about PvP", that aside...most people don't really...well, care, about Conclave. Though I could see DE doing something about the 'killing through walls' thing. As for the PvE aspect...we have lots of weapons that are just as OP as the staticor so...*shrug*. Clearly it wasn't seeing as much use as DE would like or they wouldn't have given it's recent buff, though it's possible it's Conclave buff was not intended.
  13. Hmm, so Atlas is the first prime to have it's health buffed so massively, as other examples are at most 25, and his is a full 75. His shields are on par with others at 50. But the buff to his armor was minor compared to other examples, energy...is again the same. Hmm. Who knows, maybe a buff to atlas is around the corner to make these prime buffs less...intense looking? Or it could just be DE experimenting with "Hey, what if we buffed ALL the warframe stats instead of just 2 or 3?" which I view is the more likely suspect.
  14. My theory is DE is experimenting. I honestly wouldn't include sprint speed as it's not...*that* important, mostly due to momentum being a thing and bullet jumping isn't affected by sprint speed. Honestly, other frames tend to get *bigger* buffs on singular stats, like Saryn v Saryn Prime(Gets 75 more armor, and 50 more base energy). It *is* odd for DE to buff so many stats but some of them are buffed much less than on other frames. Like 25 more armor is...not a lot. The base energy is helpful, the HP and Shield are the biggest buffs and very benefitial. So simply put, DE could just be experimenting with buffing more stats but less, instead of buffing just 2 stats by a lot.
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