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  1. I mean now you can see what weapons they will have, so just...keep going?
  2. What if...they didn't do self damage?
  3. I distinctly remember Oberon not affecting shadows at one point, but complaints brought it back. IMO I would make it so oberon will only heal the shadows if nekros is in range, and it would only count as 1 vs counting as 7...
  4. What would an Alad V Ephemera look like even?
  5. This. Rather than a pop up being like "KUVA KRAKEN" it should be the weapon they have. Makes it more immersive. But perhaps the current proposition is a placeholder for such a thing? As for it showing the ephemera...same thing with the gun. The larvaling should have the ephemera on them rather than a generic pop up.
  6. Prime *parts* go for 50-70p? What parts? I mean that's only the latest stuff dude. It's a grind. You'll be grinding up parts for the paris and ect, selling those parts for like 3p a pop until you get enough plat dude. It's a slog. You really have that much trouble getting rivens from sortie? Didn't we also just have a gift of the lotus that gave us a riven? But yeah as some people have pointed out, kuva liches should be able to net you some plat, specially the ones with ephemera's.
  7. Life strike now works for heavy attacks. So it still 'works' in a sense. But combo mult only really affects blood rush and heavy attacks. Heavy attacks consume *all* combo mult on use so...in general it's not very great. The general build is to just use blood rush, build combo, and never use heavy attacks(Which is hard as heavy attacks can happen when you just hold down the melee button...) I'm not focused on numbers, rather the feel of melee. People who obsess over the numbers are going to be angry with the changes. But the feel is much the same. Melee feels just as potent as before, and in some cases much more powerful. As I mentioned, the exalted warframe weapons feel much weaker than before, specially when compared to standard melee weapons. You shouldn't need to do much of a overhaul honestly, just drop pressure point and some other mod for sacrificial pressure and steel. And condition overload is...meh, not worth using unless you have A LOT of base status.
  8. No way to "farm" rivens sadly. At most you can do T5 relics for riven shards, then the daily sorties. Beyond that...Simaris challenges for companion rivens, Arbiters for Archgun rivens. That's about it. As for effective ways to earn platinum...prime parts dude. Sell the sets, sell the parts.
  9. Not melee 3.0, but melee 2.99999999, we are still missing *some* features. Short version, combo counter doesn't increase basic melee damage anymore and caps out at 12x, is consumed(completely unless using mods) when doing a heavy attack but it boosts the damage. All melee weapons got a base damage buff to try and compensate for the reduction in combo mult damage. Also Crit Chance mods have been significantly buffed(Formerly providing 60%, now providing 120% or more depending on mod). Melee is still very much viable, as blocking now is 100% DR. Damage output is still strong(at least for up to sortie content, just grab a Blood Rush and you're good.) Downside is currently the Exalted melee weapons(Excal's Exalted blade, Valkyr's Talons, Baruuk's Fists, Wukong's Staff) feel...underwhelming and are out performed by basic melee due to them having access to Blood Rush and other mods. It was effectively a nerf to melee, yes. It's not longer the beast scaling monster that it was, which I mean...it scaled *infinitely*. That had to be nerfed. I find it suitable for the level of, presumed intended content, which is from 0-150 level enemies. In that range...I barely had to adjust my builds. At most I put "Sacrificial Steel" on most weapons now due to the insane 225%? crit chance it provides, combine with a blood rush and some crit damage boosting mods and....yeah, you're set. Condition overload was one of the primary things that got hit with the ole nerf bat, as it had exponential growth. Now it's a flat...what, 120%? per status? And that stacks additively now. Starting with 120% per one, 240% for two, ect ect. As such it's...been out shined by crit, IMO. If the melee has high CC/CD just build it for that, toss on a Shattering Impact if armor bothers you(or use guns to strip armor).
  10. Communication is key my friend. Text chat, or voice. You can also check the minimap to see who is where. But there is no...good way to implement a system that 'assigns' someone to certain jobs, such as Pilot, Gunner, Engineer, Away team. This is simply solved by doing, and this may be a shocker, human interaction. I know, horrible thought when you're an introvert. But Railjack requires you to interact with other people. Or, when you join, take a look around and see who is doing what, and you fill a slot that isn't being used.
  11. Kavats require a sink of lots of forma just from the get go. Like 4-6, for the link mods mostly so they don't die. And okay, Exilus for weapons, you forma that slot but...honestly there aren't a lot of weapons that would even *use* those mods...I mean at most you'd use ammo mutation for most things, but then you could just use...carrier? The weapon exilus stuff is...niche, and with it being niche it's not widely used. Prime shred has been around for a long time now, and if you plan on using primed shred, you are pretty much using shred, you would realistically...forma that slot ahead of time. Now, I'm not saying i'm opposed to the concept of increasing mod capacity, but NOT making it tied to Forma would be ideal. Some new resource or preferably mechanic that allows us to specialize in a weapon, and in doing so allows us to increase it's mod capacity. The problem with either of these is it allows players to ignore Orokin Catalysts. Why get a Catalyst when you can just sink forma or do X thing and just increase mod capacity? It would have to be limited in some capacity. Idealy I'd like to pick....3 or 4 weapons of each type(primary, secondary, melee) to be my "Signature Weapons". The idea is that as I use these weapons they can "over level" like the Paracesis or Kuva weapons, but without the need to spend forma. Just requires exponentially growing amounts of XP to level it up each rank, to a cap of let's say 10 extra levels, like the kuva and paracesis weapons. As such you could not make the weapons already at this cap into signature weapons(Seriously, do you really need that much mod capacity on the kuva weapons?) The idea itself is neat, but making it tied to forma is...well not great. People already complain about the forma process for the Kuva weapons, best to make this "Get more mod capacity" thing a separate system completely.
  12. The thing with "New mods making me use forma again" is...well it doesn't really happen that often? I've yet to forma a weapon *again* due to some new mod. The builds I have still work just fine, and any new mods typically fit in the slots somewhere. DE has been on this kick about forcing players to choose things. Want to use that new mod with 15 capacity? Put a forma on your weapon to reduce it's capacity. Honestly all the new mods have just been...well, "Primed" mods, which you should have a forma on your weapon for already, and if not it's like...what, one more forma to fit it on? You can level a weapon in like 10-15 minutes with SO or Hydron...the hardest part is getting the forma...which again, 20p is easy to make on the market.
  13. If you do sorties you'll notice it. As I said, with powers the armor becomes noticable around level 50....starting level for sortie content and sorties finish off at 100.
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