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  1. The answer is most likely "No." What Ballas referrs to is the first wave of warframes, what we can assume to be the "Umbral" class of frames, built specifically to fight against the sentients. And over time they were able to refine the process. We, the tenno, "Tamed" the umbras and displayed that we could control the warframes, and so over time they didn't need to use 'sentient' beings and instead made puppet bodies for the Tenno to...more or less completely inhabit, rather than 'share' it with the Umbral Soul in it. As for it affecting story...doubtful. Though I do believe we will get some story affecting choices with the Entrati family and ect.
  2. They...should have the same armor as the other enemies at that level? And then get an extra 100% hp and...shields...huh, yeah maybe have that extend to armor rather than just HP/Shields?
  3. Will you be discussing Mastery Rank 30 at all, and any plans on what reaching that or even going *past* that will involve as it's right around the corner?
  4. Wait, slash isn't supposed to bypass shields, you sure that's right? Toxin does bypass shields though, so that makes sense at least. And the Junctions don't give Steel Essence? Huh...well it is day 1, bound to be bugs with the drop rate I guess.
  5. To be fair it's a MR4 weapon, it's not meant to be some supreme weapon of mass destruction dude. You want to decimate things with khora's whip and ect just go grab a jaw sword riven like people have been saying? Or just, I donno, use any kinda riven really.
  6. So far the rewards are...lackluster?Like...I get it's not endgame, it's harder enemies to fight, but there should be some kind of...better rewards? 10k kuva? Relics? Stance forma? Like were these also part of the test server cause I don't see people flying with these kinds of rewards. How about void traces, built exilus/reactor/catalyst/forma? Universal medallions perhaps? Slots perhaps even? Like...the resources...I really don't need...I really do not need at all...except railjack resources which aren't a part of this. I doubt anyone who is doing the Steel Path has a need for increased resources or mods even. I mean, sure we can smelt the mods for endo or credits I guess? But if I need endo or credits i'll just do sortie/index. Does the steel path have a separate mod drop list? Or am I going to get another 5k ammo drums? Like...really? Mod drop chance increase? It's neat and all but very niche, like it would be good for farming the elemental jaw mods for companions, or other 'difficult' to get mods, but it's only like a handful of mods that would require that. And before people are all "You don't have to play it." The people who want it for the challenge it bring aren't going to stop playing it just because it gives better rewards, there is literally no reason, besides balancing, as to why Steel Path couldn't have some better and more universally useful rewards like slots(warframe/weapon/companion/riven) or another way to get orokin catalyst/reactors besides nightwave, or some other way to get weapon/warframe exilus or the various types of forma(we have what...4 types of forma now?) they could even be limited to X amount a day/week.
  7. The point is "Balance". Honestly at this point I *really* don't get DE's idea behind this. Like, on one hand, some of the exalted weapons are fine, like Valkyr's Talons, or Baruuk's ult(which just gets better with his augment) because their base stats(Crit specifically) are high, and come with alternative bonuses(Hysteria Talons give you immortality and life steam, Baruuk gives DR if memory serves) but others like Excal's Exalted Blade or Wukong's Iron Staff are just...meh? Like Excal's sword is rather basic outside of "whoosh energy beam with each swing" and Wukong's is just...fancy staff. DE has 2 routes to take...or 3 really. First route, allow exalted weapons to use the acolyte mods. Second, buff the exalted weapons to be, imo, better than standard melee...because CMON it requires energy to use? Like why wouldn't my specially built weapon made out of energy or summoned from the void, be better than this random staff made in a factory? Third option...DE comes out and actually explains why they don't do this. DE used to be good about this, explaining why X or Y works as it does.
  8. Also, fun fact, loud noises can make it hard to see. Its one of the reasons people turn down the volume of music in their car when they want to see something. So loud sound = evasion makes actual sense.
  9. Crit for shotguns is horrible, and last I checked the wiki....Catchmoon Secondary does 460 damage, Primary is 216 at max damage grips. For what...to go from 1.17rof to 3? It loses more than half it's damage, for a tripple in rof, and loses it's ability to reliably crit as a primary. Now, is the catchmoon primary a good all around shotgun compared to the others? Sure, yeah, i'll agree to that. Is the Catchmoon primary better than it's secondary counterpart? No. Not in the slightest. Higher stats and better mods make the secondary a better choice.
  10. If you already have a secondary kitgun, you're pretty much solid. Only reason you'd do a primary is for the Tombfinger or the Gaze if you want to make use of Hunter Munitions and if you got rivens. Catchmoon is just...awful as a primary. It's got poor stats and even worse mods, it's way better as a secondary, same thing with the rattleguts. Personally they are all better as secondaries, but you can make the argument for gaze and tombfinger...if only because of tombfinger charge shot(but it's RoF got nerfed hard) and Hunter Munitions. Also you can just spend 15p to rename any gun though yeah? Silly names in all slots that way?
  11. Exalted weapons have fallen behind hard since recent changes, are there any plans in the pipeline to address this? Being unable to make use of blood rush, weeping wounds, or even combo extending mods really hurts the exalted weapons compared to standard melee, not to mention that...well the exalted melee are one trick ponies that rely on augments to be good(baruuk's augment and excalibur's come to mind) and without them they are *vastly* underpowered compared to standard melee, but the most noticeable is exalted blade.
  12. Honestly it should boil down to 2 options. The captain can lock any 1 station for their exclusive use, and only the captain can mission select. The fact anyone can jump to any mission is not good as only the captain really knows the capabilities of their ship. Your idea doesn't even mention the terror that is "troll person with access to the veil brought a buncha earth tier folks to the veil." And...your idea is...too much control. I mean captain can keep people from leaving the ship? That's a bit much.
  13. That's...a stat DE needs to make more of a thing in the game honestly. With the recent buffs to shields it's kinda needed. Also, wiki is your friend: Shield Recharge Rate=(15+0.05(Maximum Shields))(1+Mod Multiplier) With Fast Deflection at maximum rank, Mod Multiplier is 0.9. With Fortitude at maximum rank, Mod Multiplier is 0.8. With Vigilante Vigor at maximum rank, Mod Multiplier is 0.6. With all three mods installed at maximum rank, Mod Multiplier is 2.3. So what we can tell is...yes, it would be very speedy, but you're honestly better off just stacking shields and HP as having all 3 of those mods would take away...far too much from the rest of your build, IMO.
  14. Eh...I do agree that what...15 creds is what you get past 30? It's not much. But the problem is catalysts and reactors are on the list of rewards...and I honestly wouldn't want those removed just to get more creds...maybe 25 would be good. 3 level ups and you can get a reactor or catalyst. Instead of having to wait 2 full days to get one.
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