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  1. IMO Banshee is frame currently in the worst spot. Sure she has Silence which people insist is a good CC(it only works once when you come into range for a momentary thing) and Sonar(personally, great power, needs no changes other than maaaybe capping how many times it stacks on enemies?) which has...reduced her to very niche situations. I don't think i've seen a banshee "in the wild" as it were in...well not since they did the change to the augment to sound quake, which says a lot. Rhino would be second. Just to make him compatible with some arcanes they need to rework his ironskin to be s
  2. If nothing else Guns are still massively lagging behind Melee in terms of ability to scale to higher level content. If a change does occur to 'remove' mandatory damage mods it should be done primarily to weapons. And it can be done, it would just require a complete and total overhaul of every mod. Like imagine if Serration was gone and weapons just got more damage as they increased in level, or more stats in general as they level up(Kinda like warframes get more HP/Energy/Shields, personally i'd love a return to the old level up skill tree.) but to keep things balanced other mods would h
  3. Is there going to be any consideration for allowing more Open World resources to be consumed? Currently there is a surplus of fish parts, ores, and gems that Helminth could also consume. It seems out of place that he eats all these other things, but we can't feed him any of the open world fish, ores, gems.
  4. GOD yes. The fact Helminth doesn't eat ANY of the open world fish/ores/gems annoys me to no end.
  5. Because it's not attached to the market like every other one, it's in the game. And I'm not complaining about it, I'm just saying "Hey, DE has been having open world vendors sell actual resources for plat, why is them selling cosmetics now suddenly bad?" My issue is the only way to get the skin is apparently through Loid, which...makes no sense. I can see him offering it, but it should also be in the Market with all the other cosmetics, just for ease of finding ya know? Like imagine not knowing some cosmetics exist because an update added them to some vendor on an open world you've stopped goi
  6. Needless to say DE has been on this slope for a long time now, and decided "Well, no one has raised hell over the gems we sold for plat, let's throw in a cosmetic to their stores!" and yeah...no one really complained heavily about things that directly impact gameplay/time being sold for plat from the vendors, and so DE figured "well I guess if resources are fine, let's sell cosmetics." Personally? It should be available from the market AND loid. I'd imagine the only reason DE did it this way was that locking a market item from being visible unless X quest is completed was too problematic
  7. IMO, Harrow. All around I love his kit and it feels the most complete. Like out of all the frames I can think of, there is nothing in his kit that I would replace with a subsumed power. Everything works so great.
  8. warframe.market has a "look for buyers" option as well. You can literally look for the items you want to sell and find people who are willing to buy them. And yeah, I get that it's a loto of plat, but you're complaining about a single slot. But on the subject of "I just don't want it" it's...literally a collectors item, daily login reward, one of a kind, only way to get it. And as people have pointed out there was a point where you could sell it but people did it by accident and they added the BP to Simaris.
  9. You can still use the antitoxin's on that...earth tileset defense mission I do believe? And you get lil extra reward? But beyond that...yeah IMO it should get...updated.
  10. He wants a slot back. But yeah, as this dude said...slots are 12p for 2, that's like...most random prime parts, you can make that selling junk easily. And OP has a good point, why is it able to purchase a BP from Simaris if the item is unable to be sold?
  11. Blood altar IMO would be the best. And you can replace pretty much...well he does get mileage out of radial blind, but yeah blood altar would be a fair combo to use as well, specially if ya combo with his ult where he doesn't need to leave the area to hit em.
  12. Why does greedy pull need LOS but the power itself doesn't? I've pulled enemies through walls ffs.
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