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  1. Eh, considering we have the option of survival, which is a constant gain of kuva unlike the 'alerts' for them which require time to refresh...as well as boosters/kavats being able to increase the baseline we get(on top of that we have the what is it...20k from Nightwave now? And 6k from sortie?) AS WELL as the simple fact or "RNG" which means a riven can become 'perfect/godly' with just one roll...the current gain is fine. The only things needed to be done is for DE to keep up with tweaking riven dispos and separating dispos from variants of a weapon(I.E. Hek/Vaykor Hek which did happen and even though it was a 'bug' it shows that the Hek can have a different dispo than the Vaykor hek, IMO this needs to be a thing because some weapons + riven become just so stupidly OP) as well as allowing locking of riven stats for...some kind of cost. Of those, the most demanded feature would have to be stat locking, which would be a massive buff to rivens but also help to remove some of the crazy amounts of times people have to roll them. Simply put, don't increase the amount of kuva we get, let us have more control over the stat rolls via locking riven stats.
  2. Or DE could update the fights with the eidolons with the cinematic scenes.
  3. With the introduction of the new Melee phase 1 a issue that has long been standing still has not been addressed, that being we can not vertically aim Melee attacks. We are wholly reliant on the animation of the swings having a vertical movement to them(Something fist weapons lack sadly) making hitting flying targets difficult, or hitting targets that are at a moderately lower elevation than our warframe. I've run into this issue in the Orb Vallis doing the Fractures, where enemies were coming up a hill at me and i'm trying to be all "Don't try it, I have the high ground!" Only for my melee to...not hit them. Now i tested this primarily with fist weapons, as the Tatsu and other swords do have more vertical movements in their swings and can hit enemies a bit better at these angles, but not by much, and Baruuk seems to be having a bug, where his pulses of his punches just aren't registering if you aim too far up or down. Either way, this has been a LONG standing problem, where in I can be standing on a grate, look down to do a punch and....nothing. I have, and I repeate have to do a slam attack. Sure slam attacks are the new hotness, but that only helps with half of the problem, and even then barely. Basic melee combos should allow me to hit everything in my range where I'm aiming. If a osprey is floating just over my head, I should be able to punch it, instead of having to jump up and do the akward mid air dash punch. If I'm up a hill at a angle...I should be able to look down and punch/stab/slice a dude's head open instead of having to jump up and slam down just to send them flying about from the slam impact rather than just killing them with my punch. I sincerely hope with the other phases of the Melee overhall that this inparticular problem with melee is addressed and fixed. Specifically fixed, not given a bandaid with "Look, we made slam attacks fun to do so it doesn't matter if you can't punch down, right, RIGHT?!" No, that's not fixing the problem, that's ignoring it.
  4. Huh, heard we were getting melee 3.0 with this, ah well.
  5. Hey, yo, could you make it 2 weapon slots and 1 Warframe slot instead?
  6. These...all look like good changes. I hope that Rhino gets a pass at some point, considering the Nezha changes to warding halo(Mainly the stun when it's run out and the multiplier for incoming damage during invuln.) Only thing I'm iffy about is his armor isn't getting buffed, at least put his armor on par with rhino prime considering he has way less shields and is only getting damage reduction now instead of just an extra HP bar.
  7. I'm curious what is referred to as a "community-led effort" I don't get a sense of community at all from this event, aside from, ya know, the usual "Hey, you here for SpecialResource82?"...The razor back and fomorian assaults are community driven, this is...not. We were also excited about a resource dump, ya know? A place to drop our 5 million alloy plate that just keeps stacking up higher and higher. Ah well...it's a new relay, looks nice(Missing some features...) and we can only hope DE takes feedback from this to make the next one a little more community focused.
  8. Tied heavily into the melee rework, so it's coming with that.
  9. What if we got an augment for Tesla that let it take elemental mods from our secondary weapons? (Corrosive tesla anyone?)
  10. I have one question, which I'm assuming/hoping is answered in the stream anyway, and i've seen a couple others here pose the same question in essence....How is the combo counter going to be changed?
  11. I think the combo multiplier needs to stay, it's too useful for making melee scale(Blood Rush/Weeping Wounds). Having it only apply on heavy attacks AND get completely used up? Nah. Back when I was theory crafting how to improve melee it was basically this same idea, give us light and heavy attacks and rework the combos around that, but I still kept channeling it just needed to get redone, and as you mention "Freeing up a button" There is already a button not used when you are meleeing...Reload. The reload button can be the channeling button, but what does this have to do with the combo multiplier? Easy, have the combo multiplier be the "Channeling Damage Mult". You build up your combo to say...5x, and then you press R and your weapon is boosted 5x damage for X duration(Draining either WF energy or lasting X amount of time which can be increased with mods or mods that increase duration based on kills), and there you go. Another side idea of the "Combo Mult is Channeling Damage", have the combo multiplier stay reguardless of...what ever, until you toggle it on with the Reload/Channeling button, once on it functions like the current combo multiplier system. Alternatively adding in a mod, or mods, that increase the basic attacks based on the combo multiplier(Think blood rush, but for crit damage instead of crit chance) that would be a way to keep the system we have come to know and love for endurance running alive, but it also means you can add in more mods that buff stats based on combo multiplier(such as base damage, %chance to heal, ect ect...). This is just the basic idea on how to make the combo multiplier mean something to basic melee without it directly affecting it, which seems to be what you are going for right?
  12. Sanctuary Onslaught, goes up to 280. Beyond that keep in mind "Endurance Runners" are a thing, people who play and go up to level 5k. There is a difference between an AFK machine as she was, and then being forced to wait for it to build up again to be useful. As an example, let's use SO. Each new level you've lost all previous damage you built up, and so you have to spend time in the level building up the damage again to be useful, as you have to kill the enemies quickly. Or let's use the accident issue, if you tap 1 again the spores pop and you lose ALL damage you built up and have to do it all over again. It's not too hard to add in a function to make it work like melee, where you have X amount of time to hit an enemy before it resets the counter(Which I still find stupid) or just have the damage tick down when it's not on enemies.
  13. But the purpose of these changes is to make her better for longer missions, they used level 1k enemies as an example. If you can't keep that damage up and have to sit and wait for it to tick up in order for the power to be useful...I mean if it's just for corrosive procs and such why even give it scaling damage? Being able to keep at least some of the damage you built up is needed, or else the idea of making Saryn for higher level gameplay doesn't exactly work. I mean having to tick the counter up every single time? That's just...annoying. Imagine if you had to do that with Nidus.
  14. Exactly. Or even normal missions, because the spores have to spread from enemy to enemy, and as soon as the last enemy is dead in that room and the spores haven't spread...you just lost your combo counter. Or as pablo mentioned, an enemy five rooms back still has spores on it and you have to 'pop' them with the power 1 in order to recast the spores on new enemies, but you lose all that damage you built up, it's just...bad, it really hurts her.
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