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  1. Got your message from the first 2/3 of your post, thanks. Been a while since I've played Volt. In that case, it seems like the third-to-last tip on the Ability screen needs rewording to reflect this mechanic.
  2. Single elements do not seem to combine with the Electricity from Volt's Electric Shield. I was formaing my Veldt and only had Infected Clip as an elemental mod. When firing through my Volt's shield, both the Toxin from the mod and the Electricity from the shield are able to proc independently. This seems to occur with other elements as well. My Veldt has only one elemental mod equipped in all of these screenshots. Volt is running Transistor Shield, but removing the mod doesn't seem to effect the outcome. Testing occurred both in-mission and in the Simulacrum (though only Simulacrum screenshots are shown). I am seemingly unable to use the "Insert image from URL" feature, but the links are provided below. https://imgur.com/rs9lAtv https://imgur.com/T4cbz72 https://imgur.com/UkfwEpo
  3. While I think I know the answer (presumably no), will Razorwing Blitz be sharing the Titania buff changes re: 1 ability cast = max duration? I know it isn't tied to her Tribute, but it sure would be nice to maintain that buff with a bit more efficiency.
  4. Hi DE crew! I'm absolutely loving Fortuna. Huge thanks to everyone at DE for making it happen. I was wondering: what happened to the infested heavy blade that was shown several devstreams ago? Additionally, now that Fortuna is released, will we see a steady stream of small content patches up to the release of Railjack?
  5. Will there be any riven disposition rebalancing in the near future (e.g. Tiberon Prime with max disposition being lowered)? If so, will the stats of pre-change rivens be changed with that update?
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