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  1. Sounds like a neat idea. let me add a little to it. (along with one restriction) One thing I don't think would be good would be the prime accessories. If they allowed the current prime accessories, that would be fine. But if the allowed say the Cyuta Prime Syandada (came out with Saryn Primes Accessory pack) without any way of getting it for another couple years, it would be disheartening. The Tennogen might be a little iffy on non-Steam clients. something to add would be, if you liked something, you can put it on your "Wishlist" from the "Fashion Simulacrum"
  2. it would give me a reason to farm all the old non-primed frames again, fashion them, and then make an awesome display room. hell, lets add a wall hanging weapon display or a placable display case. to expand it even farther - make a craftable item for the dojo that people can load 1 or 2 frames into a hologram projector and it will cycle randomly between all the loaded frames
  3. you know, i saw that you had 12% Dur, but yet my mind was still like "nah it will work" haha. Still, Path of Statues is one of the better Augs out there if you get a chance to put it into a build
  4. he/she went 40 waves. OP-im assuming you did nothing but his 1 ability? try slotting Path of Statues augment. its pretty fun and a nice minor CC.
  5. and some hand picked things from 1.4 i think. or we can just read the
  6. i hope it becomes a thing. it would add another layer of complexity to the game, but make it simpler in the process too...if that makes sense
  7. If i may expand on this a bit...the Electric shield blocks all frontal dmg but you can still get hit from stuff on your sides and back. you can now pick up the shield and its a constant drain on your energy over distance traveled, limits you to Secondary weapon or Melee, and it also slows you down. the way i have my Riot shield Volt P is for efficiency duration and str (to keep my speed in check)and enough range to get it back up to roughly 100% and the augment to his 4 and the Zenurik focus for energy regen (slows the drain to a crawl), if i can remember the build, i will try and make it
  8. Volt (Prime) can be a pretty good one with Redirection, a Range build and is Capacitance Augment. good for CC and a bit of Tanking
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