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  1. Wow, I’m taken aback by the work you have done here. I can’t believe I’m posting some suggestions as my music taste is like my guilty pleasure, but here goes. (I tried my best to check and see if these were already done or suggested so I’m sorry if you have seen these before or if they can’t be done.) I'll also post the time at which the chorus of each song is to try and help a bit, obviously feel free to stray if the chorus is just out of the question. 1) Chung Ha - Gotta Go (0:40) 2) Sunmi - Heroine (1:30) I can kind of hear how the first two might be possible, but I’ll come out of left field with this one: 3) Grant - Wishes (2:00) Again, sorry if you look at those and go, this guy must be stupid if he thinks this is possible I’m honestly just fascinated with this project of turning community suggestions into Mandachord songs it’s so wholesome! I hope you still find joy from doing this and haven't got burnt out after all this time.
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