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  1. So I recently got the following lich and I will likely be converting it to sell, was wondering what the pricing would be.
  2. I just played a mission in the Veil (lowest level) where my whole team bugged out, couldn't move around the ship, couldn't DO anything aside from my pre made engineer friend who was able to do repairs luckily. Only I could do the majority of the mission, killing all the fighters, crewships and doing the 2 objectives solo in archwing (as the entire ship was bugged anyways, which is what caused the issues) basically the whole mission aside from repairs. The whole time my engineer was repairing (the ship was taking bugged damage slowly, not from fighters but from what I could only explain as constant small collisions). Here is the thing, me and my pre made engineer were testing intrinsics and how much more engineers actually get vs my role, I had heard about it, and tested it on earth and it seemed like it didn't effect anything. Neither of us had affinity boosters and the intrinsics were checked in the orbiter profile screen before and after the mission, where the correct non bugged stat is shown. The messed up part is that my engineer got 7 intrinsics from the mission. I got 3. Even though due to circumstances I had to effectively solo the entire mission, I got less then half of the progress towards intrinsics vs my engineer who patched up the ship every so often. Intrinsics need to be looked at, certain roles just are not awarded enough if even at all vs others. In general...intrinsics are too slow to earn as it is, this just makes the problem even worse. Do kills in archwing and taking out crewships from the inside not award intrinsic progress at all? Is the away crew just always out of the intrinsic shared range (if that's a thing like affinity)? It feels like 3 intrinsics is the base amount rewarded from completing a Veil mission with no bonus on top. Also fun bonus, if I didn't have a high enough tactical to teleport around the ship to get to the navigation console that entire mission would of ended up soft locked, the default keybind for this is "L" BTW, which the tooltips never tell you.
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