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  1. Been hoping for a fix for arrow skins like the Ki'Teer Arrows not working with bow skins. Will this be fixed sometime soon?
  2. PLEASE Let the nikanas be dual weildable with handguns... that would be amazing! 😄
  3. Okay Tenno, the time has finally arrived for reconstruction! Ready your Warframes, polish your weaponry, update Ordis, fuel up your landing craft, and perfect your vocal cords! We are going building! 😄
  4. I got a question regarding Melee 3.0... will Nikanas also be dual-weildable alongside firearms? I can't bear to part with my Skiajati if not! Ruins Umbra's Fasion Frame without it. 😞
  5. In the Melee 3.0 update coming soon, will Nikanas be dual weildable with single secondaries? That would be a awesome combination to cosplay with, as well as combat.
  6. On the upcoming Melee Rework, I've been curious if Nikanas will also be duel wielded when it releases. Also thank you again for making Sacrifice replayable and new Somachord songs! Amazing work, still makes me shed tears. 🙂
  7. DAMN! ..... I don't have funds for Tennogen. 😐 Welp! Time to save! Also YES!! Sacrifice replayable AND new music?! Thank you DE!! ❤️ Glad I saved my old Excalibur so I can relive that moment again! 😄
  8. Just curious, but like with the War Within.... are we getting new unlockable songs for the Somachord in our personel quarters?! That would be awesome! :D
  9. I already got mine when I logged in, but I must say out of many options, they chose something really honest. Let's see higher gaming companies pull THIS one off! Oh wait... they can't... because they aren't DE! Great job, DE! 😄
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