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  1. It's not tiny? I mean if you run directly into the side of it in your archwing you get a sense of it's size and it's pretty proportional to the interior. Were you expecting a carrier rather than a corvette for scale? As far as capital ships go the Railjack is like the smallest class.
  2. She needs a full do over, and that's coming from someone who has Umbral forma in there. After Ember's death and phoenix-like rise, Nyx needs one of her own.
  3. She needs a full rework in the vein of Ember. I love her, I really do, got Umbral Forma in there, but she's a relic and needs a full do over.
  4. Honestly, why is the heat gague not part of her passive? I actually really like her, but this keeps bothering me.
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