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  1. Anthem is a corpse. Best get in there and dig out all the good bits before it gets too rotten.
  2. There is a current problem since the metallics rework though. Almost all materials across the game really took on this glossy, glassy sheen, and blacks really highlight it. They do need to do a full materials pass.
  3. Got to say, I'm liking the Ember rework mechanically. The only "problem" I have is one of aesthetics. I would have much preferred the new "World On Fire" to have been something like enormous columns of fire exploding out of the ground, rather than a meteor strike. While impressive to be sure, the meteors feel out of place and break from the pure fire based thing she has going on. Feels almost more like an Atlas thing to have the meteors.
  4. I am loving the look of the rework. However, I personally would prefer her new 4 to shoot columns of fire up out of the earth rather than call in meteors. Not that it didn't look great, but you've got an orbital strike coming already, and you don't want to make Vauban feel like a tiny baby... again.
  5. Go for a Ryzen processor and appliccable motherboard. They're just far more cost effective than Intel analogues and certainly more future proof as far as platform goes. You do need Windows 10 to use them though. The Ryzen 3600 is just far better performing than a similarly costed Intel chip. You can also probably pick up a Ryzen 2600/2700 quite cheap now as well. As far as graphics card, the best option as far as actual performane to price is probably the Nvidia 1080ti still, but it's going to be hard getting ahold of one of those. I'd go for a 2060/2070 Super if you're married to Nvidia, but AMD did just put out the 5700/5700xt and if you get a partner card from say Powercolor or Gigabyte, you'll be fine. If you're interested in Raytracing at all, it's going to be the 2070 Super or the 2080/2080ti as the only contenders, but that tech is massively overpriced for the user, and honestly its use is more limited that people let on. They're proof of concept and nothing more. Wait for later cards from manufacturuers before going for a Raytracing card imo.
  6. All of the Infested weaponry. It's slightly baffling that none are included in the Infrested themed Nightwave.
  7. The walls and floors of the Orbiter now look very glassy and/or wet after the last fix. Also, some of our Warframes, like Ember Prime here: The formally matte materials, especially the red here now have very wet or polished look tthat they didn't have before.
  8. Got to say, I don't miss alot of the exceedingly reflective metallics, myself. It limited my choices of colours on alot of frames, because even quite subued colours could look very gaudy with the old shaders. Things with alot of metallics, like the Mag and Octavia Deluxe skins, suffered from this quite dramatically. They can sport a much greater range now without looking clownish, or being overly glinty, as it were. I much prefer how it looks now.
  9. The rendering change made Octavia's Deluxe skin look sooooo much better. I prefer alot of the more subdued reflectives, too. Alot of my Primes (and the aforementioned Octavia skin) can now sport a greater range of colours without looking exceedingly gaudy.
  10. Rivens are alot better than constantly farming for a weapon with just the right values on the drops.
  11. That poll is a representative sample (34k players of the game, a huge sample size) from an actual event run by the developer. Is actually alot more meaningful that most other polls on the issue. Especially considering that one is from Shy's community. She puts out great content, but to say that she atracts an overly negative fanbase who hang on her every word is not a stretch.
  12. You have a week for these things. just split it up between doing other activities.
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