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  1. Wait, people look at the drops beyond the rarity level or whether it's a Forma? News to me and my whole clan and affiliates. The UI change so fare has been an improvement for all those I play with for the most part, and the chages they made with the last patch improved the readability, which was nice.
  2. I'm actually kind of jonesing for the new Nightwave now. I know its infested themed (big fan) and I want to see where they go with it. I also want to see how the improvements they've decided to make play out. I actually found Wolf of Saturn Six very engaging, despite the mis-steps with some of the objectives, plus it sounds like that may be incorporating some aspects of the scrapped Kingpin system in this upcoming one, if what I gleaned from the Dev Streams is correct. I swear though, DE. You better not give us a Kerrigan (or any kind of humanised being) with The Emmisary. I like sexy monsters and all, but I want my Infested weird, inhuman, yet strangely relatable.
  3. Honestly not too happy that it sounds like DE are holding off a rebalance for damages and the like. Game desperately needs a look over in that department.
  4. It's hard to get a colour read on some combinations, especially metallics and some of the more vivid or darker colours:
  5. On the other hand, a note dropped into the inbox ingame would probably not go amiss next time.
  6. As someone who can decimate the Wolf handily, I'll say that yes he's a massive step back in their boss design. No invulnerability phases thankfully, but the massive health pool and various power/status invulnerabilities are pretty bad. However, they had to do this because, frankly the way our powers work, the scaling of some frames (Hello Chroma, Saryn, etc.) and how damage and armour are calculated . These things needs a huge overhaul. Thankfully they've said they're hoping to this year and I look forward to it as an end to them having to design encounters like the Wolf if nothing else.
  7. My friend, that's when Hildryn gracefully takes flight, more regal and graceful than any plebian Titania and showers you with Energy.
  8. People pair up Oberon and Titania for obvious reasons, but the real parental couple is Oberon/Hildryn.
  9. Well, provided the game lasts long enough for them all to get their turn of course. This isn't a doomsay post, as I think the game is doing well, but they intimated as much on the last Dev Stream.
  10. People complain when no approximate timeline is announced though. That's why they put up the roadmap, because of all the complaints about no estimates. You can bet that if they miss even one of those, then there'll be complaints from those saying that they shouldn't have given any estimates at all. It's a no win with two different camps.
  11. Waaaait. Does that mean that the boss is
  12. Hey, it's not my fault her armour is cut that... sheer.
  13. I swear to god, if this turns out to be a Kerrigan/infested human for us to interact with I will be exceedingly disappointed. I like my Infestation weird, alien and hard, but not impossible to understand. If you give it a human face, that's just horribly unimaginative.
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