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  1. NinjaTB

    Hotfix 15.0.7

    • Fixed an issue with gravity building up during repeated casts of Zephyr's Tail Wind. This was a bug? you mean i was really supposed to be able to fly forever?
  2. NinjaTB

    Hotfix 14.0.5

    We have disabled the Kubrow Genetic Scrambler while we consider feedback on it. WHY WHY U DO THIS! I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO COLORING MY KUBROW SOON AS IT MATURED!
  3. NinjaTB

    Update 13.7.1

    ">Reduced frequency of Prime gear in Void - no item appears more than 2 times across the Void. Removed approximately 20 pieces from the T4 missions overall."
  4. NinjaTB

    Hotfix 13.4.1

    Very nice, very welcomed hotfix
  5. NinjaTB

    Hotfix 13.2.1

    why was this fix 100+mb? i smell secrets
  6. NinjaTB

    New: Warframe Warpaint Contest!

    is that a stargate?
  7. NinjaTB

    Hotfix 12.5.1

    Yay, no more inviso-traps
  8. NinjaTB

    Update 12.5.0: Helios

    Thanks DE
  9. NinjaTB

    Update 10.7.0

    Seems to still be there for me... On another note, 3.8x multiplier + 40% crit chance + max fury + max p.point + invisibility = red crits on every hit for 500+ dmg. Dps on the obex and kogake is actually out of it's mind. Just no one has bothered to try this... You truly become the Hokuto no Ken
  10. NinjaTB

    8.0.5: It's Getting Hot(Fix) In Here

    Is there a way we can use our keys, but have another person host? For those of us who have super S#&$ty internet.
  11. NinjaTB

    Hotfix 8.0.4: Hit Me With Your Best Hot(Fix).

    "- Fix for Grineer Lancers not shield-bashing."
  12. NinjaTB

    Hotfix 7.10.5 + Hotfix 7.10.6 + 7.10.7

    I was having this problem and was starting to become a real downer. Glad it got fixed fairly quick