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  1. Please refer to this megathread or our discord for any application or re-invite. We no longer use this thread, just posting here to let some old members know about the current situation. 😄 Megathread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/924404-applications/page/65/ Discord server: https://discord.gg/WXnAVHf
  2. Megathread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/924404-applications/page/65/ Discord server: https://discord.gg/WXnAVHf
  3. Make Grasp stop shooting when they don't shoot/melee/cast if you don't want people to afk.... So many solutions and you guys went for the annoying one that cripples the ability. This is literally the same excuse as the one we got for rev's 4, We don't want people to afk yet we made an ability that's perfect for it so let's bump the cost to insane levels instead of finding a way to make it interactive.
  4. The problem is how low the firing range is . You have the option to wait for them to kill or just swing a melee at the same distance and kill everything faster. If you want to keep it as that range just make it inherit procs from what they disarmed with a status chance. It'd at least make it somewhat useful to empower CO builds. With how the ability is currently you just reinforce a closer range playstyle which they do not have the stats or kit for when it comes to survivability. (they can't be a dodge tank unless you uncap that 4 to reach an amount that would help them make use of that a
  5. - No changes to the range on their 2 - their 1 is still a low base for an incomplete status effect that seems like it was an afterthought when the status changes happened. - their 3's armor strip is still too stat heavy with how low the bases are. - I honestly can't see what 2 forma or 6 are gonna change about the other two non options on their 3. - Dodge chance or evasion should just be forever removed from kits. They don't work, No one wants to gamble on whether or not they live or die. This was already discussed when titania was reworked.
  6. of all the feedback all you could sum up was rushing the subsume, really....
  7. Bile variety and number balance is just straight up bad. The infusion costs also don't allow for experimentation at all. I'm more than fine with the high entry prices when subsuming but swapping abilities around should be more flexible if you want any build variety. Even if I do have enough resources, I just can't bring myself to dump several rounds of exav just to test some build that I might want to swap out. All this encourages is subsuming the best abilities, putting them your favourite frames and forget this thing exists. On a side note, I get that you want to future proof
  8. - the passive is dodge chance, through frames like titania, it has already been stablished that this kind of defense is bad and had to be changed. -void damage is meh and the multiplier on his one is hard gated as if it's some rhino roar ( that thing starts at 26% base) - the 2 deals decent dps against non armored but scales with range which is odd and just throws off a lot of builds. The range of the gun is extremely short. The base range to grab isn't justified when there is already a target cap implemented. - his 3 is just the strip which is not permanent and needs a lot of st
  9. I can't really see why zeph is getting the worst pull in effect with the lowest range while the other 2 on the table have higher range and added benefits. At least make in a lingering pull so that it will be somewhat worth concidering. Obviously there is a lot wrong with the list when the whole point was variety and you're handing out clear cookie cutter choices but this one is doesn't even make sense when this was supposed to be a buff to a low playrate frame...
  10. You didn't even bother to take a moment a concider how many broken combos this will generate. (After the Xoris nerf, I'm not even sure this is even obvious for you guys because you could see that being used with those frames from a mile away). I'm fine with if you are ok with basicly giving up on ever having any meaninful balance but please don't come back two months down the line and wonder why everyone is blazing through everything (even more then they are already doing...) I hope this won't be an excuse to just never rework frames (because this won't save those) and nerf abilities on
  11. This a balance nightmare ngl and a poor excuse for not reworking the lesser used warframes. It would be much more manageable if it was locked to the helminth only abilities. You'll try and pick the worst abilities but that might just break them in another kit that can use them more efficiently. This is also making newer designs and augs worse because they have to abide by the transfer rule.
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