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  1. What this is telling me is never feed him a frame ever again until you guys are done with adding more levels because unlike MMOs where there is abenefit in the early unlock 60% of helminth unlocks are overlaps or straight up useless and we only unlocked them because we would like to keep up with the system. The comparaison is not even there lmao. As much as I don't wanna go into conspiracy theories, this is just looking like you guys want to virtually increase playtime tbh between this and Yareli's private dojo room or the melee weapons weekly rotation.
  2. Why are frames I fed not counted for the new helminth levels? Sure feels counterintuitive to be discouraged from playing the game and feed him frames because now I need to level that thing the hard way because I don't get the exp from my old ones when I was at the old cap. keeping up with this systems and having all the of the abilities unlocked sure seems like a disadvantage now.
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