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  1. All of this is nice until you accounced the whole "melee multiplier only affects heavy attacks" Don't see why we would ever need more upfront damage to oneshot *3 starchart enemies while basicly removing scaling when that damage is needed. And I'm pretty sure those beefed up numbers on skana are not gonna be the same for an actually decent weapon. Also major slap in the face for frames using that combo multiplier.
  2. Nice overall, Except for: -”Nail Grenade” fires high velocity nails in all directions, inflicting puncture damage to any unlucky enough to be nearby. Kinda underwelming in contrast with everything else. Can't see myself using it personally. Viral darts would be way better since that's the only viable option if everything is CCed (no need for puncture if they can't attack) and stripping is already taken care off. Also, was the enemy cap on bastille removed?
  3. A frame's kit is made of 4 abilities and a passive, not 2. Those 2 being broken doesn't mean that's good design if the rest is garbage.Not even gonna get started on the whole elemental aspect of the frame that just gets reduced to "what's more tanky depending on the math, ice or heat"
  4. Being broken and overused for content that's basicly made for him doesn't prevent him from being garbage design wise. The guy has two abilities and you can barely even call them that, they're passives you recast every so often.
  5. Atlas really needs some love before that priming or shortly after. The rumblers are still on the stupid side compared to celestial twin and the wall is pretty meh too. The synergies added to both abilities last year didn't help much.
  6. Passive: please stop trying to push shield related passives until they're worth it . the passive gauge gain could use a little push, it's hard to gain gauge easily if you have to headbutt every wall with his 1. Getting gauge by hitting enemies with his 1 could be a nice addition. Mach Rush: - the hitbox is really weird - would be nice it it was a tad bit easier to control. Not volt level of control but lower to differentiate their abilities. Kinetic Plating: - the regen seem to be bugged or is extremely weak because it takes into account his DR and and any DR you put on - Coud have been better as a toogle or needs as longer base duration - the gauge deplition rate is on the weak side when swarmed. Thermal Sunder: - The base range is really annoying to deal with. - The heat component is not worth. The cold componant does't seem to be a full freeze (would be nice if it was directly without needing to recast twice). - the combined areas could be nice it it contently applied the blast for the duration. Would give them a nice "area denial" niche playstyle if the raneg is staying this low. - the AoE shrinks too fast. Either buff the duration or just let it be at full range for the duration we have. - Tapping sometimes gets detcted as a hold and gives a heat proc when youn want the cold proc. - wasting gauge on the worst proc of the two doesn't really seem like it's worth it - Could be better if it gave him additionnal gauge per enemy hit to allow you to use your abilities more freely and justify the loss on the heat component. Redline: - The locking at the start is way too long - Honestly should have been a party buff. Selfish frames are really hard to justify with the current roster. Overall, fun in open tilesets, mediocre damage, minimal utility besides his speed since the 3 base range is so bad, the buffs on his 4 are nice personal buffs tho. On weak side for me personnaly if he's staying a selfish frame. A lot of work and ability upkeep with the gauge and recast of his 2 for minimal returns.
  7. Clan name: Space Shark Incorporated Clan tier: Moon Clan platform: PC My clan role: General Feature image: Our main hall! A fantasy of an underwater glacier, decorated by SSI_Erebus. Photo Book:
  8. I saw a diffculty checkmark on that white board, Here's hoping.
  9. First that's not how to play saryn effectively to begin with and that was nerfed with her reworks. her 4 is bad alone unless you're playing against garbage enemies that no frame should struggle against. Second, you're not gonna force randoms to play the way you want. In any giving game public means you accept anything that's thrown at you. She doesn't, maybe try to up the level a bit and she turns into an armor stripper rather than a dps nuking a room. ESO is an exception because of enemy density. OFC in hydron or any low level mission, the game is gonna be trivialized because those are low level missions. If we nerf everything a new player sees as op get ready to welcome 30 embers because last time I checked nearly all the frames with AOEs can "nuke" low level missions. if you think that needs balance. go check that mesa actually using one ability and nuking everything she looks at or revenant dealing % max health on reave. Except they did when modes like ESO exist and basicly force you into this or spamming maiming to keep up with the efficiency drop effectively.
  10. We don't need an ember "rework" repeat. Honestly when when you play public you accept what comes with it. If you don't like that playstyle, my advice would be to recruit a squad or play solo. You're new and that's completely fine but you'll come to understand that after doing the same thing for the 1000th time, that saryn will seem more attractive as an option. Also, nuking is saryn's identity. She's the plague frame. Keep in mind that warframe is a power fantasy too. That's what gets people hooked.
  11. All of Wukong's tennogen skins are bugged as of this update and display the default legplates instead of the custom ones.
  12. You can reselect the bounty in the camps. On PC at least.
  13. 250 per phylaxis (2k for all 4+base), 250 per catalyst. So yh, 3k with all 4/4 if you kill the 4 Hemocyts.
  14. Can the cap of 10 phylaxis and catalysts be removed now that we can select the bounty while in the plains. As someone doing them solo, it's really annoying to have to go back out every 2 runs.
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