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  1. This a balance nightmare ngl and a poor excuse for not reworking the lesser used warframes. It would be much more manageable if it was locked to the helminth only abilities. You'll try and pick the worst abilities but that might just break them in another kit that can use them more efficiently. This is also making newer designs and augs worse because they have to abide by the transfer rule.
  2. If gives you all 3 items at first once and then after long delays begins to give you "what you need" aka it's not gonna give you anything if you have full ammo, 100% hp and energy. It's weird but they probably just didn't wanna flood the tileset with pickups.
  3. The velox makes absolutely no sense as her signature weapon tbh. She has ammo economy on the gimmick+signature bonus when she has access to free ammo with the 3 and ammo refunds with the 4. if anything it should chew through ammo even more when she uses it via a fire rate increase or something.
  4. The bases are good and all 4 skills have some uses. I feel like her only real problem is that she's a lot busier than any other frame to achieve similar results.(casting 4 and sapmming 2 basicly). - The dispenser should be a little bit sped up even if the overall base duration is cut down. - Possibly an augment but her rewind could really open up another gameplay possiblity if it followed her. Having a fixed position is good too but having the option would be awesome. - The blaze turret could use better scaling even if it is just actually getting the multiplier per enemy hit like it's worded in the ability descrition, rn it seems to be capped to an amount her shot if you hit more than one enemy. - Could be cool if the 4 gave her haste buffs (speed/firerate/attack speed) all around to push the time frame theme further an open another gameplay possiblity that relies more on weaponery instead of ability spam as an option. - the turrets sometimes don't fire unless you "trigger" then by attacking enemies - the max duration on a max rank 1 seems to be bugged rn.
  5. Balance by popularity will never achieve any balance 😕
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