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  1. That was a change pre dev stream tho. So unless they both completely missed the fact that it went live days before, I don't think that was what he was talking about.
  2. No big final like Steve and Reb hinted at for wolf spawns?
  3. I'm talking about enemy density not AI, that's a whole other subject. They mentionned both on dev streams. But they are still hesitant about what I was talking about.
  4. Worth a shot. Pet Vac took 5 years. 😛
  5. Can anything be done about the spawns in solo Survival arbitrations too? It seems really hit or miss with some maps rn.
  6. Buffing the other vehicles is way better than nerfing what makes itzal itzal. And even without it K-drives can't compete with the other AWs anyway. They were made with fun over function in mind and that can only last so long in a game where the grind draws you towards efficiency.
  7. They were already swapped for different ones in a previous hotfix last week iirc.
  8. Not for the guy who crafted everything or the one who just finnished his sets last week.. i'm happy they fixed the experience for new players but I mean...Still a lot of painfully boring rince and repeat grind down the drain for nothing.
  9. dunno how I was offensive in any sort in that message tbh. I just stated facts there. And it's part of the discusion because we are affected by this change too.
  10. I didn't actually see anyone against the change except one guy. People just don't want all their work to go to waste. Some of them literally crafted or bought stuff in the last few days. Making a sigil or a ship decoration can't be that hard. DE used to handle these changes with care but this just reads as "well you're screwed i guess" even if it comes from a good intention.
  11. Any compensation planned? That's a whole lot of wasted time and effort there. (As in a sigil or a small cosmetic, i'm not asking for a full on refund because of how much time has passed)
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