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  1. RNGod can detect your brainwave, when you dont want something, then it will show up. 😳
  2. instead of nerfing, should bring those underperformed/ unpopular weapons to be on par with the good ones. e.g. buff other secondary weapons instead of nerfing those which players enjoy.
  3. it is so frustrating, the bug happens too frequently to make good use of the 3 days event booster
  4. man this bug is getting more serious and common now, it is really frustrating. The 3 days event booster is wasted. This bug happens often now like 4 out of 10 times.
  5. supposed to be today, isnt it?
  6. Having self-damage removed is a long requested change that we players have been waiting for. Warframe is a game mostly focusing on fast-paced and close quarter battles. Without self-damage, we can enjoy the game a lot more. Bravo! Now I am waiting for the new pet system to allow us to switch to any pet we like without the stasis process.
  7. 1400+ rolls 😮 holy cow, you are legend
  8. we need some emotes to dance with our pets!
  9. ah I still remember my highest record is an arca plasmor riven with 140+ rolls. I also got a god roll mara detron before in less than 30 rolls so it all depends on luck. Last time I bought a top roll riven with 0 roll, what a luck the seller has, he just literally played a sortie and got 5K+ plat from the reward. That's why rivens price varies greatly and is exciting, rivens make the build unique and some people purposely buy some rivens with weird stats to test special builds.
  10. since arcanes are not easy to get to max rank especially for those rare ones, why the hell would you nerf them in the first place? DE: "You enjoy something? Good, time to nerf it."
  11. my record is 140+ rolls on an arca plasmor riven 😳
  12. why dont make an in-game announcement like the news feed or inbox message? I got the poster but didnt realize there was another glyph drop
  13. Pls update the current pet system so that it can be more convenient for us to bring our kavats/kubrows to the battlefield. Get rid of the stasis totally and let's switch pet at will & based on our loadout slots, e.g. I can equip a kubrow for my umbra then right away switch to nekros with a smeeta kavat if I want next mission.
  14. cool I got friends who keep on farming the ephemera, I will inform them about your offer. (hmmm this guy got problem, I wanna add him then I found out I have blacklisted him. I can't remember why I blacklist him but he must have done something toxic or suspicious in scamming. Just a reminder for those who wanna invite him for sentient red cache slot, be extra careful, some might run away after taking your ephemera.)
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