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  1. and that scoreboard is also useful to tell whether your build is performing better or not, e.g. last time i kill 5K in 1 hour, tis time I only kill 3K in 1 hour, then the build i brought last time is more efficient.
  2. That scoreboard is crucial, now with it already got players leeching. If there is no scoreboard, those bunch of afk kids must be over the moon, now no one can catch me with zero kill, even if they do, they got no proof! 🦙
  3. Velocipod K-drive skin is so cool but sadly no matter which velocipod skin you put on your k-drive, it is still the old k-drive sound, it is just so weird. Pls give us back the cool flapping and buzzing sound of velocipod that we have in Deimos. Thanks! 🦙
  4. I have bought several themes & backgrounds, some are nice but the above mentioned themes have bad contrast and make everything looks pale, I love the orokin & nidus theme, pls fix them. Thanks. an example of the pale UI:
  5. or just move all the conclave rewards to Teshin's shop or the vitus essence shop for us to buy with vitus/ steel essence.
  6. Fashion (sigil, glyph, emblem, armor sets, syandana, decors etc.) and new pets 🦙
  7. ya they are rare but you can trade other parts for it with other players or sell the extra parts then buy it from others.
  8. End game should be about min-maxing for veterans e.g. top roll rivens. Collecting all the stuff. Fashion. Be it frame, orbiter or dojo or the new mech fashion 🦙
  9. If you got nothing useful to post from your peanut brain, then just keep quiet instead of wasting the forum space. 👍
  10. Currently, we can only set the halls as spawn room which is very limiting as more and more interesting rooms are added to the dojo such as the new Entrati room or the observatory room, as such, pls allow us to set any room to spawn room and let us decide the exact spawn point in the spawn room. Thanks. 👍
  11. and need to allow crouch walking for mech
  12. I think stalker got a detector, when you are leveling new weapons/ frames/ when you are bringing crappy gear, then he will show up. Just like the thumper that likes to spawn when you are fishing. 🦙
  13. honestly i am happy it is not a 0.001% chance of dropping from killing a necramech.
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