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  1. THank you very much! On my way to grab the bundle! 😘
  2. That will be awesome! However, the warframe riven should be very rare (like 1 % drop chance from Aco) and got some special effects added to it such as oberon phoenix renewal works on specters and pets and pods when got the riven equipped or the phoenix refresh time is cut into half with the riven apart from + 30% strength & range & duration - negative ( so 3 positives & 1 negative like riven) plus a special effect for that specific frame.
  3. The truth hurts. I am still waiting for the day to donate balls to dojo (look at my 20 balls collected over the years). 😥
  4. I have been looking forward to it, I have bought a few last year and wanna buy more. Pls bring them back this year too. Thanks!
  5. I check the history, multiple threads have pointed out the Sepfahn skin is buggy and will glitch like two to three swords stack together, some have pointed out even tennogen nikana skin wont help. I like the Sepfahn, pls fix it. Thanks.
  6. ya pls fix this, the Sepfahn skin often glitches & looks awkward after swinging a few times in game. Sometimes, even in arsenal, its look is broken.
  7. First of all, I like the new railjack with AI crew, prettier maps and more variety of missions. However, the AI crew wont use the FA and some players dont know how to use FA properly (also it is very boring for someone to just sit at FA waiting to kill a crewship, it is tedios for both pilot and FA player). For a pilot to kill 6 crewship, he has to run back and forth from pilot seat to FA which is redundant and really interrupting the flow & fun of railjack. Pls let the pilot uses the forward artillery from his seat as a rank 10 pilot. Thanks.
  8. I really like the new railjack update, it makes the old railjack a lot better. The battle is more engaging and the ship feels fast and powerful now. Moreover, there are more sceneries to admire now, the maps in old railjack are too plain.
  9. Hello, the new backdrops are nice, I have researched all of them but I cant re-select the old default backdrop when I click on the new backdrop, the old one is nice too. Pls remember to add it back on the backdrop menu to be selectable. Thanks!
  10. Now you shall get more smeeta buff with these lucky cat bestowed on you. 🦙
  11. and do the scrapped ones count? I think I have deleted some a long time ago and now only keep the best with me.
  12. None can beat excalibur umbra, first runner up is Nyx prime. I got a nyx prime cosplaying Alien, holy cow, everytime I brings her out, I can see people observing her. hahahaha but sadly barely have a chance to use Nyx prime 🦙
  13. and visiting other people dojo is a good way of learning too, I like visiting pretty orbiters and dojos, the Arcanist featured dojo this month is very nice, especially the stunning hall 13.
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