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  1. None can beat excalibur umbra, first runner up is Nyx prime. I got a nyx prime cosplaying Alien, holy cow, everytime I brings her out, I can see people observing her. hahahaha but sadly barely have a chance to use Nyx prime 🦙
  2. and visiting other people dojo is a good way of learning too, I like visiting pretty orbiters and dojos, the Arcanist featured dojo this month is very nice, especially the stunning hall 13.
  3. ya it is painful yet tempting to start a new project, normally after I got an idea, then I draw the draft and start building the hall, it takes about 1 week to decorate a themed hall and few weeks or month to touch up here and there. It is better to draw a draft first, if not waste of time and resources. After you get it nicely designed, it is very satisfying but the process is painful haha but I still like to decorate whenever I have free time. You dont have to force yourself though, you can just decorate it bits by bits, no need to rush.
  4. PLS allow us to use K-drive and necramech in normal missions too!
  5. hmm did you happen to post in region chat or any other chats? I dont think your ad of WTB lich will get you suspended or is the ad very long that makes it looks like a spam message? I think you can cut out the details and only link to those who pm you. e.g. WTB pretty mask liches, paying well. PM for details.
  6. I am looking forward to using my mech and k-drive in every mission 🦙
  7. ya man, it doesn't even look like a prime frame at the first glance, heck even at 10th glance it still doesn't look like the prime version.
  8. including the little cloud ephemera
  9. oh man ya pls allow us to put any ephemera we have on our companions 🦙
  10. It was when rj was still a new thing though, I am not sure of the current state in rj now because I haven't played it for months since I have already maxed my intrinsics.
  11. It reminds me of the leechers I met in rj. Hiding in the slingshots so that no one can see him on minimap and some even cheaper, hide near the foundry and keep on refining when they occasionally wake up from their AFK. So not only they leech, they also wanna rob the resources. LOL if the repairman didn't inform me (because I am busy driving the ship), I will not find out how cheap some leechers can be.
  12. I doubt that because my pc is smooth with max settings, no framerate problem until the moment when we return to dojo so should not be the settings problem. And my friends said even if they play in different dojos, same things happen (with/ without me in the team) and we got SSD. Before this got no issues, that's what puzzle us but no problem, hopefully the next patch will fix it.
  13. is it very recent like this week? Before this, I have no issues too, only very recent it lags so hard after returning to dojo from completing mission.
  14. I like to visit pretty dojos, when it doesn't encourage players to play from dojos, we seldom have a chance to make use of dojos. Sometimes when trading, I see the seller has a pretty dojo but he gtg after trading so no time to have a proper tour in his dojo. If we can have more activities in the dojo, then it will become more lively and we can visit each other dojos. That will be cool.
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