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  1. yes it is the excal prime cant come back because its founder exclusive and is legally unable to come back due to a contract. no such issue with this ephemera
  2. sorry did you buy the ephemera with real money? no? then this argument is invalid.
  3. well with regards to your orbiter and railjack you can adjust the wear and tear in the customization menus. as far as skins go if you don't like them don't use them. also if you pay attention to the lore at all the orbiter and railjack were both left to rot for a long time be for we recovered them. also the lore tells us that this is a post space apocalypses setting(oldwar, fall of the orokin empire, etc) so it kind of is space fallout.
  4. my dream excalibur:
  5. you can shoot them like nully bubbles or you can launch your self at the crewship with the archwing slingshot and destroy the crewship.
  6. this + there is an avionic called particle ram that deals damage to everything in front of you in a cone that will damage crewships and fighters.
  7. the max is 60% but the highest ive gotten is 53%. solong as its in the 50+ range its amazing
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