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  1. not so much run away as bounce around randomly and sometimes get far enough away from their spawn that they despawn. there are some good vids on youtube for getting them to spawn.
  2. start a high level bounty. you don't need to do the bounty. the doma only spawns reliably at high levels
  3. 1. they are called rivens not ravens. 2. ivara is a great choice for any challenge for stealth. 3. garra is great for the defence target with no damage missions. 4. saryns 4 for killing the pilots before they hit the ground.
  4. in what universe does inaros need a buff? he's stupid strong as is.
  5. what about for pillage. if the enemy dies while still under its effect they release a secondary pillage?
  6. was it the exploiter or profit taker? they are very different.
  7. the impression i got was that the wrist blade was a tool specific to the empyrean missions for killing the kuva lich, and the console hack might just be the new hack animatio.n
  8. just got my nekros prime, morning after tenno con
  9. just got my nekros prime, morning after tenno con
  10. hi i've been getting frequent crashes in sanctuary onslaught and elite sanctuary onslaught. just had 3 in the last 20 minutes only when i'm in one of these 2 mission types. tile doesn't seem to mater.
  11. saryn(prime) is queen of dps
  12. somthing like this? ( chainslaghter from monster hunter 3)
  13. infested are long over due for some new units. since i started playing they got the jordas golem and lephantas clone from the boil.
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