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  1. ya its really more of a hood ornament.
  2. bath robe for the operator.
  3. what i would do is use inaros(just because he has a massive health pool) and use a single butcher in the simulacrum and then see how much energy you get after each hit. that should show definitively which one gets you more energy.
  4. /unstuck but seriously you trade in trade chat or maroos bazzar. this is time intensive. https://warframe.market/ can give you an idea for pricing. cetus and fortuna are not necessary to do the rest of the game but the zaws and kit guns are helpful. syndicates have all of the ability augment mods many of which are very helpful. dojo is basicly a guild or clan hall. going there lets you complete research for weapons and other items you cant get anywhere else (just join an established clan much easier) check out builds for your weapons and warframes on youtube. or just any information you need you can probably get it on youtube.
  5. for sleep arrow: night terrors - when enemies wake up they run away like with nekros terrify
  6. agreed. nothing on new frames is set in stone until they launch so any speculation for improvements is pointless.
  7. I know of 1 instance where a couple got married in game. DE gave them a unique dojo decoration to celebrate.
  8. do you have itzal? try teleporting
  9. i use the tomb finger alot. i like the catchmoon as well but the limited range is a problem for me. haven't tried the other 2 but kit guns like zaws tend to be some of the best in there categories.
  10. why would anyone chose these abilities over death by disco, damage buffs, damage reduction or any of the other far superior abilities on every other frame?
  11. inaros and gara are great tanks with good damage output
  12. i suppose i would have the extra allied links be additive not multiplicative. so 90% to 180% to 270% to 360% maybe cut the percent down to 70% instead of 90%
  13. this was mostly just a shower thought with no in-depth considerations.
  14. you do know you can get more slots right?
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