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  1. NullSaint

    So Sargus Ruk on the Sortie

    This. I had a weapon that normally does pretty well (a plasmor doing 23k radiation damage) and sometimes it would look like it was doing a chunk of damage to him, and other times it seemed to do nothing. Maybe the plasmor is a bad weapon for Ruk? The wiki suggest radiation, so that seemed like a good choice, but it was not very useful. I guess I'll try a sniper rifle next time.
  2. NullSaint

    Warframe PUBG PVP Mode?

  3. NullSaint

    Ease the Prime Farm - Solo Option

    Not to mention that if you can do it in pairs, you don't need this option. You can just do it with a group and get 4 chances.
  4. NullSaint

    Ease the Prime Farm - Solo Option

    I can't really see a downside to this right now. Sounds like a good plan, but I could be seeing the good side of it because it would help me immensely. EDIT: I think multi-relics should be limited to solo players, and maybe not 4 at a time. If people are opening too many relics, that will mess all kinds of things up--the secondary market, plat and PA/PV purchasing, etc. But even 2 relics for a solo player would help considerably. Or maybe 2 of the same relic only?
  5. NullSaint

    FPS view position change

    I agree, but in the meantime, you can move the chat window.
  6. NullSaint

    Suggestions about Riven mods

    Here ya go! 😄 Akjagara MR 10: Astilla MR9 Burston MR10 I don't have many, but the ones I do have kind of suck!
  7. NullSaint

    Suggestions about Riven mods

    Rivens can be lower than MR12. I have an MR9 Astilla riven and 2 MR10 (Akjagara and Burston).
  8. NullSaint

    Nyx and Rhino double pack complication!

    Who frowns on buying frames? That's just silliness. If you buy the Rhino prime pack you will get a second Rhino Prime frame (and slot, and I believe this Rhino has a potato as well). So you could sell one of your RhinoPs and free up a slot for something else in the future. There is no way to pass it on to someone else.
  9. NullSaint

    Justify the prices

    Here's the justification: That is what they want to charge. If you don't think it's worth that, then don't pay it. It's really a pretty straightforward proposition. EDIT: to answer the second part of your post, I think it's fine. I think it can be a little high sometimes but considering the number of people who play and pride themselves on not spending any money on the game (ie. freeloaders), DE has to make some money somehow. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on this game, but figure as long as I'm getting about 1 hr/dollar gameplay, then it's worth it. But different people have different resources, so each person has to decide if the price is appropriate for their situation.
  10. NullSaint

    Help with sybaris riven?

    I would reroll it. Mine is MR11, and have +127% impact, +129% Puncture, +37% recoil. Mine's not great, but you could probably do quite a bit better. (I'm on 10 cycles with this one as it is). As for prizes, I don't know.
  11. " you're telling me that you sell everything at a loss?" "Yep!" "How do you make money?" "We make up for it in volume!"
  12. This is the music room, mostly for Octavia parts, but also for the chance of a fully built forma. Press the button, then watch the pads light up. Then go stand on the pads in the same order, then go down the hallway that opens--grofit!
  13. It will likely be for a week. If it goes longer than that, create a ticket with support.
  14. NullSaint

    Tactical Alerts, where have they gone?

    I miss those too. I assume there is a reason for the lack of them (they might be a lot more work behind the scenes than it might seem), but wish they would return
  15. NullSaint

    PC Build for Warframe

    I can't really make specific recommendations, but I can tell you what I have that lets me run everything maxed, ranging from 60-200 fps: i7-6700K 4.0 GHz processor 16GB RAM Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB Logitech G602 mouse Logitech G13 keypad Obviously there are other parts involved (MB, PSU, case) but those are the key bits for playing, IMO. Hope this helps.