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  1. Rhino, Excal and Frost. All are reasonably tanky, are pretty straightforward to play, are useful later, and will let the new player focus on the dozens of other systems without trying to work out a complex frame.
  2. NullSaint

    PC Baro Rotation

    It's new. You can see it here.
  3. NullSaint

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    Agreed. For a while last night, I kept thinking I was infecting myself.
  4. NullSaint

    Need help with $earnings

    As Gnarls said, will give you an idea of prices. I think you can go to Gamestop and buy a steam card that you can then use to buy plat, if you are so inclined.
  5. NullSaint

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    That looks like a ton of work. Thank you DE!
  6. NullSaint

    Where is update 22.20.0?!

    I'm so confused.
  7. NullSaint

    Operator Changes?

    No. Onkko is the guy in the Quills hut. Konzu is the lunch-eater who gives out quests. I do not believe they are related, but they were once friends.
  8. NullSaint

    Operator Changes?

    Someone should tell Lotus. Also, Onkko doesn't give bounties. That's Konzu.
  9. NullSaint

    Will Conclave EVER be a thing?

    It will never be a thing for me. I have never understood the desire to shoehorn PvP into every damn game or activity, no matter how out-of-place. If you want to play PvP, go play it where it is there by design and is balanced. God knows there are about a million out right now.
  10. NullSaint

    75% Sale Drop Rate?

    I'm coming up on 350 days and I've never seen a 75% discount. Not that that has stopped me....
  11. NullSaint

    Can't rank-up Pilfering Swarm

    Maybe try to find it from the Mods station in your orbiter?
  12. NullSaint

    TennoGen Round 13 Deadline

    More Graxx! I want it! You give it!
  13. NullSaint

    Hephaestus the Weapon Smith.

    Shouldn't he be named "Hephalon"?
  14. NullSaint

    is DE against long runs?

    IMO, yes. And I'm good with that. They don't try to stop you from doing longer runs, but they aren't going to encourage it.
  15. NullSaint

    Upgraded Variants

    No matter what you are doing, there will always be the danger that a better thing might be coming along. You can't live your life afraid of that. Dance. Laugh. Potato like tomorrow may never come.