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  1. NullSaint

    3 headshots with aim and glide on a shotgun riven

    Someone mentioned this for a different riven, but I'd say it's worth a try:fire a shotgun at a teralyst's head while aimgliding and get all 3 hits at once. Not sure if "headshots" require kills, but I don't think so.
  3. Well, first, DE is producing the majority of the content. You know--the quests, the maps, the models, the stories...basically everything other than TennoGen skins. Second, the people taking part in TennoGen do so of their own free will. No one has forced them to do it. No one has tricked them. They wanted to do it, and so they did. So you think they shouldn't be allowed to do that?
  4. So you just want DE to make more skins, at least in part because you don't want to use Steam? Ok. Good luck.
  5. They don't have time for that. You know that TennoGen skins are created by players, right? That's why it's called "Tenno Gen(erated)".
  6. Where would that come from?
  7. NullSaint

    Limbo Prime has Arrived!

    I still think the picture was bigger (although I don't think it was really attached to Limbo in the picture on the site). The ad picture makes it look like it hangs as low as or lower than his coattails. This might have been a mistake by the person making the graphic, but that's really what I expected looking at the site. (Full disclosure: I have not bought this yet, so I don't have first-hand experience in the game with it.)
  8. NullSaint

    Limbo Prime has Arrived!

    Hooray! 💓💖 (Also--Danielle noticed me!! 😂)
  9. NullSaint

    Limbo Prime has Arrived!

    I know you guys are really busy, @[DE]Danielle, but is there any talk of getting that syandana sized correctly in the future?
  10. NullSaint

    Nidus Prime

    The right side of Valkyr's head is the same color and general shape as Gersemi. I put down the minor differences there to DE's evolution more than anything in the lore.
  11. NullSaint

    Nidus Prime

    Keep in mind I am not asserting that I am right, just working it out. I think that Alad V had to have experimented on a/the Gersemi because part of her helmet is still on post-Alad V Valkyr. But honestly I thought the boxes on Valkyr's wrists were from him too, and they are on the Prime, so...
  12. NullSaint

    Nidus Prime

    You're right. I had not watched the ValkyrP video, so I expected the Prime to be similar to regular. Based on that (and what you are saying) I think it was Prime->Gersemi->Alad V->Valkyr.
  13. NullSaint

    Nidus Prime

    I still don't see lore-wise how they'll make a NidusP. I mean, he came after the collapse of the Orokin, didn't he? Although, I suppose ValkyrP should have been GersimisP (sp?)