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  1. Exactly--once you get up there, the difference between rank 0 and rank 30 weapons is minor. As a thought--perhaps you should take 1 rank 0 weapon and two rank 30 weapons so you can, you know, contribute on Hydron instead of just sitting in the center of hoping other people kill things as fast as possible while you soak xp?
  2. Ah yeah, that makes sense. I like my idea better, though 😞
  3. If they caused the negative rep, wouldn't that mean they would lower your standing with all syndicates? So I'm guessing they don't. It does seem, with these tokens, it would be possible (through enough disruption) to raise all 6 to max at once...
  4. Yep! If you run the alerts, you'll get another copy of the weapon. You can sell it and you've got a free slot.
  5. Damn, I can't even believe people complaining about free stuff. Just unreal. That Liset skin looks great! And what--3 free weapon slots? Nice!
  6. Same. I just did 22 in one run, and I'm still stuck on 5. 😞
  7. Two questions: It's weird when you get melee weapon bonuses for arbitrations because it's really hard to hit those floating shield guys. Any thoughts about changing this? (Making them float lower, or decreasing the occurrence of Melee bonuses? How will weapon use due to arbitrations impact disposition?
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