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  1. Perdona mi Google espanol. 116/5000 Si usa el mod en Panthera Prime, es posible que no le dé la misma bonificación porque Panthera y Prime son diferentes.
  2. Well heck, I had not even noticed that. Now, of course, I will see it all the time. Maybe we can tweet at Geoff and get it working.
  3. Not sure if this is the correct forum, but... I want to cut a couple of videos from the ones released by DE, but I can't find anywhere to download them. I have the fansite kit from a few years ago which I think has some, but it doesn't have anything new, of course. If there somewhere to download these, or do they have to be pried out of YouTube?
  4. Thanks, DE :) I'd still like the Railjack stuff to be reduced further, but at least now there are other options. Very much appreciated. Also, Deimos has been my favorite update since I started playing in 2015. :)
  5. I do not avoid that. Likewise, as someone who trades rarely, I usually list my items that way because I want to put it up for sale and get it sold ASAP so I can go back to playing instead of sitting in my dojo. I'm happy to take a loss to get it over with (I don't like trading). I don't see why someone would intentionally pay more for something than necessary.
  6. I agree, but (as a fellow Vorthos Tenno) imagine that it's not really the digits or the information that produces bile, but rather the chips or circuits that holds them.
  7. Before the hotfix I could see my platinum and credits as normal. Now, I can't see either. Edit: It makes me sad 😢
  8. If you get salty about timed exclusivity, this is really not the game for you. The entire game is based on timed exclusivity. While I do think it's odd that they wouldn't sell them up until the 7th, it's not like it was a secret. They've been advertising for months, talking about it in streams. If people assumed that it would be available until the 7th, that's on them. And if people couldn't afford it until the magical few days between the 3rd and the 7th, well--that's life. I didn't know about the game at all when it was selling founders packs. So it goes.
  9. Which macros? Actual in-game macros? Those would be multiple button-presses pre-programmed to execute with a single press of a button. I think some PS4 controllers can do that. Lots of things can do that on PC. But "macro" is also a name the young'uns use for memes, basically. Just an image with text imposed over it. Also, macro can mean a larger collection of things (such as "macronutrients"). I'm going to guess, however, that the one you want is either the first or the second.
  10. I agree. i know I would be be a LOT more likely to make purchases if I didn't have to buy things twice. One of the greatest things I found on Amazon was when they started giving you discounts on digital albums if you've already purchased some of the songs.
  11. I have never seen that issue once in 1200 hours of gameplay.
  12. Welcome, Tenno. Feel free to message me if you have questions or need help. I'm not the greatest player, but I'll give it the old Zariman try!
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