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  1. First things first, i am okay with riven disposition changes. It shpould be more recent, if any. BUT i have some issues. Before the issues, i have to say, i have nearly 60 riven, some just for my favourite weapons, some for powercreep for meta weapons, some for make weaker weapons i like to make them shine. So i have all kinds. Some got nerfet, some got buffed, it is okay. For those, who cry about their investment...yeah, i invested too, so? We know, that sometimes dispositions will change, cause these how rivens are. Was it in elegant way? No. Was it cruel and uncalled for? Hell no. Rivens were made to make weapons more banaced. So they need to balance them more recently, not leave them untouched. Just next time maybe do it as a SYSTEM, when people can SEE the when and why cahnge come. So what are my issues? 1. How the changes were made. Nobody told that it will come. Said nothing about, how recent changes will be. Maybe will ill have to wait another year, or two? Or will it be more recent? to react to the changes in usage, that new wepons make and disposition increase/decrease now start? No information. Just sudden changes and who now when next. That is not elegant. 2. The quoted part down above. It is not justice, and cannot be justified. And i say that as an owner iof TWO Detron rivens. It can be said about many weapons (but at least SOME OTHERS) that this or that riven stat really matters for the build. For example Strun is a pellet shotgun too, and i am suro of it, not one people use rivens to tweak the build's status chances. But it got nerfed. SO, how is justice in that? (TBH i have a Strun riven too, that i bought recent, but luckily, the changes does not destroys my build). Or some build maybe reach orange or red crits with that riven, and got nerfed. The justice of the riven desposition system does not work, if u take out special snowflake weapons, that "oh we dont nerf this, bc pople would be upset about their builds". So all in all, it not works, if u take out 1-2-3 weapons and make them special, and take out of the balance.It is a VARY bad message.
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