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  1. And what is exactly the problem with put corrosive in your builds? i mean, if you know corrosive is effective against armored enemies why don't use it?
  2. Fix magus repair arcane pleace 😞
  3. Reach rank 30 in 440 weapons/warframes/companions in just 99 days is rush
  4. At this point i think that DE don't gonna do more prime trailers, they are too busy with all the open world things since a year
  5. Liset prime and Saita prime in Valkyr's vault PLEASE or at last Edo prime set
  6. Would be much better if show everything instead of only the warframe and aura, there is enough space
  7. 15h is just a little more of the usual 12h to craft a weapon, stop complaining for everything :/
  8. Alguien sabe como se consigue el glifo de MC Moneky? antes los ponía en la descripción de sus vídeos de youtube pero hace meses dejo de hacerlo y nunca puse conseguir uno :'c https://twitter.com/monkeys_mc/with_replies https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwqh-6pDdE6pfhzaW6sHsZQ
  9. https://www.warframe.com/news/prime-vault-unsealed-4 The last year targis come with mag and now with nyx, i can't see why keep coming instead of others sets like edo
  10. why come always targis prime and not another armor set? 😞
  11. 2 hours pass right now and still can't update :C
  12. I can't update, it fail Someone know a solution? :c
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