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  1. Remember the first 5 pages being filled out in an hour? come on people what happened? (Edit: ok fine 2 hours from 1 to 3 but still)
  2. From what this says it means this week is U16 focused. So either the end of this week, or early next week by the 26th the latest.
  3. The only frame i payed for was Excal Prime XD other than that i farmed them. Still need to get loki, nova, hm what other primes am i missing? is it really only those two? 0.0 i need to check now...
  4. So how many people are going to whine about Chroma and then buy him instantly with plat anyways?
  5. In Dark Sector defense on Ceres, there is a random grineer word floating off a ledge....what does it say?
  6. Also I am the only one who's reading Snydrex's posts with Morgan Freeman's voice because of his different text? Edit: 25 to go!
  7. So.....anyone else somewhat sad they are removing frost prime and his load out? They added him within the month I started playing....Its kinda sad to see him go.
  8. *sob* update 12, downloaded.....type in password and......can not connect to server, internet timeout. T.T
  9. *sobs* flux, synapse.......... Edit: oh wait, changed how it works slightly. Not a nerf, ok XD thanks DE!
  10. funny, the corpus call US the betrayers.
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