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  1. To implement weapons that you have to forma 5 times to get the mastery points out of it is still naughty in an bad way. And no, I cant skip it because Mastery is my personal endgame. My consequence was to generally stop playing because this is an objective is not reachable without an Burnout
  2. I absolutely say no to kicking systems. I had this in Destiny years ago. Sometimes I was kicked at the end of a long mission to bring in a friend of the other three Players to give him the loot.
  3. ThX but do I have to rebuild everything including the waiting times for Railjack?
  4. Did not noticed this - I'm really concerned how DE did so many easy things wrong. These are nearly the pre-Cetus figures. All these players lost ;(
  5. Hi. I totally want to redesign the dojo. But how can I do this. My fear is that I loose importend things like Blueprints or the Drydock. Even when I can rebuilt it - I not want wait 5 days again.
  6. You can feel the lower player numbers every day now. For the 2 last added parts (Kuva Lich & Railjack) I dont even find public groups. I cannot remember that this ever was the case. I'm concerned!
  7. One big positive point in the past of Warframe was always the instant match-making. I tried recruiting only once and after 10 minutes I gave up.
  8. Hello. I can solo veil but this is slow and boring for me. I want to play with randoms and have good experiences with it. My problem is that I cannot find other players when I want to use my own Railjack. I switch between the regions but there are no other players. So I cannot play and this is frustrating. I dont want to use recruiting chat because in all other activities in Warframe (beside Kuva Lich) I find players instantly. I really like RJ but I dont think that its an success when you even dont find players anymore.
  9. This is normal. I could play on PC since the beginning without problems. For writing this I was called a liar, an idiot and DE Fanboy. I love Railjack and still ply it a lo. I trust De that they will devliver the content step-by-step.
  10. I agreed that its sometimes difficult to find other players. Same is for the Lich hunt. So - suprise, suprise - both updates seems to be not popular enough.
  11. Do want you announced and leave. Or do you only want attention?
  12. I'm a kind of solo player. I play with randoms all the time and it works very well in Railjack
  13. Hi. If you want to leave WF - I'll support it - but do it quitly please!
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