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  1. I think the Revin mods need to have "blacklist", which certain weapons cannot use the Riven. For example, Dread, Boltor Prime, Tonkor and etc. These overpowered weapons by themselves are already powerful with regular mods, but giving them with more powerful mods on top of their ready existing stats, it's just insane in my opinion. Also, I felt like allowing these new mods to be tradeable in the beginning was a bad move. People have already forked over lots of plat to get their ideal mod. Just ripping them out of their hands will just cause salt, when change happens. Lots of salt...
  2. Ibro156

    Nekros Prime Access is Here!

    Need to get before she's gone. Well, that's helpfulness
  3. Ibro156

    Nekros Prime Access is Here!

    Is it Volt P next one to be gone?
  4. That why I wait at least 24 hours after a big update. I did it with Second Dream, Natah and Sand of Intros, they all went smoothly. A of bit patience is worth
  5. Ibro156

    Devstream #77 Overview.

    It's coming. Hopefully with Ash rework >.>
  6. Ibro156

    Last Post Wins

    Yah, it dosen't. This thread had long and usually life. Put it to sleep
  7. Ibro156

    Coming Soon: Devstream #77!

    @[DE]Rebecca I know I shouldn't I have done that (sorry) but I want to see Archwing to succeed Quest to whoever is in charge of Archwing: Will Archwing become more integrated more into the game? For example, during the final mission of the Archwing Quest, we had to use Archwing to get to the safe zone for extraction. Will ever be integrated like that?
  8. Ibro156

    Status Thread: Specters of the Rail (SotR)

    How did this guy find it?
  9. Every going to consider adding an option that allows the player to remove Region Chat. Seeing how we already can block recruitment, clan and trading chats...
  10. "Void Tears" Why do I feel like that's a pun? xD
  11. Ibro156

    Darn it youtube!

    Well, yeah. Youtube was just cleaning up some inactive accounts.
  12. Ibro156

    Arabic Text Translation

    I don't see why not but it really depends if DE has anyone on their staff that knows Arabic. I was raised with Arabic but I really never needed it. I've seen people who tried to use google translator but it tends to be off of sometimes and making no sense. So yah...
  13. Ibro156

    PC Hotfix Deploy Plans & More!

    Okay. Thanks!