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  1. Nah. Got to disagree with you. We be doing in what they've been "trying" to say to us in the thread. It's DE work they can do what ever they want. Anyway, I like those frames, even tho there a bit odd in terms of appearance :C
  2. Of your joking then why? But if your being serious it would be cool to see an culture Warframe. Top of my head right now. I would say Nova
  3. To be honest, I've been thinking about her kit ever since people commenting on both sides. Role: CC Tank (Which I mean she gains the enemies attention) Ability 1: Grabs an enemy and throws it towards any direction. Hitting any makes a knocks them down. Ability 2: ??? Don't know what put in here Ability 3: She punches the ground. Gaining every enemy attention within certain area. Like a traditional MMORPG Tank. Ability 4: She starts to grow in sizes. Increased health when activated. When damaged it is converted to armour she would have. Streamed energy cost.
  4. You know funny thing is. There a concept frame called Typhs, honestly I like he design. Cool kit, nice theme and looks cool. But I was simply suggesting that DE could use a bit more body types. Yet, people on Typhs pretty much have tried to pressure DE into doing it. Even then, they bashed Chroma the Seahorse Chroma helm. Wouldn't you say that's even worse then what am doing. @Eureka.seveN I think your going off topic now. If you have something to say; please keep it on topic.
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