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  1. I don't get it. Are the DE devs blind or was this actually intended?

    They've been buffing this thing non-stop, but they still haven't noticed that the missiles shot from this weapon STILL don't explode on contact? What is the point of adding punch through to a missile launcher? Oh sure you can shoot high velocity missiles. But the EXPLOSION WILL NEVER HIT THEM. It will happen about 300 meters BEHIND them. It's almost like there's just no explosion at all. They tweak the explosion radius, and make it so that it actually does an aoe affect.... but the explosion is still going to miss 100% of the time because the shot will GO RIGHT THROUGH THE ENEMY!

    Yes, I'm salty as F***. This is like, what, the 4th post I've made about this weapon, and they still haven't done anything about it? Nobody likes using this thing because the explosions never even happen where they are expected to.

  2. I'll test after the hotfix

    Nope, the punch-through is completely removed. Thank god!


    No need to be a party pooper. Some people still like playing Archwing, despite the lack of content.

    What a lie. Punch through hasn't been removed. I'm testing it as I'm posting this. It's still just a soda can launcher. 

    Explosions still don't happen on contact with enemy, just watch closely. You'll see a spark fly off them when you hit them, sure. But if you pay attention to the background, you'll notice the missile just flew right through them and exploded about 300 meters behind them. 

    I can confirm, punch through has NOT been removed.

  3. Okay, I understand they buffed the grattler in the latest hotfix, giving it puncture damage, making sure the explosions actually hurt the enemies... but what I don't understand is why there is punch-through on this weapon?

    Imean, unless you're always shooting at enemies from a fixed distance, the missles will just pass through the enemies and not explode at all, completely killing the point of this weapon.

    If you look closely when firing at an enemy right infront of you, you'll notice the explosion happen about 100 meters BEHIND them. That's because the missile just passed right through them. 

    Hell, just line some enemies up, and watch as the missile passes through all of them. Sure, it damages them, but that's not the point of this weapon. The missiles are supposed to explode on CONTACT with the enemy, giving it AOE damage to a certain degree. But since the explosion is going to miss 90% of the time, there's no point in buying this weapon.

    I refuse to use it untill this fix this issue, as I believe this was not intended at all.


  4. There is no point in the Grattler anyway. It has a slow firerate, like the Velocitus, and they gave it bloody MAGNETIC damage, for EXPLOSIVE shells.... again, the same problem the Velocitus has.

    Magnetic is the worst damage type, and so they put it on weapons that makes no sense. An EXPLOSIVE cannon, should have BLAST damage, not MAGNETIC, as it has NOTHING to do with magnetism whatsoever.

    The Velocitus had to be buffed FOUR times to be anywhere near worthwhile, and even now, it's still completely overshadowed by the Imperitus, the stock, and best Archwing gun. Most Archwing guns are garbage, the only decent ones are Imperitus and Fluctus.

    Well I appreciate the opinion, but this isn't about it being a terrible gun. I don't know if punch through was intended or not, but if it was then it's a horrible idea. I'd personally love the weapon if it would just make the explosions work on contact with enemies, so it does the actual AOE that it's promising to give off.

  5. Why exactly does the grattler have punch through? The rockets don't explode on contact with any enemies, and it completely kills the point of even buying it. They will explode at the 250 meter limit, but never when in contact with enemies. It's literally just a wanna-be version of a bolto with it's syndicate augment. Only the explosion will miss 100% of the time because it happens about 200 meters behind the enemy you shot at.

  6. I went into arch-wing missions with the new arch-gun, the grattler.
    I noticed that the projectiles fired from it DON'T explode when they come into contact with any enemy at all. Infact they just pass right through them, they deal damage, but proceed to only explode at the 250 meter limit. Kind of disapointed right now, I just spent my plat for an explosive weapon. Only the explosion will miss 100% of the time and it becomes a wanna-be bolto.

    Who: Any frame
    Loadout: Elytron Archwing, Grattler, Centaur
    Planet: Every arch-wing mission available.

    Bug can be easily reproduced by just firing the weapon at any enemy, and watching as the explosion goes off about 200 meters BEHIND them. 

    This weapon has punch through like no tomorrow, and it completely kills the point of it.

  7. This has been going on for QUITE a while now. Max energy and my carrier still tries to pick up energy, leaving the pick up sound to just repeat and you're followed by orbs until you use an ability.-Very annoying- as you cant get away from the orbs no matter how fast you are or how nimble. I have a feeling Primed Flow is to blame for this issue. Just having an abnormal amount of energy,

    As a temporary solution, try the new kubro out. :3

  8. So I started an alert and then got stuck in the ship loading screen. I could hear that the others entered the game and that they moved but I never got moved out of the ship loading screen,

    I used windows task manager to shut down Warframe after a wait. But when I entered the mission did not ask me to repeat or join up with the squad and I could not start a new mission cause the time ran out.


    R.I.P Vigor mod I will get next time... I hope

    Should probably tone down some of your graphics if that happens. Could just be a bug. Happens every once in a blue moon for me. As for rejoining, that only happens if the game crashes on you. Also, vigor is a super easy nightmare mod to get. Seriously, go run the lowest level nightmare mission you can find, and I guarantee you'll get vigor 75% of the time.

  9. To anyone who uses the grattler, the new arch-gun, you'll notice that the projectiles fired from it DON'T explode when they come into contact with any enemy at all. Infact they just pass right through them, and proceed to explode at the 250 meter limit. Kind of disapointed right now, I just spent my plat for an explosive weapon. Only the explosion will miss 100% of the time and it becomes a wanna-be bolto. 

    Basically, the missles have a built in punch-through feature, which completely kills the point of them.

  10. At which point DE said "We better fix that."


    And nullifiers in Survivals had their sniper rifles removed, then replaced with modified Amprexes with guanteed Magnetic procs on the chain from the initial hit.


    Grouping into a tight ball suddenly becomes a very bad idea.  The forums scream with rage.  Youtube survival runs cease to exist.  The game designers laugh.

    And the a volt or frost walk in and save the day by having everyone backed into a wall protected by a huge line of shielding.

  11. Repelling Bastille. I hardly see vauban's using it. I usually bring it into the void with maxed out range. Since enemies tend to pile up on certain areas of cover, and the dreaded moas and ancients tend to storm troop their way to the pod, enemies are now blocked from cover, knocked on their asses as they try to enter said area, and suspended in place if there is any room in the stasis field. Hell they end up spending even more time just running to that same spot for cover over and over, or trying to bum rush the pod, then actually shooting you because that's how their AI is built to fight in those maps. And you essentially just eliminated 3 enemies from the game when the field is up, since they will be nowhere near you or your team mates to be able to damage you and knock you around. (The third being the corrupted butcher.)

  12. Well to start off, you literally took nyx, ash, mag, and oberon and mashed them into one frame. Just with a different theme.
    The terminators and decepticons used primarily guns.  Which is kind of what we already do.

    Sorry, but there's literally nothing unique about this warframe, other then he just uses pieces of his own body to perform abilities.

  13. For real.
    Saryn: 4 to win
    Ash: 4 to win
    Nova: Do I even need to comment for this frame?
    Mirage: 134 to have a @(*()$ DPS party.
    Loki: god mode and nyx wannabe
    Chroma: 3 to gain the biggest damage/armor buff in the game for your frame and all your weapons.

    And people complain about exalted blade. It's an interactable ability (UNLIKE MOST 4 FRAMES) that can multi hit targets (LIKE MOST 4 FRAMES) and requires the use of AIMING. They are slow waves that are easily dodged by most enemies. In-fact it literally does the same thing every gun does in the game, with the only difference of the waves having a sluggish travel time, and being amped up by melee mods and radial blind. People will run around with weapons such as the boltor prime, amprex, all the extremely powerful weapons capable of hitting more then one enemy, yet nobody calls for nerfs on them.

  14. Grineer are quite a confusing race. They are against the corpus, yet they cut deals with them all the time, trading for supplies and demanding stuff from them, at the same time constantly going to war with them over certain areas on different planets. They call the tenno betrayers, yet from some of the lore in the codex's, they also betrayed the orokin, sawing one of them in the back when they were being attacked by the infested (You can read this on the eviscerator's lore) But they also hunt down tenno pods so that they may destroy, or keep them for further research. They are also quite generous when it comes to thanking the tenno for aiding them in their war against the corpus saying "We have seen your efforts, and will see to it that you are rewarded." 

    It's like the grineer really don't know what they want. They want to be fashionistas (Tyl regor) genocide maniacs (Vay hek) agressive scientists (Vor) and a religious group (Sargus Ruk) etc.

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