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  1. For real.
    Saryn: 4 to win
    Ash: 4 to win
    Nova: Do I even need to comment for this frame?
    Mirage: 134 to have a @(*()$ DPS party.
    Loki: god mode and nyx wannabe
    Chroma: 3 to gain the biggest damage/armor buff in the game for your frame and all your weapons.

    And people complain about exalted blade. It's an interactable ability (UNLIKE MOST 4 FRAMES) that can multi hit targets (LIKE MOST 4 FRAMES) and requires the use of AIMING. They are slow waves that are easily dodged by most enemies. In-fact it literally does the same thing every gun does in the game, with the only difference of the waves having a sluggish travel time, and being amped up by melee mods and radial blind. People will run around with weapons such as the boltor prime, amprex, all the extremely powerful weapons capable of hitting more then one enemy, yet nobody calls for nerfs on them.

  2. Some reason, I think it being update 16.10 indicates something went wrong or something wasn't finished for U17. I mean its understandable since it fixes some issues that need tending.

    Alot of things have gone wrong over the past few updates. lol Excals rework has been bugged out ever since release, and with each patch, they swear on their lives they fixed it, but it's still pretty buggy at the moment. All I want them to do now is to just make the dang exalted blade energy waves skill work with both base damage mods, and elemental mods. It only works with elementals at the moment. :l

  3. Dev is actively working as fast as possible to resolve this - we know what the issue is and are equipping all Mods to resolve as fast as humanly possible. Thank you and apologies!


    They are equipping all the mods guys. They will have over 9999 damages, crit chance, and attack speeds.

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