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  1. After careful thought and replaying with Itzal I have figured out a new solution towards the problem caused by limiting the itzal blink to 3s Previously Itzal was able to sustain high level combat due to its ability to evade fire, but this new change makes it so Itzal is unable to sustain itself through mobility due to the new cooldown vulnerability. As a result, I have thought of 3 possible solutions to balance out the new problems, now that Itzal is reliant on waiting 3s before dodging subsequent fire. Add percent damage reduction to Itzal's Drones. This is a timed ability and will allow Itzal to sustain itself during downtimes, allowing it to take more hits while stationary if it has the energy as well as making it less reliant on it's invisibility. Enable Itzal to have personal invisibility while moving but team invisibility while stationary. This allows you to stay mobile and prevents getting destroyed at higher levels due to blind shots and explosions. Add invincibility to the cooldown phase of the blink. increasing cost for consecutive uses. This allows Itzal to dodge any fire at the end of the blink, while also making it increasingly costly to maintain the invincibility. On the other side you can also remove the cooldown altogether, eliminating the sustainability problem from Itzal altogether. Personally, I would prefer the first two options as it opens more possibilities for Itzal but I wanted to keep the options open in case a more minimal approach was wanted. Thank you for reading.
  2. Please reconsider this ability. The Itzal already has a gap closer and an enemy pull ability. We need an ability that synergizes with stealth.
  3. Can we please remove the system of balancing weapons off of popularity? This system makes average weapons suffer because people like to use them. This just leads to people not enjoying their favorite weapons when the bandwagon hops on and destroys their stats.
  4. This looks like it could be a problem. Now instead of getting forced into a lich for carelessly slaughtering everything, the system punishes those who want a lich, locking the mercy kill to someone who may not want one. Side Note: Wasn't part of the lore that they weren't completely killed? The mercy kill would destroy them before they became a lich.
  5. Hey! It looks like we have some problems with ranged melee weapons. It takes many more combo rotations to kill an enemy with glaives and gunblades than standard weapons. This is even with a riven added. Exodia Contagion must be re-equipped in order to work in mission. P.S. Exodia Contagion also has a significant delay before projectiles spawning.
  6. I knew Intermission was on it's way and I was excited, now I'm a bit disappointed. The exclusive rewards are back with less effort and my morale to grind Nightwave has diminished as the work to grind it the first time was rendered irrelevant. I guess now is a good time to take a break and recoup my losses in Intermission 3 😞
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