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  1. I provided full video proof that I watched it and they wouldn't give me the ephemera... I don't think they will.
  2. Take a step back a second. Swap gears from invincibility to utility. What use is the activate if it doesn't multiply enemy damage received. The eHP of enemies is ridiculous compared to the damage they deal. Without the multiplication so that this ability can actually one-shot enemies in a reasonable time frame, this activate ability is useless. It's not a useful activate if I can only use it once (safely) every 30-45s. If they want this Wukong rework to be good, more needs to be done. Defy has the potential to make his kit, but at this point I could just use other frames. If I wanted to be effective with his kit. An added ally: To boost damage: Mirage To take agro: Umbra, Revenant To attack a target: Khora. To assist: A specter. (super cheap mind you, and Wukong is Clan-Tech) Invulnerable Movement For Reposition: Wisp - Invisible movement and willo Limbo - Invulnerable state and CC Baruuk - Untouchable and disarms To Daze: Revenant - Reave General Invulnerability: Rhino - Iron Skin builds Inaros - Mass tankiness and CC Hildryn - Shieldgating with regeneration. Nyx - Assmiliate Destroyer Baruuk - Literally untouchable with CC Exalted Weapon: Excalibur - ranged melee with a stun Baruuk - wallhack fists and aoe
  3. If that's the case then it's just a bad splinter storm that you can only deal damage with once. This won't make him more active as we already have better options. Why wouldn't I just use Nyx which offers much more to teamplay? If they want him to be more active, there needs to be a reason to use the perk that doesn't take forever to charge.
  4. I see a bit of a problem here. The damage dealt by enemies is ridiculously small compared to the damage our weapons do. Being only based on enemy attacks, I feel like this ability will be worse than a typical slide attack. Is it possible to add a multiplier to received damage in order to make it viable?
  5. When will a fix be added to drop resurgence that you do not want?
  6. From my personal observations, this sort of ticket will take a while. Be patient and do not submit a duplicate ticket or it will take longer.
  7. I'm sorry but I don't see where this helps solve the problem that the Guides of the Lotus aimed to solve. It looks like it has been replaced by a system of greed instead of love. The Guides didn't do the job for accolades, they did it purely to help their fellow Tenno, and this system seems to promote "farming deeds" for personal gain. On top of that, it doesn't solve any visibility problems, making it so it will still be hard, if not harder, to find someone that can help you. On this path, it looks like the legacy is being torn apart by a system that doesn't even embody the spirit of the previous system. Coming from someone who would have loved to be part of the program, this new system does nothing to help me get to the people I want to help. I know it's still in the works, but the focus looks to be on the wrong path.
  8. @[DE]Megan Hey, it seems one of the past changes broke Hildryn's balefire. She can no longer activate the ability while in Aegis Storm. This requires you to activate Balefire prior to using her Aegis Storm.
  9. 5 Animation ideas 🙂 The MOA will crouch down to it's lowest point, it's head will look up, and start shooting projectiles in air like fireworks. When enemies have started the alarm, the MOA will start screeching and running in circles in a panic. When no weapon is equipped, the MOA starts fake shooting at everything like your "baby brother" and occasionally looks back at you. When you stare at the MOA it will chirp and tilt its head at you. It wiggles its body and taunts unalerted enemies like one of those "neener neener" moments.
  10. It only has one job. Outside of that, it isn't used much. There are also new hard enemies coming out. Having your weapon for that content nerfed to the ground after investment would suck a lot.
  11. The problem was always a mesh issue. When they remove the stats of weapons from the mesh of the item, then we can have skins on everything.
  12. Likely could be a skin in the next primed access.
  13. Please let it be retroactive. I would love to swap out a lot of my less desireable rewards for milestones that I would rather have.
  14. My Questions: What will happen to channeling mods? What will happen to combo counter mods? Will slower weapons ramp up combo at the same rate as faster weapons? (attack speed -> average hits per minute) Will weapon combos be changed mechanically? Will weapon combos deal more or about the same damage? Do I have to combo to use my weapons efficiently? If it flops, will you revert back or go to melee 3.5? Are we adding new mods with the rework?
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