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  1. I struggle to think what my 7 forma maxed out ogris will do with mirage using it.
  2. its completely random, i too have a raska, ill probably try to breed a sunika if i can.
  3. are there any videos explaining this? id really like to research her before actually getting.
  4. In the hands of skilled players this frame is like me giving you the master sword.
  5. yeah its quite straight forward to obtain her to be honest, im just too lazy to run the mission.
  6. because if this is the case then i don't want to farm this frame & if im not mistaken consistent 5m crits its quite over powered. but what does everyone else think?
  7. Colour an ether sword iceblue and mod it for ice damage. Sorted.
  8. Budweiser is my kubrows name, also have a kubrow called snowfoot
  9. Its called a damn freeze ray :( and i want it!
  10. I didn't really like valkyr til now but now shes like samus :D
  11. yet there is still an offline segment where the kubrow thing should be. help lol?
  12. i just need information on what to do/where to farm. would really appreciate it ^^
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