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  1. Another round of "update failed". Thanks for the next hour of bullS#&$ trying to get this launcher to actually do anything. Really appreciate it.
  2. Every update highlights how little you care about actually addressing issues in your game, or even making your launcher function. Hyped for destiny 2 being back in bungies hands though.
  3. Another 2 hours of checking for new content followed by update failed. Yippee. Oh hey the "get logs" button? The one your support team asks me to press? Crashes the launcher. Thanks a bunch. Changes sound nice. Physique is obviously scaling of lvl 30 health, right?
  4. Yo. Statements like this highlight you aren't dropping something and leaving it. Good job. Might buy plat again one of these days.
  5. Every update makes your launcher utterly fail. Restarts, enabling and disabling all options, check the windows updates, fiddle with compatibility settings, all of the bullS#&$ every time. Why does this keep happening? Why is it that nothing works first time? Why do I need to do this 30 times, every time? Why are there hundreds of topics online where eventually the launcher remembers that people are trying to LAUNCH THE DAMN GAME... so no real solution is ever found? Why do you hate people playing this game? Why the f- oh here we go its working now. Eat a big bag of phalli, person who designed this launcher. You. Suck.
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