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  1. Great example in WF how not to do it, when you get abysmal K-drive standing from the timed runs on Orb Valis. Instead everyone done the back and forth on a pipe doing tricks in air and then complaining how it's a boring grind. Making the main standing gain source from the tracks, adding interesting, even daily challenges into it for bonus standing, could solved it or at least lighten this problem. But they done too little too late.
  2. Ugh. Nerfing Cryophon into the ground was uncalled when killing one fighter in Veil is already slow. But after Itzal I am not surprised anymore. You should think over what you want with Railjack. A fast paced shooter, closer to a shoot-em-up or a slow paced, almost space sim or RTS like space game, which is the exact opposite what the original Warframe groundplay is and wont resonate well with the playerbase. Make the fighters super easy to kill with good guns, but double the spawn. Let the bigger, fewer ships be the bulletsponges only.
  3. I see, normally the partnership states that you have to do regular content for WF or you lose that extra. DE probably being a bit sloppy kicking out those who did not play wf for a long period of time.
  4. I watched a wf partnered streamer building all the parts of the railjack on the rising tide update and in this update researching/repairing the components they got as loot from missions as there was nothing extra added for streamers. No uber items. I don't know what you are speaking of.
  5. This is more like a future skill request for tactical, engineer or maybe pilot. It would be nice if there were a "scan for materials" that pings the area around you in X meters for loot and highlights everything for the group, so you don't miss items that are just faintly visible. It can be also a passive.
  6. The problem I got here is with the archwings being like paper except Amesha but even with that I can die a lot getting missile spammed. Itzals cloak also doesn't help against missile locks for example. If Empyrean supposed to be basically the space game side, Railjack is your frigate and your players with archwings should be your premium fighter space ships. The problem is the archwings can't even handle a few common grineer fighters in damage or survivability on higher levels. That needs to be balanced, need be scaled with map level in some form. Archwings still could have a real hard time against ships that are bigger than your common grineer fighters, just like single pilot fighter space ships would have a big problem with gunships/frigates etc. Also AW, archgun xp gain is still very bad in these space battles.
  7. So, after playing Empyrean a lot, these are the problems I've got at this moment. The combination of long repair time of wreckage, high resource cost and no way to refund the resources of the half repaired wreckage, will end by not repairing anything at all 'till I got at least MKII from everything. Until then I just join other crews. I have sitting two half funded wreckage that are now obsolete, because in the time I had to get the resources, I got a better wreckage loot from the next planet. I can't destroy it and I refuse to put the rest of resources into it, wasting them, so I can free up a slot. 1. We need a way to cancel the repairing the same way as in our foundry on the Orbiter, that refunds the resources. 2. Either lower the high resource usage or the time to repair a wreckage significantly, so you get to use it before you get a better one while farming for resources. So down to one hour for repairing or make the MKI resource requirements go down from about 3k to 1k in Cubic Diodes, Pustrels, Carbides, Copernics. MKII maybe could stay the same or down from 7-8k to 5k, because getting to intrinsic level 7 for the next planet takes time, so you wont have access to MKIII drops for a long time if you don't burn through the content. 3. Instead just lowering the MK I repair to one hour, make the times gradually higher with higher tier components. MKI one hour, MKII twelve hours, MKIII a day. I know DE needs to earn money and rushing with platinum is an option for that, so the higher times in higher tiers will balance it out.
  8. It's a trick to make the playing field bigger with smaller ships. The inside and the outside clearly isn't 1:1 and when you enter the ship from outside, you basically shrink down to the Titania size before the camera goes black and you reappear inside. There is a reason you have no real windows on your ship from the outside.
  9. Or just vote with your wallet. That's what really will make any corporation move if they're getting deaf. I'll give them time until Empyrean is released and I hope after that, next year, they will focus more on Quality of Life improvements, bug fixes and addressing player feedback. If they don't, they will see a trend of people burning out faster on the game, because the frustrating problems will influence them more.
  10. Just go in with speed Nova. If you can handle the extra damage to the operative, it will end faster.
  11. I might have the feeling that the problem is that if the ships are scaled up to the right size the playing field will be small. Pretty sure a space level will be still about the same size as PoE or Orb Vallis. That is because of their game engine's limitation. If you mess with the sizes itself it could cause z-depth fighting from distance. I doubt they have 64bit precision in the engine like what Star Citizen's game engine has.
  12. Can we get the Archwing blink cooldown down to 1 second? At least on the open world places like PoE, Orb Valis, if it's unbalanced in the Empyrean content. Will there be some Archwing flight mechanic finetuning later? This new version is very bland without gradually getting faster or slowing down. As it is now it lost it's character stopping on a dime in every direction. Maybe target the middle of the two different approaches of the old and new system? Can we get a better first ability for Itzal? This ability usually is more for classes who want the enemies near them. Itzal isn't a tank so you don't want that. Pulling yourself with it also feels bad and you can smash into something which will hurt your low HP Itzal too. Will the Archwing get significant new gameplay/overhaul with Empyrean or it will be simply used as a transport vehicle between your Railjack and the target station, just as how we have seen in the Tenno Con demo?
  13. I like how you think people on forum is one big entity that has multiple personalities. The people who asked for no mods, if there were really some, aren't complaining about it now. That's ridiculous. Also the same people who asked for no mods, have no clue about game design or at least fun game design.
  14. No. In almost 4 years I played Warframe, there was like two times I would have kicked someone out. It's not really necessary.
  15. Yes, there were missions that took away abilities, BUT they gave something of it instead, like good times with a storyline or gaining new abilities slowly while playing operator only. This is a very basic rule in game design. There is a difference stripping away all your choices and prolonging a game session with low dps, high level enemies, in same old defense/survival mission with nothing interesting happening in it, and the aforementioned operator quests. I can only repeat myself here. If you dramatically taking away almost everything from the players arsenal, there should be something to balance that out to make it fun.
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