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  1. Yeah, but it's no longer a thing. Sentients on Lua no longer drop sentient cores. I checked the public drop tables to be sure. You can find the drop tables at this link, under the miscellaneous enemy drops section. Eidolon Vomvalyst drops intact cores at 100% chance, and mimics have a 25% to drop a miscellaneous item, which in turn has a 48.71% chance to be a core, but neither Conculysts or Battalysts have cores in their drop tables.
  2. Another question about Archwing, but what was the original intention for the idea, and what is the plan for archwing going forward? Is Archwing supposed to feel like a "vehicle section" of the game? Or is it supposed to feel like an extension of the base warframe movement? If it's the former, then Archwings as a whole are far too fragile to feel like a proper vehicle. If it's the latter, then the Archwings are far too sluggish and limited in movement, especially compared to standard movement controls. Either way, Archwing needs to be streamlined and focused. There are too many inconsistencies, such as having extremely sluggish inertial while rolling/stopping/starting, while basing turning on the camera which completely ignores inertia, and nothing about the base system feels fluid. Additionally, there are a lot of visual features that are just missing that you'd see in a standard space flight game, such as a 3D map, HUD markers for items/enemies/allies, a system to actually toggle between active targets, etc etc. Like everyone else, I'm excited to hear about future plans regarding Fortuna, Railjack, and pretty much anything new being injected into the game. However, I'm always reminded of things like Archwing whenever an Alert draws attention back to Archwing missions. Also, was it intentional for Lua Sentients to stop dropping sentient cores? That happened at some point, and hasn't really been addressed.
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