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  1. As someone else with an account that's 6 years old, I'd like to say this is pretty much everything I asked for regarding Nightwave Downtime. Hindsight being 20/20 this system should have been in place the moment that Season 1 ended. Always assume your timetable is going to be delayed, always have a contingency plan. Good work, I look forward to having this in game.
  2. The developers should going forward (and hindsight being 20/20 should have in the past), have an in-between Nightwave Episodes system. People need Nitan, auras, and potatoes. Doing a gift of the Lotus isn't good enough, especially if players aren't around for it. I learned this early on in Group Projects and devs need a reminder of this: Never, ever count on your ability to produce new content on schedule. Always have a fallback plan in place, filler content, or a contingency in case things fail to materialize on time. Because most of the time they will. Remember that people will appreciate quality over quantity, but only if they stick around to see the final product. Feeling like your progression is dead-ended is a quick way to get some folks to quit. That's why progression needs to feel like it's slowing down between episodes, even hands & knees crawling slow, but never outright stopped.
  3. I really enjoy the new melee system. I was never a fan of the channeling mechanic to begin with and am excited to see what you plan to replace it with. I think auto-blocking is fine, although you will need to get things like Guardian Derision sorted. I've had no issues with aim gilding or performing right mouse button combos. This comment is more or less just to add to the conversation since the vast majority of feedback on any topic IRL or otherwise is usually issues people have with said topic. Getting an accurate census of player opinion is difficult because the "All is well" crowd tend to speak up far less often than people with issues, and I'd like to remind you of that fact.
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