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  1. I think this time i'm using the one that doesn't contain TennoGen, because almost all my good fashions more or less with TennoGen 😆 This my Limbo Magician! Deluxe helmet + Immortal skin :3
  2. Thank you for commenting Buff00n, i'm expecting ya! it's good to see your ideas too :3
  3. Hi i'm Youtuber DNexus, i make a lot of mandachord and shawzin songs and today i wanna talk about them, some suggestions for the future that will enhance experience a lot. SHAWZIN 1. make shawzin public in small area around user in Dojo and Public relay/cetus/fortuna 2. add new function for Whammy, in most conditions we never actually use it, this new function will down half tone immediately. so in a single scale we got play more tones without sounding weird. 3. decrease default shawzin "shamisen" echco and increase Nelumbo shawzin's volume a bit. 4. Universal shawzin codes, not only for PC, also for consoles and switch. 5. add keys functions for each scales (C D F E Ab G ...), current shawzin running all in C key, so this function allow us to choose which key in this scale, solve the tones range problem!! 6. add slots to save songs like mandachord. 7. Metronome can select different tempos (current is same as mandachord 120 bpm) What i don't agree from community's suggestions: add more strings, add more tones (no you don't lol, current shawzin already has difficulty to play, that won't help at all) i gave solution in suggest 5. MANDACHORD 1. Remove mandachord duration with seconds, instead runs with cycles/repeatings in a certain duration% range, like repeat 2 times, 4 times, 8 times...kinda like Nova's slowness % with her duration build, so Octavia's abilities will no longer runs with Seconds (but in abilities UI it still count seconds for easier observing), but Cycles instead 2. give a small range for mandachord to adjust Tempo (BPM), current 120bpm will be default mandachord, can make a range (popular using) to adjust tempo for example we can adjust it between 80-150bpm. ( seems this will conflict the 1. change but it's fair, because for slower song you get buff harder and mandachord runs longer, for faster song you get buff easier and mdanchord runs shorter) 3. MORE INSTRUMENTS ( @Buff00n had post about which types of instruments to add) 4. add 2 more tones in Melody at least (which i believe already been mentioned a lot times from community), just 2, you don't need more tones for most songs to cover, mandachord isn't professional DAW lol What i don't agree from community's suggestions: 1. Longer mandachord / more zones in mandachord ( 4 zone is the way, stay with it, also trying to run a whole song in single mandachord is not practical at all. solution check suggestion 1. ) 2. allow us switch songs in mission ( first, the game system won't allow it since mandachord is bond with arsenal. 2nd, it's unnecessary to run whole songs, in mission you probably never gonna finish it in most condition. 3rd, we OctaviaBand definitely against this idea xD ) 3. Ability buff (crouch) with 1st ability (mallet/percussion) instead of melody ( in mission if it's not defense you won't even cast 1st ability, so i don't agree this idea, stay with melody 3rd ability for buffs, it's still the best for easier crouch) summary: MusicFrame is just a small feature in warframe, don't take it like big content, so game experiences comes first, mandachord is a very successful feature for gameplay, it's simple and allow all people able to make music with it, make it too complicated is not what it suppose to be. there might be more good ideas, right now i just drop those according to my experiences and i think they will help a lot to improve user experience without effecting game balance. Shawzin however is a totally music feature, same method, can't make it too complicated for people to play, it's already relative pro than mandachord, Thank you for your time, love you sound team ❤️ peace!
  4. I'v been calling this for very long time, the current Dojo halls must follow the rank orders to build/remove which is pain in the ass, because for our dojo is nearly impossible, in order to remove the clan great hall i must remove grand hall and grandest hall first which they are on 2nd floor, means i have to remove entire floor and all decorations projects within!! My point is, what's the meaning of keeping this old system?? look, my clan is already Rank 10, for example why not just bond Clan halls unlock with clan ranks? so it allow us freely build and remove any halls in dojo won't mess up our plan and structure. Now we got skybox room added in game, and there is NO space in our dojo to put it anymore, i don't want to waste rooms and resources by extending bunch of bridges! DE keep adding more features in game but look at most dojo's messy structures because this old system forced us to build like that. So please please, my voice is too weak, there aren't many dojo builders in this game, if you are one, i bet you feel the same pain. A better idea for the solution: is it possible add a system that allow us to freely connect each rooms in a Dojo blueprint mode? and decorations together within!
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