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  1. wukong's exalted stick(w/ prime reach) not hitting arbitration drones. is this a feature or a bug?
  2. actually wuklone was using 2ndary before this hotfix, as long as you dont bring a melee weapon, but now it doesnt. can you not imagine wuklone, using ignis vs flying enemies in PoE? that's what its been doing now after this hotfix
  3. something is wrong with cloaking abilities when used with zenurik, pls check
  4. i know, but it just ended right, the very first one, and here it is again, not even a month has passed? and oh DE, could you check the caves/resources of orb vallis? seems like there's only deposits in front of fortuna and nowhere else (mining gear aint buggy coz can detect sources when you go outside from fortuna or just landed from orbiter)
  5. but why the thermia fractures event again? and so soon? and no bonuses or new rewards to boot...
  6. if you repeat a mission, star chart goes kablooey previous lockpins on PoE are repositioned up in the air and are found in the shield wall
  7. i second this motion quick melee is faster in killing stuff, really great in healing
  8. hahaha thought it was their thing, like they were specially made to counter warframe abilities, like those bubbleheads, turns out it was a bug 😅
  9. still nothing about removing auto block from redeemer variants
  10. just came from a profit taker fight, because of the fix, thought that the squad issue is no more. well, no squad issue, but the redeemer still goes bang block block block block block block block
  11. why tho? it's just an exploit on an exploiter, its like justice has been served. if you could stop it from going up the mountain and making it hard for us (the soloists/introverts) to target the coolant raknoids, now that is a fix btw could you remove auto blocking for the redeemer, made it useless. instead of going bang bang bang, it goes bang block block block block block block block block block
  12. oh i thought it was just me but itt wasnt mentioned in the hotfixes right?
  13. - could you do a fix or remove it entirely for redeemer(prime) auto blocking? it disrupts the shooting momentum, especially whilst going against profit taker (redeemer has inherent blast damage so you dont need to configure for blast anymore right) and when/if you try to use that, instead of shooting, blade keeps blocking, time runs out, you fail. - could you tweek exploiter orb mechanics a bit? like make the coolant raknoids inject directly the coolant instead of shooting it from afar. its kinda annoying, they come from all sides, and the exploiter is huge so it'll take awhile to cirumnavigate it and get rid of the raknoids, by the time you get them all, exploiter is cooled down once again, and cycle repeats make the vents spawn a little bit closer. during the time you venture out to get more thermia, raknoids have come and shoot their loads and exploiter is cooled down once again could you include(/make more noticeable) a warning when exploiter gonna explode like with profit taker. (i dont know if there was one and i didnt hear it and there was no visual warning like that guy yelling run on profit taker) - there were weird graphics at times when those coolant raknoids shoot their loads, like there's a wall in the sky
  14. i think there's something wrong with itzal's drones? last i remember, the drones follow you when you activate them. now they just hang around where you activated them
  15. i dont get this... why would you want him often? he doesnt drop anything good (unless you want the hammer for mastery fodder?)
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