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  1. The New War and Rail Jack are coming out by by the end of 2018!....... Oh, wait
  2. People still fail sometimes in Arbitritions and Eidolons. But in most missions, no. Pretty hard to fail. This game really dosnt require much skill, just time. Lots of time, and an understanding of how warframe/weapon builds work. IMO Eidos and Arbitritions are the real endgame for that reason. The only things that are somewhat challenging. Interesting that this game is as popular as it is. I'd like to see a psychologist explain that one lol
  3. I must have gotten lucky then. Got both of them on my first time running Ur. Akkarius on the 3rd round and Acceltra on the 7th. Dont feel bad though. It took me 26 runs of Jordas Golem Assassinate just to get the 3 components of Atlas. According to the wiki that should have been just about statistically impossible.
  4. Nice set of imprints. Asking 90 for both of them Single Rare (Gold) Striped Fur Pattern
  5. Have to remember the only reason we got Umbra in the first place was because Excalibur Prime was a Founders Exclusive frame. It was a way for the rest of us to get "Excal Prime" without dishonoring the founders exclusive package. I don't think there should be any more Umbra's at all. I agree with the other poster, if more Umbras do come out please make them sidegrades not upgrades. Went through a lot of effort to get all the primes out there now. Dont feel like having to redo all my effort for basically the same damn frames.
  6. WTS nice Lanka riven. Willing to accept offers!
  7. Last plauge star was in fall 2018. They stopped doing it when Fortuna was released. Odds are, they'll probably give us a way to acquire the zaw parts in the future; but exactly how long we'll have to wait, i dont know.
  8. This totally defeats the purpose of a "die once and you're out" mission. Adding a more complicated revive scenario just makes arbitrations feel like a standard sortie.
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