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  1. Thank you for trying to help but as I stated above this method lets me to sign in but thats it. The app is broken after signing in. Cannot access resource drones, foundry, codex... anything. The pages are just blank when I click on them. And this is without once landing on the news tab
  2. Not a solution. I can login with data/wifi turned off but cannot see or use anything on news/foundry/extractors tabs. My app and Iphone are up to date. I believe the app is going to need a hotfix
  3. Believe it or not, credits are going to be the easy part. Wait till the next double credit weekend comes up and buy a credit booster. 10 runs of High Index on Neptune will get you all the credits you need. (Or 20 runs with only a credit booster) Endo is the hard part. Since you'll need about 2 million of it. I do not recommend Sanctuary Onslaught at ALL. My eyes start to glaze over after a couple minutes of ESO and you'll probably end up quitting before getting anywhere near the amount of endo needed. I believe Arbitritions are best way to get endo. (Interception or excavation) Vast major
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