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  1. Not a valid response / counter point here. If we followed the "don't like it, dont use it" ideology there would be 0 reworks taking place here.
  2. Mask of the revenant is completely bugged . Going to the first point and switching to operator mode did nothing at first. After restarting the game and redoing it nakaks dialogue plays and the eidolon roars but the bluish eidolon ghost thing doesn't spawn so you can't progress. Tried multiple times and its still not working. Ill edit in the short recording i took once its uploaded https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/deluxeknight831/video/60312447
  3. Ok im a huge nezha main and yesterday i drafted a prposed rework and i swear to god pablo read my mind (not completely but i wrote down some of these changes) holy S#&$ im happy as #*!%
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