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  1. So the screen tearing doesn't seem to be touched at all. Is there some kind of setting that we can disable to stop this? It's really hard to play. I was really looking forward to that being fixed after like 2 months
  2. Mine is already downloading on PS5. Was it fixed early, or is it something else?
  3. Hey Linkski, thanks for the reply! I never really have any problems when playing solo. I think it mostly has to do with something regarding the co-op connections. I did notice that I forgot to set my ping limit back after the global reset around launch, but I haven't played much since then since then though. There's not really any action in game that causes it, but some matches can just become really bogged down. I also noticed when doing 2 hour tower runs back in the day that the problem of lots of introduced latency between actions and missed button inputs did seem to increase with time
  4. That's unfortunate if the performance issues are ingrained into the game. They are aware of the tearing now, luckily. Glad to know it's not just me. There is literally way too much fog
  5. The performance in general ever since the PS5 version dropped is pretty lackluster. It looks phenomenal, sure, but the performance is pretty underwhelming for what should be roughly on par with a 2080. I used to have a 2080; it should have no problems running this game at 4k/60. A few of the issues that I've noticed: -Poor connections can still bring the game down to a crawl -- I'm assuming that is due to PS4 hardware since the system had a hard enough time just running the game sometimes, but I don't have any concrete data for that. A slider for cross-play or to disallow hosts on PS4 wou
  6. I'm getting some massive screen tearing on PS5. Performance in general is pretty meh since launch. Like yeah, it looks phenomenal, but it runs pretty poorly overall.
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