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  1. you mean report afk with a Non-publicise youtube , and DE tell you thanks for report but the video still 0 view? or common mission set 2mins for afk , when you afk you will not get any reward , but no any afk punishment in evwent? you can afk whole 5 mins ? yeah DE increase the reward , But as always, they are extremely connive to afk
  2. great , more and more AFK sh t in public team. When will DE Handling afk ?
  3. Minor Arbitration Drop Chance changes: We've bumped the Ephemera and Aura Forma Chance in Arbitrations. ESO table review is next on our list to do but may not make this Update. We do not have major changes to Arbitration pacing right now, but we are still working on plans. WTF?? why we need so many Ephemera?? we can equipped for more than one? sold for 20000 credit? tradable? if you get more than one , useless as a —— What is Arbitration ? the hardest mission , but you can get the most useful item in game so what's the reason DE keep putting and Increasing probability 20000credit in Arbitration Drop?? Same drop rate , I can get a MOD , I can get a forma ... but It wasted on 20000credit can't you just set when we already get 20000.... I means Ephemera , it will turn into other rewards ?
  4. oh hotfix? (go for a check) yeah it is nighttime in Plains of Eidolon , again thx DE .A.
  5. HOLY S#&$ 😄 I waste 40mins in 3 wave Arbitration Excavation. waiting and waiting the fuc-in Power Carrier. I know DE hate fixing old bug (Looking at Lor & Jv). Not expected DE fix bug or what , can please just release "enemies booster" ??
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