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  1. The Exploiter Fish and Gem drops have been great to make fishing and mining in Orb Vallis more of an optional activity rather than a requirement for those that don't particularly enjoy that content. Since Plague Star is POEs most similar event the boss for that event should have a similar drop table to make POE fishing and mining more optional as well. P.S. Plague Star when? P.P.S Plague Star should be an automatic event just less frequent than Ghouls.
  2. I don't know what they were thinking. This was a problem with POE and they fixed it will Ghoul Bounties, Eidolon Bounties, and the Konzu terminal in the plains only appearing after you complete a bounty yet here we are again with the same issue, the same design flaw.
  3. Still an issue with all Beast Companions. If scarab armor is active when entering archwing the beast companions max health is greatly reduced, when exiting archwing the max health is increased to the normal level but health is not.
  4. Eidolons and Ghouls have queueable missions. Why doesn't this event? This is a step backwards.
  5. What blows my mind is this is the very exact reason Eidolons have there own mission type yet DE does not follow through with it. This time around they should have known they needed this from the start yet here we are once again asking why.
  6. As much as I want to have enemies spawn at full squad rates in normal missions the new boss should be scaled for solo play. It just simply takes way longer to do solo since it still takes the same amount of those things I forgot the name of to get the boss to overheat.
  7. Hopefully they hotfix in a bounty for it like Eidolons sooner rather than later.
  8. I REALLY hope that you plan on hot fixing in a bounty of the boss fight on the bounty board just like Eidolons in the next hotfix.
  9. THIS! is what makes Warframe stand apart from other games in the genre. THIS! is what has incentivized me to collect everything in the game. Warframe is a game about collecting all the tools needed to be unstoppable. Other games have you grind to be able to even attempt harder content. Warframe has you grind to be able to take on harder content faster, easier, and make you feel like a God doing so. I am going to say right now and I think (hope) the community feels the same way that we absolutely do not want in any way, shape, or form the game to become a bullet sponge game like Destiny, Anthem, or The Division. Being able to one shot an Eidolon limb or Orb Mother leg just feels so damn good and there is nothing wrong with that. Being able to see a large group of high-level enemies and teleporting a metric ton of bullets into them in less than a few seconds killing everything in front of me is one of the best feelings in gaming. Don't you dare take that away from me.
  10. So 16 enemies during the fight on average... so little I didn't even notice. Still not technically interacting. Bet her character model isn't even on the map. If they did this in a meaningful manner they would camp her on a ridge and we would see her health bar and if she died the enemy spawn rate would increase.
  11. No allies of the tenno do much in-game atm. Even syndicate missions are just generic guys with simple AI routines. Once again Teshin is the most active and you actually see him doing stuff in the War Within but guess what, he was technically a bad guy during this. That is pretty much it. Everything else is talking heads on comms and standing with quotes when you access the vendor. If she is fighting side by side with the tenno in the comics then why doesn't she show up in mission from time to time? Show up during the Profit Taker phases and actually interact. We don't even have something as simple as "Defend me while I hack this terminal".
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