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  1. What really hooked me on Warframe is that I could do what I want whenever I want and I have all the time in the world to do it. Now I actively try not to log in due to the anxiety of having a big list of chores I don't want to do with timers counting down. I am a completionist but at the same time, I want to complete things on my own time. Up until now, the game has allowed me to do this. I know there is a timer ticking down how long I have before I won't get enough points to max out all 30 ranks and get the armor set. I have just completely burnt myself out on these tasks. It also feels bad when it tells me "Gild an Amp" but I have already gilded all the amps. This makes me feel like the time I spent on doing this was wasted. So basically I am doing this thing just to throw it away. Which is just cementing this in my brain as a chore list. It has just really had an overall negative effect on me where I avoid the game now. It also reminds me of work were you also get a list of mundane tasks to complete. I get off work to play Warframe to not be told what I have to do by someone anymore, not to get another list of tasks to complete in order to literally also get paid. What has been imagined cannot be unimagined. I now correlate Warframe with my job to some regard. This is not good. So like Steve said. You have a group of people that just want some direction and Nightwave is great. Then you have a group of people that don't want to be told what they have to do and how long they have to do it. I definitely got the negative end of this. If the ranks didn't have any exclusive content I would be at ease with ignoring it but like I said... completionist. At least 1 copy of every mod I have is maxed rank and I have them all but like 20 or so. This includes every prime mod. On one end "must have all the things", on the other "Bro, I'm straight-up not having a good time."
  2. This can't come soon enough. Constantly putting pets in and out of stasis has been my largest annoyance with the game since Fetch released. It has been like... "oh finally I can use pets"... "oh wait this is almost just as awful as pets not having vacuum".
  3. THIS! is what makes Warframe stand apart from other games in the genre. THIS! is what has incentivized me to collect everything in the game. Warframe is a game about collecting all the tools needed to be unstoppable. Other games have you grind to be able to even attempt harder content. Warframe has you grind to be able to take on harder content faster, easier, and make you feel like a God doing so. I am going to say right now and I think (hope) the community feels the same way that we absolutely do not want in any way, shape, or form the game to become a bullet sponge game like Destiny, Anthem, or The Division. Being able to one shot an Eidolon limb or Orb Mother leg just feels so damn good and there is nothing wrong with that. Being able to see a large group of high-level enemies and teleporting a metric ton of bullets into them in less than a few seconds killing everything in front of me is one of the best feelings in gaming. Don't you dare take that away from me.
  4. Kind of silly to have Daily Acts last 3 days so that you don't feel like you need to log in every day just to have a weekly make you feel like you have to log in almost every day. Complete 5 Sorties. Reduce it to 2-3, if you can complete 2-3 Sorties you can complete 5. The only thing stopping you is having a life. So far the weeklies that took the longest because of time gates took 2 days.
  5. Only two issues I see with melee changes and very simple ones to fix. Holding F should lock you into melee only until you hold F again... Very annoying for us mouse button attack players to do hold combos and constantly being forced back into firing our gun when players like myself want to use melee for a mission 90% of the time and guns are more of a tool to be used when needed. Not really an option to just bring melee. I usually bring a sniper for long range annoyances. Also having melee out and aim gliding puts the melee away and if you have a sniper you get zoomed in instead of holding what used to be block to block the incoming fire while you close in. Using E to exit archwing should just exit archwing and not bring out your melee weapon. For those that want to exit archwing with melee just need to press the button twice... I am finding it hard to train myself to aim to get back the gun instead of just firing. I have died several times getting stuck into a slow melee attack (berserk not triggering) instead of firing and dying as a result.
  6. It is all Arcane / Exalted interactions not just mesa.
  7. Where are the exclusive mods from Incursions going? What happens to existing rivens that require Incursions? Does this include Operator? Energizing Dash is very hit or miss as a client. Never really even noticed the weapon swapping but I have been requesting a fix for laggy client Energizing Dash since it came out.
  8. An addition for 'Friend / Clan Challenges'... Also dealing with host migrations and trolls is a big problem for most. Other than the quoted I think everything is great.
  9. You can get the same effect of a macro just by binding jump to an infinite scrolling mouse wheel. Even a regular mouse wheel is really really close to the same speed a macro could achieve. You can also exceed human capabilities by binding jump to more than one button and spamming them at the same time. Just pointing this out for people flying off the handle about macros in Warframe. Could also probably bind it to multiple directions on a thumb stick for the same effect.
  10. Still no fixes for Profit Taker Phase 1 progression stoppers or Phase 4 lay on back simulator.
  11. Still broken... DE are you working on this issue? If I am not mistaken it has been 2 weeks now. Edit: Yes, it has been two weeks since this bug was introduced.
  12. Still no fix for K-Drive multiplier...
  13. Does this include Despoil Nekros? SO GOOD! Any removal of screen shake is good.
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