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  1. When dual-wielding with any given compatible sidearm as a Client (not the Host of the mission), the glaive being used will appear minuscule. The only fix for this that I could find is to manually switch to using the glaive's melee-only form, then switching back to dual-wielding, at which point it will use the correct sized model for the remaining duration of the mission. Compare this, the glitched version: To how it should look: I've extensively tested this, and it seems to happen regardless of what frame, sidearm, or glaive (and even what cosmetic skin you give said glaive) you happen to be using at the time; from beam weapons like the Gammacor with the Glaive Prime, to semi-auto sidearms like the Lex with the Orvius, to full-auto like the Rattleguts with the Cerata, this always occurs so long as you are not hosting.
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