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  1. Not sure how your testing this but gladiator mods work on exalted weapons as long as they aren't equipped on the exalted itself, this would be 'broken'(not really imo but de call things that are bad for profit broken these days {marked for death effecting frame sales, xoris effecting riven sales, both downgrades that were simply free}) allowing exalted weapon frames to do so would give them more slots to use, glad mods on both melee would apply to both melee and allow you to easily use any gladiator mods in one kit. Bloodrush and weeping wounds were mentioned on nerf months before anyone seeme
  2. This happened to me once before too actually while on orphelia steel path
  3. Your game is failing to load the specific reasource for the UI, that's a straight up error, you could try verify game files or just go for the uninstall reinstall if that doesn't fix it
  4. This might not be a bug, we don't even bother to stop those guys anymore, just build combo on the deemer upto 12x while they full heal it then one shot it Has anything been done about the fact/bug that when they do fall behind they seem to get unlimited range to sheild the eidolon? Seems like the actual issue at hand here is no 75m limit on vomvalyst sheilding
  5. This is a real pain, launcher forcing optimisation before checking for updates, now updating to then be un-optimised immediately after wasting a rediculos amount of time. Somehow Warframe takes as long to clean up a patch as defraging my whole computer while other games do the same thing in about 5 seconds. Please look into the launcher. UI seemed to be the appropriate spot for this
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