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  1. The form up mod is now he used to grief teammates. Please remove this mod or alter functionality so people can't rip you out of the waiting area for mission. Maybe if it's heal plus an instant return in the next xx seconds? It's not nice being forced back to the ship Edit: I should add to this, when used at the last second of waiting for squad timer, it breaks the mission. No more entering the main ship, railjack becomes immune, can not complete
  2. sorry but that's the worst idea for zephyr I've ever heard. you can already hold to cast to flick to floating, you can use a slide attack to dispel the additional momentum and just continue like your coming out of a bullet jump, or a slam attack to stop hard. don't over apply duration, it makes the ability faster and you want it to be controllable.
  3. It's really quite easy, I've always done it solo, heres a detailed guide + a full video (text guide in description) https://youtu.be/B6U_SaQGuHM That said we don't know much of this will or won't apply tomorrow Edit; and before you call op, I've done this with many frames other than mesa, Inc excal, and ivara, and others. Ivara was my usual to start out
  4. I hoped this would be the case, but they aren't in my inventory either. That may have been after the rework a few months ago, but unfortunately that was when I started actually farming my railjack parts IIRC
  5. Yeah no search terms in, my avionics page is even showing that my cap even dropped out because there is no reactor equiped now, thanks for assistance, I did notice the ticket system just after posting and submit a ticket
  6. Just to be clear when signing In on the old PC there were no items from there, not just nothing after comming back to the new one
  7. I've just gone to play Railjack for the first time on my new computer, and all of my components, i.e guns, shields, engines, reactor, everything is reset to the starter equipment. i have used this as recently as the last week on my old computer and everything was fine. i went out of dojo, back in, into mission, back out, out of dojo again and back in, and then also relogged, and nothing brought my items back. i signed back in on my old computer and everything is still gone. i dont know what could have caused this, again i was using railjack and even looked at all my gear just a week ago and ev
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