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  1. The only problems I've come across in it's current form is that the aim glide toggles you out of your melee weapon to the previous weapon you had equiped... I believe that the aim glide, or in this case the block glide shouldn't cause you to switch weapons. It would be much better to jump at an enemy and block glide towards them, especially when needing to clear farther gaps and such. In my opinion this hurts the fluenity of the parkor and new melee changes that are overall ideal. I'm also still partial to the original 1.0 melee charge attack, to where you can pick and choice when you want to release the charge. It would help increase the use of it, as you can predetermine it's execution. This might reqired looking at slide attack damage verses charge attack damage, as those might get left out if not properly balanced either way. The current melee channeling that is "going to be removed" per here say, is going to hurt fasion frame in my personal opinion. I think that a solution to this is that those effect remain on when your combo counter is active and deactive when it does. I'd still like to see a toggleable channeling, but if it's being removed atleast this way when you switch to your gun you can tell and visually keep track of when you need to use a melee attack to keep it going. That being the case attaching the current channeling effects to the combo counter duration seems ideal. This is all the ideas I have at the moment and will do further testing to see if other things present themselves. Keep up the extordinary work.
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