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  1. So it's been said by many already but the more the merrier I guess: Getting the seeding step ephemera feels like spending half an hour on a roulette table betting on black and it comes in red every time. It's useless and provides only negative emotions when getting it. Of the new mods etc that are being added to the reward table I see 1/10 that I may be interested in. That's 9 new rewards (which doubles the loot table) that will make me feel irritated when I get them. So now 10/18 possible rewards will feel wasted, ignoring cyan stars which I'm on the fence about. Pleaaaaaaaase take them out of the loot table and put them in the vitus shop. The people that want them get them and those (I expect significantly larger pool) that don't, won't have the negative emotions connected to a gambling addiction from roughly half the rewards. The other balancing effects seem to be really good, I look forward to testing them. And kuva in the shop?! YES! Thank you! Also (aimed more at the elitists) not every one wants to be forced into picking from a very small pool of undying loadouts to play late game content. One of the great things in this game is being able to make cool new builds for your favorite frames and make them work in situations where the average player doesn't play them. Changing away from the old "one life" version was a great decision, please elitists, get over it.
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