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  1. The Tenno’s Greatest Trailer Contest

    When you say No voice over allowed, Does this include sound from Grineer, Corpus and any Voice Clips in the game itself? Or Voice Over as in any that are already not in the game.
  2. New Contest: A Quest Unknown!

    Trinity(Emilia), seen as a beacon of hope to the whoever Tenno she accompany. She protects. She's quiet. Even her armour is modest to the eyes, but even the kindest, the greatest have its ugly side of a coin. Trinity was a normal human during the pre-orokin era. She only wanted to help others in her lifetime. That was not what fate wanted to give her. Infected by the technocyte virus she slowly turned into one of the few who reacted differently with the virus. She lost everything, everything that she foresaw in her early days. Now not even the opposition of the Grineer, or the blind rage for technology by the Corpus will stop her. If there is a Tenno. No matter what their relationship to her, she will give them her blessing. Isn't that... what she dreamed of? Now it's all her. All her in hands to control its future. Mother Trinity...
  3. Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for saying WTH.
  4. Hotfix 10.7.1: Double Resource Weekend!

    - Stalker has practiced against Frost’s Snowglobe and is no longer affected, You Frost Users..... RIP MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - message by DE_Steve and DERebecca
  5. Hotfix 10.5.6

    The Corpus(Cake) is a lie.
  6. Gradivus Dilemma: Nodes Compromised

    Hacking a F2P Game..... these retards are the reasons games like Tera:Rising is banning regions. Hacking. Good job hackers. Now they are going to think of banning your region from playing this game. Sighs...
  7. Warmeme

    Watch this, it has few meme's Please http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFTuAjvWuPo
  8. Update 10.5.0: The Gradivus Dilemma

    Great idea for a T4 :) 4 v 4. Tenno Vs Tenno :)! Those who supported Grineer Vs Corpus :)!
  9. Corpus Vs Grineer: Tensions Are Rising!

    Wanna know what will be funny? If Infested join in into this matter also.
  10. Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for having the word BANNED Capitalized.