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  1. We discussed having an alliance emblem made and also I asked if he could do some touch up work to my pre-existing clan emblem. He was extremely easy to work with, kept me informed every step of the way. I consider myself pretty anal about these things when it comes to micromanaging but I never found myself wanting when working with Povo. He did an amazing job and I'm gonna make sure to keep him on hand for anything I need in the future. A+, couldn't have asked for a better service.
  2. Great artax, should sell well. Good investment for anyone looking to hold onto for awhile.
  3. I mean it's no different than 60% status chance, you still have to use a fourth status mod.
  4. Just filter out "riven" and the common prefixes such as "visi" "geli" "toxi" etc. after that just get competent at speed reading. Nothing really needs to be changed from it's current implementation.
  5. Boltor Sati-hexaata +119.9% damage +70.9% Multishot +68% Status Chance -35.6% zoom
  6. Looking for this specific Kohm mod if anyone has. +Damage +Multishot +Status chance (120%+) A harmless negative. Either respond here, message me directly or PM me in game if I'm on and we can negotiate a price.
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