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  1. i got endo, riven mod , 7 days affinity booster and tons of resources
  2. i used catchmoon to shoot the drones protecting the bosses then mesa did the rest i had eclipse infused on mesa giving 231% additional damage also to the catchmoon. I had wyrm. it helped a lot as it kicked some bosses outside the map, thus considered dead
  3. 2 important factors helped me to pass MR 30 test: 1- Eclipse: i used it replacing the 3rd power. it gave my catchmoon and regulator 381% additional damage. 2- I used wyrm as sentinal. it was throwing enemies off the board thus considered dead even the bosses. Use preparation mod. so when you die you will re spawn full energy Good luck
  4. use rhino, as soon as u land use iron skin and run like the wind and bypass all enemies. use a cold weapon to shoot the simaris first as it will slow him down, then scan him PS: if u use iron skin as soon as u land you will not fail Good luck
  5. i normally do it with banshee res quake on sedna where u span its forth, Range and strength will kill everyone before getting close (keep on spamming 4th. don't forget to drop energy pads)
  6. that could work too But some don't have the catchmoon or pax seeker
  7. i am 59, been playing warframe since 5 years and reached already MR30. and i am planning to teach it to my grand kid soon, he is 2 years old XD
  8. hahaha, still you can still beat the test i am pretty sure of that
  9. i don't think you are older than me, i am 59,,, can you beat this? Still i passed the test :)
  10. This is what i did: Equip mesa prime, with eclipse (from mirage) infused on it,. i replaced it on the 3rd power because i have arbitration mod. also have preparation mod to have full energy when u spawn or when u die. As soon as u spawn activate 2nd power to jam enemies weapons, 3rd power for eclipse then peace maker. u will get additional 300% additional damage. make sure you have radiation damage. As for the drones, i used catchmoon with 23k radiation, x4.8CD and 100.5% CC plus the 300% dmg from eclipse. Also is it very important to equip wyrm as from time to ti
  11. (XBOX)Oussii

    MR 30 Test

    for me it was easy. walk in the park after couple of times of training, i used mesa prime with eclipse infused on it giving 300% additional damage and 75% protection. I cheesed the 2nd, 3rd (eclipse) and 4th power, and used catchmoon who benefit from the additional damage. The good thing about mesa is that you can use the peacemaker even when gliding or jumping, which save time. For close combat, the 2nd power helped a lot together with adaptation mod. Make sure you have preparation mod, just in case you die, you re spawn with full energy. Oh,, one more important fact
  12. how much XP would an infested k-drive give? Thanks
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