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  1. you have 14k Rad, i have 25k, so there is a big difference and you have negative impact, i have almost 4 k impact yes PS: before the nerf, i had 30k radiation
  2. 21 shots to kill an enemy level 100? I tested mine on artic exemus level 165 and it took like 5 shots only it has 25k radiation, 100% CC and 4,8 CD
  3. This is how i always do that challenge I bring loki with potagium mod Go to corpus level 3-5 defense. and bring soma or telos boltor At the begining of the defense mission, use loki 4th, disarm everyone, and go invisible, wait a little, let everyone attack the crypod in the middle by their melee, then jump, glide and shoot Good luck
  4. Yes it can and only in 1 condition If someone of yr squad puts the shield ospray inaros will get only 200 shield. Once he is away from it, he will loose it
  5. go to the main menu on xbox (apps) and choose update Click on warframe and wait until it downloads the update
  6. what you are looking for is catchmoon with haymaker and killstream Thanks to a riven mod, mine has 29k radiation, 4k impact, 100% CC and x4.8 CD One shot one kill up to level 150 Level 450 needs like 3 shots
  7. yes i did, but the xp went down even before starting the last 2 new research
  8. Before Gas city update on xbox, my clan was Rank 10 with 36k (all research done) 190/190 after the update, we are at 56k (192/192) Did anyone had the same issue? and why?
  9. high duration for loki is 31 sec you need lvl 30+, and the void extermination is not
  10. huh? what do you mean? What happened is i had a rejuvination on inaros, i used an aura forma on that slot, nothing happened, it did not even asked me to change polarity, and i still have the D polarity on it, i guess i wasted it for nothing
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