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  1. i did it so many times as follow: Go with loki (make sure u have patagium mod on him. go to low level defense mission. disarm everyone (4th power), and the enemies will center in front of the crypod. jump, glide and spray using soma or boltor Good luck
  2. everyone and their mom drinks water. let's make it more expensive everyone and their mom uses cell phones: let's make it more expensive everyone and their mom plays warframe, let's make it payable everyone and their mom uses........................ uses catchmoon, lets nerf it What an argument !!!!
  3. use titania, fly over the orb to hit them, and shoot the nemies while flying This is how i did it
  4. that's an easy challenge. i always do it Bring ember, go to an infested low level mobile defense go near a station, do not put the key inside so u won't raise an alarm activate WOF, and keep jumping on a wall without hitting the floor. Job done PS: the infested will follow you so no need to worry how to look for them and do not activate WOF unless u wanna start jumping
  5. i never skipped a day without playing warframe since 1350 days+ But since thursday midnight, i stopped because of borderland 3, now that's all what i am playing
  6. no, it happens with me, they spawn 2 times. u get 400 in a mission when they attack twice
  7. no need for all that. 2 shots from my catchmoon and he is history
  8. Trust me, i don't need his drops,. i got at least a dozen of each and 2 ephemeria. i am MR27 and i am not missing anything in the game. He is just a pain in the A$$ and a waste of time in the mission, and if the doors weren't locked, i would have just ignored him
  9. not dread. some ephemeria, war, and mods, no bows lol
  10. yesterday he attacked me again twice, How dumb he is ? he should know by now that he can't kill me
  11. nope, i never have beacons in my gear
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