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  1. Since last update ive had a lot of crashed especially freezing up on mission loading screen. Can hear the mission start but still just see my landing craft flying through the clouds. Only way to get out is crash out with windows button and restart game.
  2. my gear wheel is down to 15 slots now
  3. Well i can say that i left my laptop on for the entire twitch drop event "mostly potato guy" and I did receive hourly drops for entire duration. Ok was mostly 7500 credits and a few fireworks and posters but hey its free so i'm not going to complain. Remember its all FREE and technically DE don't have to give anything. Yes I can understand frustration from those that had issue with not receiving FREE gifts. Maybe you all was watching the wrong WF Partner. Either way I think there plenty of other things more worthy of so much salt than a few missed credits that to be honest 30 minutes actual play time would have netted easily.
  4. C if were going to make heal damage mod? mmm sounds promising
  5. As someone that is has only missed 8 days in last 3 years of current log in reward system I like the idea of the new choice system. Endo and rivens are always welcome gifts
  6. Really happy its all going good for you. I'm sure you'll do great.
  7. I'm on pc. I got my riven. Will be unveiling it tomorrow. Thanks guys.
  8. Well done bex for your dedication. Glad you got your Beastie. I think I'll be using Ivara for the hunt and sightseeing tour on first release. Can't wait.
  9. Vampire frame. Wasnt Dracula (Vlad the impaler) eastern european? Hungarian if i recall correctly.
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