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  1. Update: For my issue, Steam was running in Big Picture mode during all previous tests. Exiting big picture to original desktop interface, and then launching from the windowed UI successfully transitioned controls to mouse + keyboard, and I was able to hit login and read the phase 1 announcement. In previous versions, when interacting with the mouse/keyboard, the interface would update to reflect the difference between mouse (cursor) and the controller (reticle), it was not dynamically updating after the update when launching through Big Picture format. I am now able to access the game again, but the use of the Steam Controller remains an issue generally now since the update. Hope this information proves useful. Update: (3/9/2019) I can only access the game if I make sure all of my controllers are disconnected before starting and using Steam in desktop mode, not Big Picture or with Steam VR support application running. I've had the best success using only mouse keyboard to get past login, then powering up my controller appears to behave as expected. Thus far I have been unable to alleviate the login problem with either Big Picture mode in use or a controller connected and powered on. This work-around helped us access and play on two of my systems, but the older one is also exhibiting the single click melee bug as well. Update: (3/9/2019) Hotfix version 24.4.3 appears to have fixed my issues on both systems. Now to dig into the missions! Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. I get this message for almost every update. For me it's related to my router's aggressive firewall filter rules flagging one of their final call-home CDN as a source of spam and malware (filter rules aggregated from multiple reliable sources). I used a network observer to find which endpoint was targeted and added a whitelist for that subdomain specifically (it redirected from a friendly TLD) and it works fine now. I'd recommend you check your network configuration for local obstacles if the download completes but update fails at final step.
  3. Fresh install result: still broken, unable to login after fresh install from Steam and first launch update through launcher. Still unable to interact with the login control to sign-in. Please let me know if there are other alternatives I can try or additional supporting information I can provide.
  4. I was in mission last night when the update rolled out and after the installation completed, I also opted to let it optimize the download cache. Once all was complete, the login screen appeared as normal, accepts my password but I have been unable to find a way to interact with the login control/ "A" button. I shutdown the game multiple times and rebooted the system twice. I've tried using standard mouse and keyboard with tab and enter, as well as my usual Steam controller configuration, but none have been able to submit the login. All other controls work as expected, Forgot Password shows the browser, and exiting the game works as expected using the same "A" button prompt, but the game does not move past this. Is this related to the controllers issues I'm seeing reported by others, or a unique/new bug I should track elsewhere? I am attempting a fresh installation while I post this and will report results tonight after the installation completes.
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