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  1. Ok so maybe a few items that are an issue with this update. 1/ in Fortuna, you can not toggle the map open. You must hold the button down to keep the map open, that's kind of hard to do while trying to place a waypoint at the same time 2/ Archwing controls do not work. I can launch the Archwing, but can not fly it. I did once, but now having tried it 15 or so times. There is no function to boost to actually fly. You just hover along the ground. 3/ I can not select my secondary weapon at all unless I'm holding something, like the canister to drop into the fissure. Other than that, no amount of button pushing allows me to actually just switch to my secondary. Now perhaps how you do that is now different and I just haven't figure it out, but tapping y doesn't do it not does any other button. 4/ while in Archwing and using "A" to get some altitude...S L O W L Y, it does not equip the Archgun But instead uses my primary weapon. I have turned the console off and back on which did not resolve the problems, then gave it a hard reboot and that did nothing. Someone had mentioned that perhaps it was a controller code issue and that this might fix it it didn't Maybe the controls have all changed, I use a default setup so I don't know. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I'm on Xbox and have an issue since the first update to the UI. Since that update, in order to equip any Arcanes onto a Warframe it takes between 3 and 10 clicks on the "A" button before the Arcane actually equips. Oh and would it be possible to have it so when you scroll over Arcanes, they show what they're for without having to click on them individually? It's a bit of an annoyance. Please, oh please, make the "Remove all mods" so that it requires a confirmation! I've accidently lost a few builds because of this. I'm not blind, really I'm not hahaha but when looking at inventory in the market or codex or other locations, the items have become so small that not only can I not see what they are, but I have to put on my glasses and walk over to my 65" tv that's only 7' away from me so I can read them. I did post these in the forums, but figured maybe you'd be able to respond to one or more of these kinds of issues in the stream. LOVED the Tennocon show! I sat there with my mouth hanging open while watching it! Who do I send the cleaning bill to for getting the drool out of my carpet? 😉. Much love DE.
  3. This UI update is not working for me at all. Try equipping something from gear! Lol you have to hit the D pad (left thumb) then select it while holding the D pad button. Umm gotta use right thumb to use the left joystick????? Something tells me they didn't actually try this!! It is so counterintuitive.. I just want to pick a Warframe or weapon like I always have. If they want to then make me scroll using a cursor, well I guess I could live with that, but clicking on the large Warframe or weapon image makes sense, not having to then scroll to just select the stupid thing!!!! I would like to go back to old UI and I fail to see how this makes my life better in any way, shape or form.. Not happy at all DE...
  4. The update went to Cert Late Friday and people are all upset that it wasn't back early Monday and rolled out Tuesday? A couple of updates passed cert really quickly, but that isn't the norm. I think a lot of people need to lower their unrealistic expectations and just wait. It will be here when it is and there's nothing anyone is going to change by complaining that it's "Taking So Long" as so many in here have done. Bigger updates didn't pass twice as fast. They passed quickly, but not twice as fast, remember it went out to certification at the End of business on Friday. Even if it passed today, I wouldn't expect it to be released until next Tuesday as rolling out an update on Friday means DE would likely have to staff for the weekend to deal with problems.
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