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  1. I've never forgiven DE for the mutagen samples debacle. I'm a solo ghost clan and I've been playing for almost 5 years, have over 5,000 hours playing and have slightly over half of the mutagen samples required for a single weapon research. This could have and should have been addressed after the Christmas break when it was realized what had happened. DE could have given clans who ground this out a special reward and fixed the quantity for everyone else. They didn't and so I decided that I will never research, nor purchase the Hema. My personal protest as sill as it may be. This whole Booster mess is not going to end well for anyone. With drop rates as low as they are for many rare mods, people who buy the booster and still don't get the mod will be unhappy and adding it to the Sortie loot drop is going to make other less happy as well as there are already a lot of useless items in that pool (yes, useless to vets, not everyone and I realize that) and adding this in, well it's not going to make things better. End of personal rant. Carry on
  2. I'm shocked to be honest. You'd have thought they'd mention this, but obviously thought they'd sneak it in under the radar. Maybe they've decided to increase the cost to make up for the "Exchange Rate" lmao oh yeah, they're Canadian too so there isn't one. So I guess you have to pay for Trips to Space and fancy Advertising somehow, but I won't be helping out with those expenses I'm afraid as I'm not ever going to pay that much for a Prime Access. Sorry DE, but, that's not in my budget anymore.
  3. Oh I love DE, but I don't love the cash grab for the New Price for Prime Access in Canada. It went from $84 including tax to now $103 plus tax. I think they've been smoking some of our fine Canadian products if they think most people will pay that for A WARFRAME and two Pretty Mehhh weapons. .
  4. Try $103 Canadian! I'm sorry DE, but I will never buy another Prime Access at this price. $85 was already a steep ask for a frame and two weapons without getting the 90 day boosters, at $103.... well, I won't be buying these again.
  5. I also get the notice that an update is needed, but it's unavailable at this time. As [DE]Taylor says, they're aware and are working on it. I'm sure they'll have it resolved quickly for us all. It has been fine and was fine last night, so maybe there was a hotfix that wasn't so Hot and didn't Fix a problem, but created one instead 😉
  6. It's not up yet. A little patience people lol.
  7. Ok so maybe a few items that are an issue with this update. 1/ in Fortuna, you can not toggle the map open. You must hold the button down to keep the map open, that's kind of hard to do while trying to place a waypoint at the same time 2/ Archwing controls do not work. I can launch the Archwing, but can not fly it. I did once, but now having tried it 15 or so times. There is no function to boost to actually fly. You just hover along the ground. 3/ I can not select my secondary weapon at all unless I'm holding something, like the canister to drop into the fissure. Other than that, no amount of button pushing allows me to actually just switch to my secondary. Now perhaps how you do that is now different and I just haven't figure it out, but tapping y doesn't do it not does any other button. 4/ while in Archwing and using "A" to get some altitude...S L O W L Y, it does not equip the Archgun But instead uses my primary weapon. I have turned the console off and back on which did not resolve the problems, then gave it a hard reboot and that did nothing. Someone had mentioned that perhaps it was a controller code issue and that this might fix it it didn't Maybe the controls have all changed, I use a default setup so I don't know. Thanks.
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