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  1. I'm thinking of a bone based Warframe that collects bones from enemies to grow stronger. I had a couple abilities in mind, for instance: A passive that collects bone shards from nearby non-robotic corpses to grow stronger. A nuke ability that shoots deadly bone shards around the Warframe, consuming all bones collected up to the point of activation. If everything goes well, you should be able to replenish your stocks from the nearby corpses due to the nuke. An ability that lets the Warframe take up different forms based on amount of bones collected An incredibly mobile rip-and-tear machine with giant spider-leg-like attachments growing out of the frame's back to parkour, cling onto walls and run around (kind of like the creepy General Grievous crawling from Star Wars, or Dr. Octavius' tentacle march from Marvel's Spider-man movies/comics) An armored Juggernaut a defensive focus, but the ability to perform unique executions with less requirements to perform them, unlike regular melee finishers. Unique finishers would include ripping out the enemy's bones, or even entire skeletal system, or simply crushing them. A ranged form that focuses on shooting bone shards at enemies and thus splices their bones, incapacitating enemies. No bone modifications to the Warframe itself though, so this'd be the "basic" form as it doesn't require any amount of bones stored to remain in this state. Bone claws, or a bone sword for close range. Now, a sword made purely of bones would theoretically be stronger than a sword made purely out of steel. So if I could manipulate bones any way I want, I'd want a badass bone sword that would be harder to break than a well-forged steel sword. Giant bone spears to shoot at enemies to impale them. Now, I don't like spearguns like the Javlok because we have better primary weapons, but I love the idea of hurling spears at enemies and possibly impaling a row of them. It'd be absolutely awesome in my opinion if we could have a warframe that had the ability to hurl giant shards or spears at enemies without having to use up a primary weapon slot. Figured it'd fit the bone theme. Well that's my idea. I know abilities don't matter but I wanted to think about the potential uses for bones in a game where they go unnoticed despite there being tens of thousands lying on the floor of each level. We need a calcium-powered Warframe, DE.
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