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  1. Kachocalvo

    Poll: Key Rewards As Syndicate Offerings.

    Option 2, no hesitation.
  2. Kachocalvo

    Psa: Update 15.9 Status [Snowed In!]

    I feel ashamed. First though was "London? Weren't they Canadian?" Then I opened the link of forecast news and read "London, Ontario". I've been around here for more than a year and a half and did not know not only that there was a London in Canada, but that DE offices were there. -.-
  3. Ok. I saw it. How can I sell it now? (I'm not a Christmas man) EDIT: Nevermind, found it in Inventory>Miscellaneous
  4. Kachocalvo

    Mesa Update

    I reaaly want to know where does the name "Mesa" come from. Mesa seems a really cool warframe, but I'm spanish, and I cannot take serously a warframe called "Table".
  5. Kachocalvo

    Hotfix 15.5.2

    So no fix for seeing two "B" points after host migration, as I use to see? /ironic mode Off
  6. At last. Now we need the IA and mod drops to stay inside the safe zone.
  7. Kachocalvo

    Hotfix 15.2.1 +15.2.2

    Only thing I can tell you is that it will probably take some time for Support to help you, maybe a few days, so be patient. Sorry i'm not anymore helpful.
  8. Kachocalvo

    Hotfix 15.2.1 +15.2.2

    You can only wear 1 faction sigil at a time, no matter if they are different. Try it if you don't belive me. If you can wear 2, that's a bug. Same here. Seems the hotfix did not work properly.
  9. Kachocalvo

    Thank You For Watching Devstream Spooktacular!

    +1. Amazing idea. Now we have boosts and can choose our preferred sigils to wear, win-win scenario.
  10. Kachocalvo

    Warframe: Archwing

    Either in the bug section of the forums or sending ticket to support (look at the bottom of the page), I think.
  11. Kachocalvo

    Tenno Language Decoded

    I am truly amazed by this. I have new hopes this means there is in fact a established Lore, coherent and complex core of story, that vertebrates this game, instead of the bits of random unconnected info thrown scattered though it that we actually can see. I just wait to see it revealed soon.
  12. Kachocalvo

    Warframe: Archwing

    I've seen one 27 klicks away... Apparently, they can continue moving and even get outside the mission area.
  13. Kachocalvo

    Warframe: Archwing

    Reactor for Archwing. Catalyst for weapons. But right now problem is farming the mods for it, so it will take some missions till you miss the extra points.
  14. It is even worst as it sounds. I forma'd a = polarity to turn it into a blank, unpolarized slot. After the change, that blank slot overwrite a D slot. Already sent a support ticket, Will tell you their answer when I have it.