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  1. Defection can be quite good and smooth if people actually coordinate and SPLIT UP... which they have never done since this was an event, so.. yeah, it's broken. On the bugs though, wierdly enough defection worked MUCH better during the event and that pathfinding issue happened YEARS later, that needs fixing badly. Infested salvage is the only source of some nidus part I think, the mission exists exclusively for that and as far as I'm aware has never been actually liked by anyone, so some redesign needs to happen there, not quite sure what though.
  2. Have not found a reliable fix for, or a way to reproduce the "nearsighted mode" bug, does anyone else experience it? So far I'm mostly getting it in busy missions where it would be rude to stop and run tests. Still having AA issues, particularly on floor texture lines, and AF issues in rare instances, best example of both of these is the relay dock area: That is with AA on SMAA(medium) and AF on 8x(the highest it will go) On the new updates, great job on the DX12 mode, much higher FPS overall in crowded/busy areas and no crashes at all so far, and the new light
  3. Sorry to hear that, good luck finding a fix. To be fair I'm still seeing some weirdness like AA stops working if I stand still. But my bugs like AF being always off, and reflections being rendered at what looks like 360p were fixed by resetting the .cfg files, those were the worst offenders and made the game look like it was from 2000.
  4. In C:\users\*your username*\appdata\local\warframe\ there were three files, DS.cfg, Editor.cfg, and EE.cfg that contain most of your warframe settings, I deleted those three, and now warframe looks mostly like it's supposed to, no more super pixelated reflections and things like that. Admittedly DS.cfg did NOT reappear(the other two did), I have no idea if that's good or bad, but it dosn't seem to be hurting anything. I found the suggestion to delete these three on some reddit help thread from 2016 about a different problem, but it seemed worth a shot. It only takes seconds to c
  5. Odd, usually PC is used to test features like this, and consoles don't get them untill we have already seen them on PC first, and dealt with early day bugs related to them. The lighting does look better in those screenshots, and especially I'm not finding colored lighting and such where I remember seeing them when the new graphics were first being tested. If anyone knows where that went I would love to know. In relation to my earlier posts, at least part of the problem for me, seems to have been the settings files getting mangled by the transit from launcher tickbox to in
  6. Yep, I'm on AMD Radeon 5700 XT, latest drivers, default driver settings, and much of the game looks like Anisotropic Filtering is set to disabled regardless of it's ingame setting. You can miss it with most normal textures, but things like grates, nets, and other grid like surfaces look blurry at a distance(but do work up close) and especially metals look just wrong. As you can imagine I'm hoping this gets fixed soon, this cant be intentional. And yes, that screenshot was taken just about an hour ago, I specifically took the screenshot and went to post it because that is the cl
  7. So it's the reflections that are broken? My eyes are getting tired playing Warframe ever since update 29.2.2, as I'm seeing things like this everywhere(although cherry picked example, this is the worst one yet) It feels like the problem is not limited to just metals though, they are simply the clearest example. This is at 1440p, everything at max settings except depth of field motion blur and dynamic resolution scaling are disabled.
  8. Ever since update 29.2.2, things feel very slightly blurry to me, especially at a distance.. anyone else? This image shows the effect especially well due to the pattern on the floor, I have pretty much maxed out settings, except motion blur and depth of field are disabled, and I'm seeing varying degrees of this everywhere, what is this? -variable resolution scaling disabled ofc.
  9. I strongly agree with this one, I greatly miss melee 2.0, "the flow update" actually did what it promised to do, and made melee combat a lot smoother, after 3.0 melee is a lot clunkyer, too many combos cause missteps, and are significantly slower. And several weapons like the wolf sledge used to be unique, and had unique moves, and now work exactly like every other weapon of it's type, I just cant find the improvement in it, and time has NOT made it better, melee 3.0 is slower, which just dosn't fit the theme of warframe at all I feel. Damage 3.0 has the same problem while I'm at it,
  10. For some reason things look less clear for me than before, especially going out in the plains sometimes makes everything feel blurry, and even on maxed out settings I can see grass and such loading in only around 15m-20m away from me. Also there seems to be an intermittent glitch where AF seems to just fail completely, and the floor detail loads in around 3m away just like it's completely off, I haven't spotted what causes that exactly. But has anyone else noticed this? The game basically going into near sighted mode at random around 20% of the time is very unnerving. My RX
  11. I don't get this, they literally suggest in loading tips that Eximus units become more common at the 2 and 3 hour mark, and then they get surprised that people find some minimal attention way to play? Thankfully I got one booster in the login daily, and the other in the sortie, which made steel path credits reasonably drop when I powered through it over the weekend, I was waiting for that to happen before even trying steel path. This type of spot grinding was 100% unavoidable, that's the only way 3 hour survival(as suggested by your loading screen tips) were ever going to happen. DE d
  12. I'm still in the camp that the last arcwing fix made things much worse, IMO the weapons need to be reverted to being mission rewards for the actual AW missions, they really don't make sense as mostly syndicate rewards, and I'm glad I got them from the loot drop method before they changed it, that made AW missions have a point to them. As for removing the AW missions entirely, ouch. Open world maps pretty much allow AW only for travel, everything there has one shot AW-veto homing missile spam, so no getting AW xp that way. And they are WAY too flimsy for Railjack, getting one shot down re
  13. Strictly speaking, for most frames and builds, against steel path stalker, it's almost always faster the force quit the game and restart the mission than it is to actually kill him. Though the last time I tried that, it made stalker attack me every mission for 6 missions in a row. Perhaps that was luck, but it looks like DE thought of that and allowing yourself to be killed is the intended way to deal with him? Still tempting though, it takes perhaps 30 seconds to force quit, and relaunch, log back in, and get back to the mission, steel path stalker, in some mission can easily be a 5
  14. Yeah that's what's confusing me, most of the time I just want to know exactly how much of the thing I was grinding did I get, lets say I'm getting argon crystals, then I look at the EoM screen, ok, two argon crystals this time, and that's it for the info I need. The new end of mission screen gives me that information faster than ever before. Good job BTW DE, on making the information denser and easier to parse faster. So... why is it then locking out the controls and forcing me to spend MORE time on it, when the improvements on it make me need less time there? I'm confused.
  15. Personally I kind of like the new EoM screen, EXCEPT, it's strangely slow. I love getting the information in a more condensed format, and this new screen allows me to read it MUCH faster, which makes my problem with it kind of weird. Ever since it came out, my end of mission loading takes 3x to 4x longer. For some reason it has a delay during which it cannot be skipped, and the UI does not respond, which extends well past the loading progress animations and SSD/CPU activity. Also I suspect it's loading the screen with the "current warframe in a void" specifically, only to load out o
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