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  1. I would personnaly like if they could get XP (rank 0-30 as usual) and get some bonus health/shields/armor on level up, and then, every 10 level they'd get another skill point to spend. As for the quirks, having "bonus damage with X house weapons" is kinda niche imho, as you'd either have to find 2* crewmates or more that get buffs with the guns you use and/or find and craft weapons that fits them. I would have prefered if they added something like abilities/passives to them, like what the Brokers and Executionners have (like turrets, tether nades, boosts when under 25% hp, etc.). May
  2. The system as it is might be frustrating for some people, but objectively, on paper, it is the correct way to proceed. Instead of : ❌ selecting a random disposition based on what they BELIEVE should be ok, which turned out to be causing several cases of overpowered new weapons that led to huge nerfs, and those nerfs made a lot of people extremely mad because of all the time and even plat they invested to get those broken Rivens. When you add the "muh nErF hAmMeR" mentality when people whine they're " not allowed to have fun anymore" or whatever just because DE actualy cares about bal
  3. (I do believe you've posted this feedback in the wrong subforum, but since you seem to be new here the mods will probably put it where it should be.) Considering the insane amount of people who accidentaly sold something they didn't want to even if the game asks you to confirm, I think it could be a great QoL addition. It would be safer for several crafting scenarios, such as Akimbo variants of some weapons (like the Magnus/Akmagnus, Aklex Prime, Akvasto Prime, etc.), in which case the marked items shouldn't appear as usable for blueprints. Same thing for the Helminth,
  4. I think a simple way to give people a reason to play it more than once would be to either buff the drop rate of the mods/weapons (by replacing the endo rewards in the loot table, for Clem's sake...) and/or by making a Credit/Endo reward scaling with the damage dealt (instead of the basic "end of mission" static reward that no one cares about). By the Void, what about simply adding higher tiers for more individual rewards? (Like some for squad damage and others for damage you dealt yourself.) But mostly, I think they need to make the mission less straight-forward. Unpopular opi
  5. After 6 years on this game (which isn't much compared to many), I've never heard of anything like that. Shared loot? Afk for 40min? Loot cap complaint? From all the info you've given us, I'm pretty sure there is either no actual problem on your side, or you misunderstood how loot drops work and didn't pick up your own, thinking it would delete it for your friend if you did (which is, actualy, not the case). If you were attempting some weird gimmick to get more Steel Essence than you're supposed to, then it's all on you and not the Devs' fault in any way. "cared to
  6. I'd really depends on what the design of Nidus will be, I think. In a way, they could do a Hirudo Prime if they find a design and explanation/lore that fits in, but I think we can all agree that Nidus is a very unique case, just like Xaku or Revenant. Will they do the same "mistake" (imho) as Valkyr Prime and make it based off of the ripped appart, lab experiment concept that is the base version? Who knows. We can only hope for the best. (Also, sidenote : Gara Prime do be missing her signature throwing Knives, so I wouldn't personnaly mind having more than 2 weapons/equipement per
  7. It only shows when you equip one and clicking once on the other. This will show a comparison of both weapons' stats, where stats that are not on the other will still be shown, but the numers will be 0, as there is nothing. For example, a Fragor compared to a Glaive will show stats for throws, even if the Fragor cannot do that. The stats related to anything it does not have will be at 0, while the stats of the weapon that has such features (here, the Glaive) will have its stats listed normaly.
  8. Yeah, if you ignore the fact they probably just got sherpa'd by friends/clanmates and probably did nothing but stab the Lich when it gets downed by the hellfire of his teammates. That's the one thing I dislike with the Lich system. It's supposed to be a "nemesis", but you can literaly go public and let your teammates drill it down for you. Even the "difficulty" is a joke. Sometimes I bring some guns modded specificaly for my Lich (ex: Lvl 5, Weak to Blast, Immune to Viral/Corro, Resist Slash/Heat) and as I type in chat to inform my team of my Lich's weaknesses/resists, I look up an
  9. I like the general idea they had of making top tier versions of old, low MR weapons such as the Karak, Kraken and Seer. I sincerely hope they do the same with Granum weapons. My first picks would be: Kuva : Javlok - Argonak - Sobek - Twin Kohmak - Twin Basolk - Ripkas - Ack & Brunt - Amphis - (and my old signature weapon as I liked to call it) Jat Kittag Granum : Flux Rifle - Convectrix - Tetra - Lanka - Lenz (gotta challenge the Bramma somehow :P) - Plinx - Sonicor - Cycron - Kreska - Serro - Ohma - Galvacord/Lecta
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