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  1. Affinity boosters always had the ability to help players use Syndicate Procs more effectively. Does that mean it's a pay2win mechanic? F no. Sure, it helps gameplay in some way, but as usual it's just an overgeneralized use of the term "pay2win". Besides, even tho Plat is a premium currency, it's tradeable, which means you don't even have to pay for the currency at all! You can avoid spending real money for years and still have more plat than most people just by trading. I'll be honest, I bought plat in the past. I got lucky a couple times and bought some 20$ packs with the 75% discount (PC). Still, I've never made more plat than in the past 2 weeks, where I sold about 150-200 relics I'd never use anyway to two guys who are part of a Relic-opening Discord community. I went from literaly 1 plat to 991 in about 40 trades (was the very first time I used all my daily trades). So no, Warframe is not p2w and boosters making it easier to refill the Omni doesn't change it. If you can't do it without a booster, you're either wasting ammo, not effectively getting ressources in the first place, taking way too much damage, etc. but since it just came out, no one will expect you to be at max efficiency anyway. Failure is natural and they didn't make this game mode easy in the first place. PS: When I say "you", I mean in the plural form, not OP specificaly. I'm not attacking anyone. Besides, this game mode is based around coordination and teamwork, and blaming one person for everything is, as usual, bad for the crew itself. For example, it's like blaming the repair guy because he can't fix all the holes in the ship when the pilot doesn't even try to avoid taking damage. Edit: I'm not going to talk about repair cost from wreckage parts as Mephane showed. I do understand that it's a lot of ressources for single ship parts, but since I see farming for such things as a goal to acheive rather than a chore, I'm not going to discuss on that since my pov is probably different from the majority and wouldn't end on constructive feedback in the end. I'm only talking about in-mission ressources and not ship-building.
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