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  1. Hum, you know that giving every frame a different flavor of the same thing is the exact opposite of "making them more unique", right?
  2. And I can finaly buy it to my brother. Damn, what would they do without us, eh? 😛
  3. On the official site, it is clearly stated in the part I copy-pasted that it will only sent to players once the update is live. This detail isn't mentionned in [DE]Helen's post in the Forum News, which is probably why the OP is confused about not receiving the Ephemera yet.
  4. Increase security for your Warframe account by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Account Managementpage! Not only does this help prevent unauthorized access, but 2FA will soon be required to trade in-game items with fellow Tenno. If 2FA is enabled after the update is live, you will receive the Fae Path Ephemera via in-game inbox message! If you already have 2FA enabled, you will be able log in anytime to check your inbox and claim your Fae Step Ephemera. For more information, please see the FAQ! From the Official site's page on the subject. I think @[DE]Helen forgot to mention in the forum post that the Ephemera will only be available once the update is released.
  5. I don't know if all this is either a cringy joke, cringy role play, cringy rant or cringy attachment to the Lotus, but what I know for sure is that all this is really cringy. And besides, if you assume that everybody plays the main story for loot and mastery, that's your own fault. I have no pity for those who restrain themselves from experiencing content because they hate the concept for whatever reason (like many who don't like Operators and don't want them to even exist). If you want to do the same and act like nothing happened because you don't like the way the story is going, just too bad. Oh and one more thing. Why would playing the main quest be some act of "betrayal" towards anbody? Nobody even know what's coming, nor how it will end. And if you already know up to the Chimera prologue, then you already know the story so far. There's no point in denying it happened anymore.
  6. Oh sure, a remastered open world is definetely not "content", especialy not when it comes with, as you said, a new enemy that drops ressources, Plains Conservation, new stuff from Teasonai/Nakak, changes to the ressource cost of most things from Cetus folks, Creator mode, Thermia Fracture changes, removal of many "cast on ground" requirements, changes to existing weapons (including signature ones), as well as the usual bunch of changes and fixes. Yeah, nothing to see there. Skins and new weps every 2 weeks would be way better. /s
  7. So, more little, insignificant updates rather than big ones with actual content, overhaul, reworks, etc.? I prefer the new way tbh. I don't see the point of an update that simply adds one/two weps and an armor set/syandana (which are sometimes the same models we have but with different decals and/or textures, like the Magor, Avia, Eos and many, many syandanas). I'm willing to wait for an actualy impactful release rather than always being reminded to play for 2 days to try the new stuff, then end up with nothing left to do (as usual). And besides, we still have that kind of updates. We have regular PA ones, more and more Deluxe bundles (the Atlas Karst came out, what, 4 weeks ago? And now we're getting Nyx Deluxe) and other stuff. Also, can the big updates even be called "slow"? Plains remastered came out last month, and we're already getting the Jovian Concord Soontm. (Roughly 5 weeks I'd say)
  8. I agree with what most people say. Stalky is definetely more complex than just an edgy dude who wants to kill us. I remember a past thread talking about the possibility that Ordan Karris could have been "split in two" by the Orokins. Mind and body. Ordis and Stalker. Ordan was one of the most efficient warrior at the Orokin disposal. So much that they offered him immortality. Would the Orokin, especialy Ballas (who is partly responsible of both Sentients and Warframes), just enslave him as a docile Cephalon? Sure, we don't know how they turn someone into a Cephalon. Maybe the corpse is destroyed in the process. But if not, what remains? We already know that Ordis still has Ordan's memories and personnality, even if he tries to get rid of them. By this logic, maybe his corpse was still alive and "usable" via mutation with Helminth strains. After removing the rebellious traits of Ordan (by creating Ordis), they coud have used him as a loyal bio-drone as efficient as his old self.
  9. It does make sense, yeah, but tbh I don't really like her offensive part. From what I saw when DE showed her kit, she was supposed to be more of a tanky Def/CC/Support frame (which is what I personaly prefer and love about her), so seeing her being used like a nuke and/or passive blender isn't appealing to me. That's why my MV suggestions aren't focused on the player-triggered explosion or keeping SS active/make it scale faster, but additionnal CC and a DoT that implies keeping the wall shut (that doubles as a security measure if enemies breach the wall).
  10. I loved Gara and Hildryn as soon as I got them on their respective releases, so I had a couple ideas for potential Augments that I would personally enjoy using. Let me know what you think! Gara : 1- Shattered Lash : -> Shattered Throw : Tapping the ability key will now throw 3 glass swords (affected by both Strenght and Range), dealing 25% of the regular damage (each). Swords will have an arc trajectory and explode in a 3m radius (not affected by mods) if they it an obstacle, dealing 75 Slash and 75 Puncture damage to enemies. Thrown swords can be used to destroy the glass wall from Mass Vitrify. -> Shattered Mace : Gara trades her thin glass blade for a massive glass orb that she shatters with force. Changes the base radius from 0.75m to 3m, but reduces the range from 10m to 6m. Damage is now split 60% Puncture and 40% Impact. By holding the ability key, Gara will now perform a 360° attack with 20% more range that deals 35% more base damage, but splits the damage to 75% Impact and 25% Slash. Gara will be stuck in animation (fast, maybe like 0.5 sec) while using the sweep attack, but also immune to knockdowns and Staggers. -> Crystal Scythe : Replaces the glass sword thrust for a vertical (upward) slice of a one-handed scythe, changing the damage from pure Puncture to 70% Slash and 30% Puncture and ragdolling enemies. If charged, Gara will perform a wide, circular sweep that can be chained by alterning between tapping and charging the ability after the initial charged attack (I'd say maybe a 3 hit combo like Atlas, except she wouldn't be invulnerable while using it). 4- Mass Vitrify : -> Mystifying Glass : Vitrified enemies are now open to friendly fire and will attract the other enemies' attention as long as they are stuned. Also, the walls and vitrified enemies will return 90% (moddable) of the damage received to the attacker. -> Vitrifying Maelström : Killing a vitrified enemy when the wall is intact (no breach) will create flying shards of glass that deals damage within the wall (60% Slash, 30% Puncture and 10% Impact). Each (vitrified) kill adds damage to the storm, scaling with the enemie's EHP (Vitrified enemies killed by the shards will count). Once a section of the wall is destroyed, the shards are propelled in the breach, dealing the accumulated damage over 3 seconds in the direction of the breach (55% Puncture, 45% Slash). If detonated by the player, the shards will add 10% (not moddable) of the accumulated damage to the explosion's. -> Stronghold : Creates 2 additionnal walls within the main one. The first wall has 50% of the initial durability (10 sections), the second one has 25% (6 sections) and the last one 15% (4 sections). Enhance the durability scaling (from vitrified enemies) by 15%. (Damage dealt by each sections once destroyed is tied to it's individual health. Damage of the manual explosion takes in account every walls.) Hildryn: 1- Balefire -> Pulsor : Adds a secondary-fire with 3 selectable projectiles (works like Ivara's Quiver, but tapping the alt-fire will cycle between the projectiles and hold will shoot). - Singularity : Shoots a massive, limited range projectile that travels slowly, dealing 300 Magnetic Damage per/sec in a 5m radius. Enemies that are hit by it will be ragdolled and slowed by 70% for 5 seconds. - Riot : Shoots an air-burst projectile that deals 500 Radiation damage in a 10m radius. Has a flat +25% Status chance. - Leech : Fires a 4m wide shockwave that deals 700 Electic damage, then comes back to Hildryn, dealing damage again. Grants 25 Shield or Overshield by enemy hit and an additionnal 100 per enemy killed. 2- Pillage : -> Sabotage : Every status effect that Hildryn removes from herself and allies are dealt to enemies affected by the ability. Hildryn and her Allies also become immune to other status effects for the duration of the ability. -> Firewall : Allies within the ability range receive the same amount of Shield/Overshield (still capped to their maximum Shield/Overshield) and enemies are staggered for 3 seconds. 3- Haven : -> Haven's Gatekeeper : Hildryn, as well as allies affected under the effect of Haven, will emit a pulse in a 5m radius every 4 seconds, dealing 100 Electric damage with 100% status chance. Enemies affected by the initial ability are slowed by 20%. -> Memento : Allies will keep all the shared passives from Hildryn for 3 seconds (moddable) upon leaving the ability's range if Haven is still activated. Enemies affected by the ability will receive +20% damage from Status effects and suffer from a +40% Status duration (on self) debuff. 4- Aegis Storm : -> Aegis Gale : Hildryn now moves 60% faster while using Aegis Storm. Also grant +30% Flight Speed and +20% explosion radius to Balefire. While AS is active, perform a Shield Dash to attract energy and health orbs in a 15m radius (dos not stack with Vacuum nor Fetch). -> Eye of the Storm : Deals 25% more damage over time based on distance, where the closer to Hildryn, the lower the damage. However, enemies are slowly dragged towards Hildryn and every enemy within a 5m Radius from her will grant an additionnal 5% damage to Balefire, as well as increasing the chances for every enemy affected by AS to drop a Health Orb on death by 10%. -> Hail Storm : Removes the range limit over Hildryn (still reduced if you go up). Enemies effected by Aegis Storm will slowly rise, lowering the damage over time. However, the damage received when AS is deactivated is increased by the height from which the enemies fall, up to 200%. Enemies who fall from 8m and more and survive will be unable to move for 5 seconds.
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