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  1. Blade_Wolf_16

    Missing Mesa prime noggle

    Noggle? What are you talking about? The Prime Accessories are the Alt Helmet, the Operator accessories and the Sugatra. Are you sure you're not reffering to the Glyphs?
  2. Blade_Wolf_16

    Buster Sword Themed Weapon

    Meh. We already have oversized weapons (especialy skins) and tbh I don't see the point of having such things when the game is (according to the original concept) based around a mix of fantasy/sci-fi/realism-ish and horde/stealth. It's not WoW, LoL or Warhammer (nor almost any korean MMO), having weapons bigger than your character just doesn't make sense, at least imo. And besides, Warframe is not related in any way to FF, so no reason to do any reference to it.
  3. Blade_Wolf_16


    T'es sur le Forum anglophone, donc pas sûr que tu auras de réponse ici. Je te conseil d'aller écrire ça dans le Forum francophone (La liste pour les différentes langues est la partie en bas de page).
  4. Blade_Wolf_16

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for assuming you knew something while the truth is that everything is a lie created by God Howard so the day we realise the true truth our brain will melt and our eyes will "glow in the f***ing dark" before exploding.
  5. Blade_Wolf_16

    drag me to the void

    Drag you to the Void? Ask Vor :P.
  6. Blade_Wolf_16

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for not knowing that snow is a form of precipitation that happens in cold environment as rain turns into icicles (aka snowflakes). (Btw, I had a geography class this semester during which we saw, among other things, the precipitaion cycle and variations according to temperature as well as the definition of a desert, and Antarctica is indeed one since it has barely any snow, aka precipitation, aka frozen rain. A desert is not considered one for the water at it's surface, but according to the level of precipitation, which, like I said, includes snow.)
  7. Blade_Wolf_16

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for hating them so much that you want "rain" (pretty much snow in this case) to cover up their research centers so they can't get out and end up eting each other to survive.
  8. Blade_Wolf_16


    Doesn't work since you can have more than 1 of almost everything in the game, which you can mod differently everytime. And besides, it wouldn't be that usefull imho.
  9. Blade_Wolf_16

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for blessing the rain down on Antarctica just to troll africans.
  10. Blade_Wolf_16

    Epic Game store

    Epic Games is Epic Games. Digital Extremes is Digital Extremes. Keep it that way. Besides, using Fortnite's "popularity" to give visibility to the game is just wrong (imho). DE doesn't need to lick EG's clickbait-inducing butt to get make their game popular. Oh, and Warframe is (iirc) among the most popular Free-to-play games on Steam (I think third or something).
  11. Blade_Wolf_16

    How I make platinum (Guide)

    So, if I understand correctly: 1- Basicaly what everybody does on a regular basis. 2- Something people have been doing for years. (And btw, you can equip all 4 key types at the same time if you want. Been like that for a couple weeks, maybe a month or two, idr) 3- So, farming the next vaulted set (nothing special there) and... scam people by buying their stuff for cheap to sell it again for lots of plat? That's your "guide"? Weird, but I don't smell any Grofit here.
  12. Blade_Wolf_16

    Ivara skin process(update)

    Gara has only 1 skin and I'm already tempted to buy it... And as an Oberon fan, I must say Titania needs some love. She did get a new skin recently, but neither look unique enough to me tbh. I'm still using the Solstice skin+Aurai helm, since there's nothing worth spending my money on atm (sorry creators, but that's just my opinion). Khora could also use a skin or two, Banshee and Valkyr have two Tennogen skins and some helmets, Octavia has one skin and Garuda still has nothing (I'm not even sure if her model is out yet, haven't checked that in a while).
  13. Blade_Wolf_16

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for being Alad V's mexican uncle, Salsa V.
  14. Blade_Wolf_16

    Why are there so many different comba types?

    The difference between a Comba and a Scrambus is that one walks and the other skates. Other than that, they have the same weapon and helmet variations.
  15. Blade_Wolf_16

    Apocrita, the Hive Frame

    I think it's a bit... weak. One drone per cast for either damage or heal, nothing more; minimal effect (the heal doesn't seem as good as Venari's, which is decent... for a third of it's abilities), the Third is basicaly compensating the lack of effectiveness of her kit, while introducing the possibility to be absolutely broken if 4 players use the same frame (and btw, making an ability rely on other people's frame to be stronger isn't very good in practise, imho). I think you could turn the 1st ability into a heat-seeking (not as much as Nyx's 2, but still) swarm of explosive drones instead of just one. maybe add some special things too so it's not just a raw damage ability. Maybe a temporary armor debuff, toxin/gas/viral procs, panic/fear (like heat procs/Nekros' 2), etc. For her heal, maybe a high range, medium power Life-Steal drone? Or maybe a parasit-like bug-drone that grants a slight % of Life Steal to allies? Just something bug-like that would fit the theme while being different from Venari. For the third, I think you should try to find something else. I'm not a fan of abilities that only buff your other abilities, it's basicaly a way to increase their energy drain for additionnal strenght that they should already have. The ult is basicaly Effigy, but drone-style. I'm not "against" a drone that follows you (Atlas has his Golems and it's decent), but the stats are very low. 250hp is barely comparable to Sentinels' base hp (unmodded). Past lvl 30-40, the drone would get insta-killed before it can do anything. I'd say buff it to 1k hp and make it scale with Power Strenght. You could also make it moddable (Sentinel mods only tho) for more versatility. Maybe even make it a channeled ability, who knows? I think it wouldn't be so bad to have this kind of frame in the game. Sure, we have Titania and her butterflies, but her concept is very fairy-ish, while a more brutal/vicious hive-style frame could be it's opposite, pretty much like Oberon and Nekros.