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  1. You don't lose any affinity by using a Lens, so what's the point? It only converts the excess affinity, so in other words they don't work until the specific piece of equipement is maxed. Also, they do not convert affinity earned by other pieces of equipement, only the one with the Lens on it. There are no loss at all, so why bother? That's not how it works. If you only kill using your Warframe Abilities, 100% of the affinity goes to the frame, whether you have a Lens or not. If you kill with a weapon, 50% (iirc) goes to the weapon and 50% goes to the frame. If an ally kills an enemy within the Affinity Share range, the same % goes to every piece of equipement you have (so 25% if you have 3 weapons, 33% in you have 2 and 50% if you only bring 1).
  2. -Well built weapons (mostly crit based since they don't care about status) and maybe avoid Bows, idk for sure. -Use the Operator's Void Beam (or any Amp that you might have) to reset their damage adaptations. -Any frame that doesn't die in one hit and can either CC them or buff yourself. Pretty sure a Sound Quake Banshee, Maimquinox, Spore/Miasma Saryn won't be that helpfull. I suggest focusing on their (de)buffing abilities if you use them. Oh and if you mean the last fight with Exca Umbra, I suggest modding him before the mission and use both his Radial Howl (CC and adaptation reset) and Exalted Blade. Paracesis can only be obtained after the Sacrifice (as a reward from the Chimera Prologue).
  3. I'm not sure if you're talking about a new Arch-gun or just a Primary, but I admit the style of the first Gatling guns is pretty neat. For the stats tho, I think Damage should be the focus and not the Fire Rate for an old school Gatling, since even if those weapons were designed to be extremely good for suppressive fire, the fire rate (compared to most automatic weapons that followed) was still pretty low. And besides, we already have multiple high fire rate LMGs and Arch-guns with large ammo pools (Soma, Supra (V), Tenora, Phaedra, Imperator (V), etc.) and fewer low FR/big damage like the Gorgons (I insist on the "s" since it's pretty much the only one and we have 3 variants of it...). I think that, to make it more unique, you could add an alt-fire that makes the barrel roll (pun intended) without shooting while the player keeps his mobility, then restrain movement speed when aiming for bonus accuracy.
  4. I've been using the 0-9 keys (right of the keyboard) for my principal gears, like scanners, tools, vehicules, etc. even before the infinite wheel. Been pretty helpful, especial since I'm using a controller, but since I've been able to remap the wheel on the R3 click, it's definetely easier to use. I don't think we need more to be honest.
  5. Based on release, the next Male warframes to get Prime versions are Atlas -> Nezha -> Inaros -> Nidus and then Harrow (if I'm not mistaking). Since Atlas should come out this year and the next 2 males next year (Nezha/Inaros), I'm guessing we'll get Nidus/Harrow around 2021 or something like that.
  6. To me, base Mirage is quite meh, Hydroid is the worst, Atlas could have been better, I don't like the base Limbo that much (especialy since I can't seem to find proper accessories to fit his style), Oberon Prime is a mess, Rhino Prime doesn't look that bad but the concept is just lame since it's just the base skin with extra shoulder pads and basic Ember is way worst than the Vermillion skin people seem to hate so much. Oh, and Vauban. The Prime is the only reason why I tried his kit. I really like Hildryn tbh. I found a pretty nice color scheme and some accessories I think fits her well. I have nothing against a buffed female character (since muscular women do exist irl) and I really enjoy her kit. (I also already had an idea about Shield-powered abilities a couple years ago on somebody else's Warframe concept, so I loved her concept from the start)
  7. Problem with those mods is that enemies don't have specific icons on the minimap and crowds can make it difficult to locate one specific unit based on it's speed since the minimap itself is pretty small. I think it would be a nice addition if enemy detection mods would highlight priority targets like the Demolysts in a different color (like Orange instead of Red, or maybe the energy color of the Warframe) and maybe even highlight them on screen (maybe like the old Argonak highlight), or mark them in some way like Bladestorm and the Mecha mod set. This would make those mods more usefull in general (help target Eximus units/Death Squads/Nightwave enemies/Triggered-type enemies like Manics, Bursas and the Jugg) as well as solve this problem for people with hearing problems or simply those who play without sound (for whatever reason).
  8. Making Creds/Endo/Relics/Mods/etc. harder to get won't give more "durability" to the game. You'd still have the same amount of playable character/gear at your disposal, but with more grind (which was/is a big problem with many things, like Oxium/Nitain for Vauban Prime, Mutagen Samples for the Hema, Credits/Endo for the increasing number of Primed Mods, and so on). I'd personnaly prefer the whole game being rewarding, and not just some games modes that are just trivialized by oh so many meta builds. Creds -> Index -> A good team can stay as long as they want and carry anybody, so even beginners can get millions over millions if they get carried enough times (either by friends or randos) Endo -> Arbitration -> Not everybody is good at it and it can be quite a challenge sometimes, but some Meta builds could already clear the mission without the 300% boosts, so again, well built teams can stay as long as they want for a big bunch of Endo (that they'll probably use all in one go for a single Primed Mod). And besides, the Rotation lenght is so damn long, it's hardly rewarding (unless you REALLY want Archgun rivens) for the time it takes away from you. Relics -> Moslty Defense missions, from what I know -> I've seen countless people in public squads just running around nuking the map to get things done fast, 0 fun (and teammate) involved, just to get the first 2 rotation rewards, then leave at 10 and redo, again and again. It's not hard at all; they're barely pressing 1-2 buttons and voilà, job's done. It's just tedious (both for them who have to redo the same mission countless times to get the relics they want in a good amount and the other players who might want to have fun playing the game). In general, DE listened to the community when they asked for less tedious and boring grind, especialy for things that some people can hardly have access to (like the Plains and the Vallis, that many PCs/Internets can't run well or at all, making Amps/Arcanes/Modular weapons difficult to get) or simply don't enjoy playing anymore (like Defection, Infested Salvage, Bounties, etc.) Imho, it would be better if the more common rewards (creds/endo/relics/etc.) were more "rewarding" in casual play so people wouldn't need to get burned out by all the new "challenges" DE gives to the playerbase so they can cheese it and ask for more when the burn out strikes. I think those "challenges" should give actual unique rewards and not just be a faster way to grind one specific thing in one specific way.
  9. That's why I always bring a decent secondary with me. If my primary has poor ammo economy, I usualy bring a semi-auto/high capacity weapon in case I run out, and vice-versa. I rarely run out tho, even if I use my Kavat almost exclusively. The Khom is the only weapon that I pair with the Carrier and my Phantasma is equiped with an ammo-mutation mod (not even maxed iirc) and both get the job done. Keep in mind that running out of ammo is normal and part of the game, as it's one of the reasons why we have secondary and melee weapons.
  10. Granted, but she won't carry your burdens anymore. I wish Nintendo would have stopped making new pokemons after the 3rd-4th generation.
  11. Granted, it has 5 parts and all are Rare drops from Axi Relics and the only one to sell them is Darvo in his regular deals, meaning they're not always there and he has a limited stock. I wish to be one of the winners (any place) in the Plenty of Servofish contest ^^'.
  12. Darvo Bek, 104. The only thing hotter than my deals is none other than myself baby. Meet me at the Relay and I'll buy you a drink. Who said a Corpus cannot be a gentleman, am I right? (Disclaimer: The drink must be less than 15 credits after taxes. Offer is limited to 1 drink per customer date. I am not responsible if anything bad happens, such as injuries, food poisoning or sudden Relay destruction. Also, I can't promess that my business partner Clem won't be there.)
  13. Banned for lack of cheese wheels in your post.
  14. Granted, there is always a force field between you and the food you try to eat, so you end up starving. I wish I could get something else than Gyromag Systems and Relics from Heist Bounties.
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