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  1. Had this happen on the razorback invasion, frost froze him right after the animation for the battle start and he got permanently frozen + invincible to any attacks from the bursas, etc. Only fix was host leaving.
  2. Hybridon

    Coming Soon: Devstream #77!

    Thats still a single reward, it doesnt make you aim higher. Having ongoing increase in rewards is mainly a good balance on risk-reward. If you risk going higher, you gain better rewards, as simple as that, and Warframe lacks that.
  3. Hybridon

    Coming Soon: Devstream #77!

    Risk and Reward. With the changes to the void, a lot of players have been complaining that there is no real reason to go on endless missions, especially considering that playing 15 mins of survival or 20 waves on a defense nets you the same rewards as going on for more, or leaving and doing it again. Are there any plans on changing it so that players get rewarded for doing long runs, like making rare mods and resources get higher chances at dropping the higher the enemy level, and stuff like once you hit higher marks on survivals, defenses, etc the rewards start to be better, like instead of 5 core packs, 10 core packs, instead of a single mod, 2 mods, and so forth as long as you manage to go on? As it stands now, players have no real reason to try to go on, other than a personal challenge.
  4. Hybridon

    SotR Hotfix 7 Solar Map Freeze

    Since last hotfix it was enabled, just go the junction and click on it.
  5. Hybridon

    SotR Hotfix 7 Solar Map Freeze

    I didnt scan the first few, so was going in again for the scans. Seems a few people are doing the same and getting this bug.
  6. Hybridon

    SotR Hotfix 7 Solar Map Freeze

    When you replay a junction, you cant leave it by applying the junction after killing the Specter, and if you head to the start of the junction and try to leave it freezes. Only way to leave is hitting Esc and selecting "leave junction".
  7. Hybridon

    Update 18.13.0: TennoGen, Passives, & Reworks 

    From comments here and all the topics on the forums... seems like DE opened PANDORAS BOX. And its nasty. :x
  8. While this will probably go unoticed: Valkyr: Her Hysteria should't give invulnerability, it should be Damage Reduction, while as you go Berserker mode, you gain speed when killing enemies. You can keep the energy upcost as you keep the power on, but remember Valkyr is forced to melee only and doesn't have any form of long range damage like Excalibur. She needs to become a true berserker. Excalibur: His #3, Radial Javelin is also in need of a review, atm it has low damage and target limitation both on number of targets hit and LOS checks. Make it add to your melee counter and it will synergize perfectly with his kit. As for his Exalted Blade, the main issue i see is the blind it has comes with a smaller range than his #2, and on the other hand his #2 makes him too slow at killing because it opens up enemies for finishers, that are really slow. Its time finishers got a separate bind so that the player can choose to either use a finisher or slash at the enemy. And last detail, but for all frames that mods go towards abilities (EB, Hysteria, Atlas, soon Mesa, Ivara, etc) this locks the weapon builds towards the power. Any chance we can get a separate modding page for the abilities? This would help players know what actually has any effect on the powers, while allowing players to use the weapons also at the full potential. And as you check frames that trivialize, how baout go on to enemies with broken "challenges", like Nullifiers, that simply counter any power that melee frames use to go into close combat, and lock players into long range weapons that have high rate of fire?
  9. Hybridon

    Vauban Prime & Crafting Costs

    I think the biggest issue isnt so much the resource costs, but the whole picture. Many of the new prime parts are at 5% chances on rotation C, meaning you have to go 20 waves/20 mins to farm these at a 1/20 chance. If you are mildly unlucky and you get the item on your 20th attempt, thats a total of 400 minutes/400 waves, almost 7hrs of farming on a single piece. Now imagine unlucky players like me that take 60 attempts to get an item, thats nearly 20-21 hours on a single piece, then when you finally get it you have to spend a whole lot of hours again farming the resources. If the chances wherent so weighted the resource costs wouldnt be that much of a bother. And there isnt a real reason to make it so low. If you have 10 items on a rotation they could each have 10% and it would be much fairer, but today we have rotations sometimes with less items than that and you have some items at 30-50% drop chance, making it you constantly get that item and it barely has any use as it will have a 10 ducat price and has no trade value. Or those pesky orokin cell packs, or single core rewards and even key rewards that are no use at all. Why would i play a T1 exterminate and get happy to receive a T2 Mobile Defense for example? Im tired of going 20 mins and getting 2 uncommon cores, a key and a prime part that I have another 15 of it. And then if i stay until 40 or even 60 I have the same chances at those terrible rewards even though the enemies get harder and harder, its about time you guys change the risk-reward system. GOING HIGHER SHOULD BE ABOUT BEING REWARDED, BASED ON RISK-REWARD. Along with that, many keys are gated behind terrible drop chances also, T3 keys to be more specific. They are on a drop table where you have 6 different T3 keys along with 6 different T2 keys, completely unecessary, its about time those are also changed to only have T3s so its a bit fairer on the playerbase. Along with all that, we have some resources that see no real use. Im sitting on 10k control modules from all the void farming, almost 3 million alloy plates, and so forth. Having high costs to dillute those resources is ok, but the issue is you guys go over the top. Vauban is 20 Nitain that is extremely hard to farm as a casual player, and then we know that the next 20 weapons will be released with Nitain making it crazy boring to farm a resource that is alert based. You guys have to slow down on those requirements, it just burns players and drives them away from the game. I personally took a pause from Warframe because it took me over 80 T1 Mobile Defense keys to get Saryn Primes piece. I was taking an average of 10 mins per match, thats 800 mins on a really easy and boring mission. I wasnt able to farm focus as it barely gave focus, syndicate points either and with such a low flow of enemies I couldnt level up or get a nice amount of resources and mods. It was painfully boring and drove me away from the game.
  10. Hybridon

    Hotfix 18.4.11

    Yet we still have no changes for the grind fest that focus became. Its even worst than before. :/
  11. Hybridon

    Coming Soon: Devstream #59

    Any chance you guys might take a look at risk-reward in Warframe? Most of the meta farming issues come from the fact that its better to do multiple small runs on endless missions against weaker enemies than risking going up against higher leveled enemies. For example: Doing 4 runs up to 15 minutes on a survival gets you more credits and the same rewards as a single run up to 60 minutes, and you get to fight easier enemies. Any thoughts on that?
  12. Hybridon

    New Warframe Skins Hype Thread

    Yes, but I meant in how her looks will be, her prime will be the pre corpus with some bling on it. Gold tail maybe? :p
  13. Hybridon

    New Warframe Skins Hype Thread

    Rhino because of looks, trin because of how different and saryn cause of rework... valkyr is mor of a hype cause it opens up for her being primed :p
  14. The issue with limiting the mods on EB is that some people enjoy using those weapons with those mods while using Exalibur for his other powers. While Covert Lethality did need that change, taking away the effects from other mods makes it so that we have to build melee weapons thinking on Exalted Blade, or bring a melee weapon that already fits in the same mods as the ones that pass on the EB. You want to make people use other melee weapons with EB, by limiting some melee weapons on the process... seems unfitting.
  15. Mind explaining? Im not ingame, assuming he just said something...