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  1. When matching in a PUG, obviously there wont be a team composition. Usually in arranged groups (especially for harder mission or eidolons) everyone fills a role, and with the exception of a few cases there wont be any issues.
  2. Exactly. Thanks for clarifying :)
  3. Hello Community, With Devstream #100 announcing future changes to the Focus System, I'd like to bring in some ideas of my own. Revamped Focus Tree: In the current (and previous) System all Focus schools were separated, everyone had to choose which path has one to take. But after selecting a path the players have to live with the abilities gained from the chosen tree and can't use any other ability from the other trees and unusally there is a single tree which is "the best". In my concept all Focus schools are now conncted to one main Focus tree, someone would now be able to
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