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  1. Thanks for clarifying! Though the ability to be cast on allies should be removed, as it is not stated anymore in the mods description. Do the other reworked Augments (Freeze Force, etc) still apply the buffs while shot at allys, without holding the button?
  2. Since the rework of the buffing augments, Saryns 1 with the augment "Venom Dose" can be cast on any ally without effect, yet draining energy on every cast. Casting her 1 on an enemy while a teammate obstructs the vision is terribly annoying. So far it worked on Players, Specters, Companions and Kuva Siphons. I also have a slight feeling her spores don't spread as well as they usually do with the augment installed, haven't tried that yet.
  3. Oh thank [DE]-ness, being left alone after wave 3 was really depressing. How about a permanent repeatable act? A single act which receives a new task every time it has been finished, but with reduced standing gain? Resets daily. Can we tune down Nora's frequency? She shouldn't tell Tenno to be badass when they've just played a Glyph in a teammates face. I'd rather have her talk only if one finishes a Weekly/Elite or defeats a Nightwave specific Miniboss, like the Wolf. His henchmen are not worth taking note every time they spawn. I do know that "hide minor transmissions" exists, but I don't want to squelch the Lotus (except when I need to find more Reactant)
  4. Vauban I think the most critical issue about Vauban is his energy usage in pair with his duration. His abilities cost way too much energy for the time and effectiveness they provide. Give him some different (longer) animations how he sets up his traps, in exchange for a longer duration and lower energy cost. Have his Tesla mines deal more damage the longer they zap an enemy. Wisp Her abilities seem fun overall. After Hildryn having so many similarities to Zarya from Overwatch, I can't help seeing Moira in Wisps abilities. Her 1 has a health-over-time instance (like Moira), her 2 has the dash/teleport thingy (like Moira) and her 4... well... thats Moiras Ultimate (except for the healing part). Tbh I'd love her 2 to be working like Moiras Fade ability and have a different 4 for wisp, especially since "summoning the power of the sun" would fit a possible Ember rework way better! Archwing/Iztal Not sure if Scott was serious about Iztals nerf or not, but I think the main reason why Archwing on the open world maps is dominated by Iztal is soely for the reason of other AW being straight to useless and Iztals only purpose is it get around quickly. Compare AW-Missions to open world maps, a good example is Amesha. Its abilities are waaaay larger AW-Missions (due to the downsizing of enitities), with the normal range on open world maps players could actually uitlize AW-Abilities on PoE and Vallis. Multi purpose abilities With Wisp having one as well, together with Vauban, ivara and Khora. There should be a GUI-Element similar to the gear wheel instead of holding the button to cast and tapping the button to select. I might upload a quick mockup in a seperate thread.
  5. Self damage As you're currently trying to make the game feel even smoother by fixing some hindrances, self damage should be looked at! I don't think self damage is a bad thing in particular, it's very frustrating getting instantly blown to pieces when simply touching the explosion. My idea of a punishment for explosive weapons would be the following: self damage equals weapons base damage, decreasing from center to the outer edge of the explosion radius. e.g. Tonkor: Center 650.0 to Edge 130.0 (20% of base) standing to close to the center should knock you down standing in range should cause a short stagger, similar to the knockdown prevention used in a few mods New Ephemeras? Anything in the work? In a Reddit post a user used the Kronen to create particles coming from their wings. I'd love an Ephemera that simply drops glowing dust or have butterflies flying after you. Syandana wings toggle This has been requested for quite a while now and would be really awesome to have. Manually toggle the opening and closing state of wing Syandanas. Possible ideas: Permanent toggle in the Arsenal Keybind for toggling the wings state mid mission Option to only retract them while aiming
  6. [DE]s reaction time to major concerning topics is amazing as always! Thanks for keeping us up to date! Has DE reconsidered they thoughts on an ingame auction house? I know it has been stated some while ago that it's not going to come because, if I recall correctly "you want to keep the social interaction between the players". Unfortunately not all players enjoy or have the time for those interactions and as we have seen currently, a lot of black sheeps like to abuse this system. And as the playerbase grows, the group of black sheeps grows as well, together with their potential "victims". Additionally there have been quite a few cases of players getting banned for receiving illegal Platinum in trades, due to some shady people withdrawing their payments. An aution house might help in solving this issue.
  7. Profanity filter - decrease the "threshhold" of which does count as profanity, of course racism and radical words should stay banned DNA Stabilizers - Basically a redundant feature, should be removed entirely Exhalted Weapon Stances - Exhalted Melee weapons are still "missing" the 10 capacity from the stances Market Overhaul - adjusted prices, better search, tags, better categorisation, filters In-Game Marketplace - Trading Chat is terrible and external pages (especially for Riven Mods) are mostly just a bandaid. Mandachord improvements - People have been asking for more customizability (e.g. custom BPM) Improving Archwing movement in the atmosphere - breaking, ascending and descending More reasons to explore in missions (Rare Storage Containers, Ayatans, Rare Mods, secondary Objectives, Hidden Vaults) Improved Dojo building - would make sense since Dojos are receiving a lot more attention
  8. I'd love to know if there are any new plans for crossplay or even cross-platform-accounts (shared inventories)? By that I basically mean that your account and inventory on all platforms is the same, players are just restricted to playing the content on the specific platform. For example, if I were to unlock Mesa Prime and craft/buy 5000 Forma on my PC, I would have a "Unreleased Item" and 5000 Forma on my Nintendo Switch.
  9. I'm amazed by the changes, so far everythin sounds great! Can't wait to play my Titania again! Her Spellbind could also use some work. When played with a low range build one had to fly directly onto the ground to cast Spellbind, when held down Titania should cast Spellbind directly onto herself, without the need of a surface. Alternatively the cast range could be removed entirely, so you could still buff your teammates from a distance and not have the need to touch the floor. For her Tribute I'd like to throw in an idea: Tribute should be an AoE spell around Titania instead of a directed single target spell. Having all souls placed around you and parcour/steer through them sounds like a fun activity. I'd also like the icons above their head to be more distinct, or colored. When playing Titania I never knew which soul was which buff. I gust gathered them.
  10. My Macabre Premier entry, hopefully noone had this idea before 😄 A parody of a movie poster from "Carrie"
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