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  1. 1. Any plans on reworking the void tileset? When I started the game, the void towers were the go to end game missions (except for raids, for which I was still too smol). I would really love if the void towers had a rouge like dungeon system, where you need to advance higher and higher to get better loot and stronger enemies. Every fifth level had a miniboss, which also gave additional loot. 2. Will the softlocks for clients in Railjack missions be fixed before scarlet spear hits live? 3. Hema research cost reduction? I farmed it twice now, I don't want others to suffer.
  2. Exodia Contagion does not seem to get triggered at all, or very very rarely, might be related tp the Sepfahn Strike as it's been known to have some bugs. I've noticed that months ago, as I thought they just put a cooldown on it as it was triggering every now and then. Exodia Epidemic is supposed to trigger on slam attacks, but a heavy slam does not trigger the projectile. Zaw: Link: Ekwana II Jai Strike: Sepfahn Grip: Plague Akwin While we're at it, why not remove the "After a bullet/double jump" restriction and just keep a "after an aim glide"?
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