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  1. I know that many people (including myself) have been questioning why Chroma is getting unvaulted - especially so soon - and I actually wonder if some of the older primes like Mag Prime are going to be added to missions like Valkyr and Nyx were. Could explain why they've been skipping over them despite how long some of them have been vaulted. Also, I have a question related to that. Since Valkyr and Nyx Prime are now acquirable in missions iirc, how are the devs planning to handle the prime packs that came with them (like the accessories)? I might've missed an official answer so if
  2. Filigree (sp?) Prime orbiter decoration covers the news section, making it hard to read what's behind it. Not sure how long this has been going for, though I don't remember this being a thing from before the Railjack rework at least.
  3. Also tbf, text as a communication form is quite hard when it comes to expressing the correct tone alongside the message itself so I would understand if people took it the wrong way even if the original poster didn't mean it that way. Back to the main thread: -I don't have problems with seizures myself but I hope that that issue really gets addressed. Warframe was never a seizure-friendly game (looking at Vauban on Defense missions or Mirage w/ neon Brammas) but the new void storm missions are a bit much what with all the light and screen shaking. -Another thing...
  4. Here's my entry (virtual category)! "Don't forget, kiddo... you can't celebrate Easter without me..."
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